1. lordlee

    Rolls-Royce factory tour

    Had a tour of the Rolls factory at Goodwood today and I have to say I left there very impressed with their set up and also proud of their achievements with 80% of the workforce British, 5% German and the rest made up of the many varied cultures we enjoy in our country. The place is very clean...
  2. U

    C55 AMG Factory AMP location

    Need a little help here, trying to find where the factory stereo speakers amp is in my C55 its tyne harman kardon set up..
  3. E


    Apple iPhone 5s - 32 GB - Space Grey (Unlocked) Smartphone 885909781591 | eBay Forum discount if member is serious Selling on behalf of a relative.
  4. E


    This phone has front & back protectors since new, immaculate condition, box, cable, earphones complete. £200 free next day postage.
  5. T

    Factory AMG W203 C Class C270 CDi - PX / SWAP

    Evening all, This is more of a 'testing the water' for sale advert, got the bug for something new :thumb: I've not owned this long and whilst it's a fantastic car, its pretty much identical to a previous W203 I had and ever since I bought it I kind of wish i'd gone for another Merc I...
  6. cws196

    Factory fitted ipod lead - does it charge as well?

    As above, got a factory fitted ipod/iphone lead in the glovebox of my S203. Anyone know if this will also charge the phone, when it's plugged it?
  7. st13phil

    Direct Line and Factory Options

    Like most people I shop around for insurance each year and over the last few have alternated between Direct Line and Aviva when either one of them wouldn't do a deal at renewal time. In January this year I renewed with Direct Line. Then I had a rush of blood to the brain and decided to buy an...
  8. The _Don

    Sunday service: Morgan factory, april 13

  9. D

    factory fit reverse sensor unit

    ok, moving the car around the other day (C270 CDI) (still not driving properly due to engine issues) and I realised I have no idea where the back end is!! I have changed from always driving estates, easy enough as the car stops where the back window is. VERY different on the saloon so, I have...
  10. ChrisA

    AMG Factory and Alpine Tour

    Guys After speaking with a few members, Ash & Alex, we have decided to plan a visit to the AMG Factory in Affalterbach followed by a run down the de-restricted Autobahn route to Lake Constance (Bodensee). From there a 200 mile trip through the well known "Alpine Route" Driving the German...
  11. H

    C36 AMG Factory Head Unit

    I tried putting a thread in electronics to no avail, so i'll give the lounge a go. i've just been out and treated myself to a C36 of 1996 origin, just wondered if anyone knows what the factory fitted blaupunkt head unit model number is and/or has anyone in the MBClub got one, only been in the...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    My CLK270 CDI with Factory fit AMG kit + Quad Exhausts

    Testing the waters here :thumb: Right where do I start! -2003 W209 CLK270 CDI 'Avantgarde' currently on 111k -Factory fitted AMG kit very few of these available! -Factory fitted AMG springs & shocks -OEM AMG Quad Exhaust -CLK63 AMG Front bumper -55mpg+ on motorway -35mpg+ around town...
  13. B

    What factory Options are fitted

    Is there a way of finding out what factory options are fitted to WDD2120342A941253 thanks
  14. flying haggis

    factory fresh merc SLK for sale

    cheap too!!........ Mercedes Ride On Car from The Original Factory Shop
  15. SimonRJ

    Factory Fitted Tow Bar

    I've just ordered my ML350 (and now waiting patiently until 1st March whilst it's being built!) and one of the extras I needed was a factory fitted tow bar and 13 pins electrics. I have a question that the dealer could not answer - Is the tow bar compatible with the Alko hitch on the caravan? I...
  16. W

    W124 aircon factory fitted or not?

    Hi all, I was told that I needed to replace the two pipes that head forward from the condenser on the bulkhead as the valves that are integrated into the pipes are unserviceable. So I ordered the pipes (from a main dealer) but the new ones do not have valves in them. I queried this and the...
  17. W

    Morgan Motor Company: The Most Honest Car Factory in the World

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJLcoGMPQ94 OJLcoGMPQ94
  18. S

    eBay Auction - Aston Martin Factory tour

    Hi all I have been given the chance to place a charity auction for a PAIR of tour tickets to Aston Martin's state of the art factory at Gaydon, This for most people is a once in a lifetime opportunity as these tickets are extremely rare and hugely sought after and cannot normally be bought by...
  19. horgantrevor

    what tyre for c43 on factory 17 inch alloys

    hi i have been looking for new rubber for the 43 i have a set of factory staggered alloys on bridgestone RE050's they are good i must say but still want more i have a set of factory staggered alloys on conti factory tires i dont like them at all i am really interested in hankook...
  20. C

    Factory Collection no longer!

    Was looking to pick my C63 up from the factory, but was told it is no longer an option - Anyone know why? Do you think they will bring this back?
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