1. P

    W124 Wind Deflector --feedback

    Along with many others, I suspect, I have been looking for an original wind deflector for my 97 E220 Cab for some time, but they all seem to be stored alongside the supplies of rocking horse manure, Has anybody bought a decent aftermarket one of these which uses the original fittings,(not...
  2. TrickyTrev

    E55 service f - cost estimate? Feedback on some issues?

    So, after a week of work, I went to look at a low miler e55 today - previous post refers It is great, but needs some TLC - for example, it needs a replacement visor / vanity mirror cover, has some bird poop damage to the passenger side door paint finish, and I couldn't get the comand screen to...
  3. Giantvanman

    Steering feedback on Vito Sport

    I know it's a van and I don"t expect even normal car levels of feedback but I have had a few heart stopping moments. There is so little feedback from the steering and tyres on my Vito Sport V6, it feels like the front is floating. I don't thinks it's the speed or how the van is set up for...
  4. ScottBacon

    Feedback from anyone on remapping ?

    So I collected my 13 regd C63 AMG yesterday. I have been talking to Acid from MLS about remapping. Has anyone already had this done and what is your feedback on the difference. Accepting that all cars are different, the headline numbers take the car from 457bhp to circa 510bhp and its taken...
  5. R

    Feedback on new CLA anyone?

    Had my new CLA AMG Sport in white for 3 days. What a drive. Reviews mentioned the sports suspension was too harsh. Compared to my previous car, A4 S-Line, the suspension is a dream. Lots of envious looks from my work colleagues and other road users. A good start to a fantastic (and my first)...
  6. W

    R Class R320l Cdi SE LONG WHEEL BASE - feedback needed

    Afternoon boys and girls... I was wondering if anyone on the forum has experience of this merc: "R Class R320l Cdi SE LONG WHEEL BASE" If so I'd be grateful of any appraisal for quality, performance and practicality for a young family with a new born? Thanks in advance.
  7. ACID

    MSL NEW WEB SITE Feedback !!!!

    hi guys just wanted to get some feedback on our new site i know everything is not working yet. All feed back will be great :D thanks acid
  8. A

    My user name and feedback's not helping?

    :bannana: Mercedes E300TD 722.6 transmission ECU, TCU | eBay But I've a Lotus name and Porsche feedback:fail
  9. W

    Favour to ask - please read my Ebay ad and give feedback

    Hi, My 944 is for sale as a classified advertisement on Ebay. But I am about to switch this to an auction with a very reasonable low reserve. If anyone has a spare 5 minutes please can you read my advertisement and give me any feedback. I'm looking to make it as comprehensive as possible...
  10. A

    Good Feedback

    Just wanted to post up some good feedback for MitsiArt in Portsmouth. They're actually Mitsubishi specialists, but they agreed to take a look at my 1978 350SL, when I mentioned it needed work while they were working on my Mitsubishi FTO. That car has never run well cold, rarely firing up on all...
  11. brucemillar

    e-bay Feedback - Not Happy.

    Folks I use e-bay fairly frequently buy & sell. I am always careful to fill out feedback for buyers and sellers alike and hope that buyers & sellers from me would do the same. All was well with this until I noticed that despite sellers leaving me positive feedback my feedback count was not...
  12. G

    C350cdi feedback required

    I have a 265hp C350cdi B/E sport estate on test for a week and would welcome owners of same car to share in my experiences of the following: 1) Driver's side of transmission tunnel gets hot. Is this normal behaviour? Heating was set at 20c throughout car, and used as single zone. Anyone else...
  13. jonnyboy

    feedback system on fleabay

    Hi all Try as I may I have been unable to work out how to respond (as a seller) to feedback left. I listed a £100+ item about ten weeks back along with some other stuff. I noticed on the final day of the auction that I had c*cked up the listing andf had put no reserve in error. It was...
  14. BillyW124

    w124 coupe, 'sort of jerky feedback of late' upon braking, vacumn issue?

    hello guys, i thought id raise this with you. Recently ive been getting a jerky feel to my braking when slowing down (but a smooth refined jerk :confused:)..if that makes sense. Its just began to happen in the last couple of weeks. Could it be my discs are warped causing this jerk, or...
  15. smudger92

    124 Works Feedback

    Hi Everyone, May I just say through this medium a great Thanks to Ian at 124 Works in Kirkham. He just completed a B Service on my CLK270 and the service was second to none. I have noticed over the years that people are very quick to criticise when things go wrong. However, they are less so...
  16. kurtdaley

    Nice mercedes, check the feedback though!!

    2000 MERCEDES C180 ELEGANCE AUTO SILVER FSH VERY NICE on eBay (end time 08-Jan-11 15:15:37 GMT) Thought this looked like a nice car, until I checked the guys feedback. Very dodgy indeed.
  17. Wilsonuk

    Fiscon Pro Bluetooth Phone Kit - Feedback

    Hello all, I am considering fitting the above into my E Class having had one recommendation from a member on this forum. Any feedback from any existing users on this kit? They are £350 plus installation, so I will be fairly devestated if I fit it and it isn't good quality - I have tried so...
  18. K

    Mercedes dealership feedback

    Just talked to Mercedes- they have data on the performance of the dealerships- why not make this public? I simply want to know how dealerships rate in terms of value re servicing (different across the UK) and customer satisfaction. The back story is - tried 2 dealerships- both weak- do not...
  19. E

    Feedback please - E220 Cdi Sport

    Mods please feel free to move to more specific area, I was hoping to gather as much information as possible in preparation for a meeting next week. Basically, we are having a running dispute with Mercedes in the way our E220 Cdi Sport, Blue Efficiency performs. Purchased in October 2010 from...
  20. W

    Angel Tuning Group Remap - Feedback Thread

    I hope I'm not treading on anyone's toes here, but I thought I would do some housekeeping and start a new thread for all feedback relating the Angel Tuning remap day on 1st May. I hope it makes for a good repository of information as it's quite rare that so many people go to a single remap...
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