1. Alfie

    New website launched - feedback appreciated.

    We have just launched a new look webshop at ; Comand Online Ltd Would appreciate feedback on what the members here think. Good and not so good feedback welcomed as long as its constructive. Thanks.
  2. C

    Feedback to comments made concerning CKSPerformanceLtd

    Feedback to comments made concerning CKSPerformanceLtd Dear MBClub UK forum members, I am Chet Sharma, the Director of the above named company. I have read some of the posts that concern our Company on this forum, and whilst I can appreciate some of the comments made by forum members, I...
  3. W

    'Smart Paint Norwich' - Any feedback?

    Has anyone used 'Smart Paint Norwich'? Any feedback? It looks like a franchise with lots of subsidiaries (see bottom of page). Or can anyone recommend a mobile alloy wheel refurbisher in the Norwich area? Can polished alloy wheels be repaired on-site or do they need special equipment and...
  4. flango

    Browser Change feedback please

    Hi All As some of you will have seen I have problems posting and cannot post in a thread unless I have started it. Having tried everything and even with the mods and staffs help(thanks guys) I am still strugging, therefore this evening I'm going to install an alternative browser to IE on one...
  5. D

    Feedback on web-site

    Following on from this mornings drama I am having an evening of website design. Please bear in mind that I am an amateur, so the results are not professional. It's a website for a community group pre-school that my partner is chair of - It would be nice to get some impartial feedback...
  6. W

    CLK for sale - advertisment feedback

    From the Autotrader v Ebay poll I've decided to sell my CLK by advertising it on Autotrader online, Ebay and PistonHeads. Thanks for everyone's feedback so far. I've now written the main advertisement and have posted it here. Next week I'm going to prepare it for sale and place the various...
  7. AbbieCadabra

    2 mins of your tme please - feedback on my business website

    i have my tin hat at the ready! :p this is only my 1st attempt but i really want feedback on the content, from a 'customer' point of view please. anything that would put you off? something else we should say? fingers x'd, it SHOULD appear here...
  8. Shude

    Interview feedback

    I had a job interview on Monday for a job I was quite excited about. The role is what I like to do, the location is great and the company looks pretty good, not to mention the salary and the other perks! Obviously I was dressed well and on my best behaviour! My interview feedback came back...
  9. mercmanuk

    ebay feedback system stinks

    i recently sold 5 faulty hard drives on ebay,put in the advert "faulty dont work no refunds or returns"the guy received the hdd's then mails me to say they are faulty and wants a refund.i say jump in the river and you should have read the advert. he has left negative feedback aginst my rating ...
  10. L

    Ok I need some feedback please.

    Hi All As you may know, Fiona and I are expecting our first rug rat in November and I have found myself wondering if my Meriva will be big enough to fit everything in. I must admit you can get a fair amount of stuff in it but I have no idea how much I will need to fit in once a little one...
  11. SimonsMerc

    Servicing Feedback

    I recently took my car to Ollie in PCS (the Friday before the GTG actually). Took it in for a B service, ended up paying twice the quoted price because of extra work that was found. However, the way it worked was: - Ollie found that something extra needed doing - worked out the cost of...
  12. kjay

    feedback required

    Hi, Has anyone used Any feedback apreciated. Jay:)
  13. janner

    E-Bay feedback

    I recently bought something on e-bay and queried why the seller hadn't left feedback. This is his reply. "Unfortunately, since joining their seller manager pro subscription it is now out of my hands. I no longer get a choice to leave feedback. As part of the subscription, an automation system...
  14. verytalldave

    North-West Kent Indie - feedback requested

    Went out for a little drive today in the sunshine.....nice! As it happens, I am on the lookout for a local Mercedes Indie to look after my newly aquired W203. I was driving up Rushmore Hill in the village of Knockholt (near Orpington) when I noticed a sign outside an entrance to a farm and some...
  15. BTB 500

    Feedback on M-B of Ascot?

    Have driven past the new M-B Ascot place a couple of times - any recent feedback on them for servicing ... especially older cars like my R129? I've used Tony Purslow in Guildford for the last 3 years, but they are 15 miles away now and M-B Ascot is 2 miles!
  16. Ian_C

    Brake Pedal Feedback..

    Guys, Quick question about the brakes. I am a new owner (well a few weeks) of the Black E55 1998. Question is, when I put the foot on the brakes, when stationary, I can feel a small pulse through the pedal. These pulses are just over a second apart and I can certainly feel a little pulse...
  17. jaymanek

    Feedback on my updated site please!

    Hi guys, has been revamped by auto trader for me... I have picked up on a few improvements already, but could you guys have a look and see if you can spot anything else before i sign off on it. The things i have got are: - font on stock page too light - pic of a bmw...
  18. jaymanek

    Feedback on my Site Hi guys, following on from the above thread, would appreciate any feedback you guys have from the site... any pics not loading etc etc.. Its a painstaking process updating my current site (will be revamping soon) so would appreciate...
  19. Spinal

    eBay feedback removed...

    Just got this in my inbox... Quite happy to see this change (even though they removed some positive feedback :P) It really aids with new accounts created just to post negative against someone or to "mess around". Thought you lot might be interested... Dear Michele, A member with whom...
  20. Laters

    Thrustmaster Force Feedback Steering Wheel info needed

    Ive just got a thrustmaster force feedback GT steering wheel for my pc. I was told it was complete but the power supply is missing. There are no markings on the unit to tell me the voltage needed and I have searched the net with no luck. Thrustmaster dont want to help either :confused: . Has...
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