1. A

    Warm feeling

    Everytime I go to drive or turn the key on my ml63 5.5 bi turbo Amazeballs
  2. D

    Feeling the pressure

    My Mrs has bought me a pressure cooker to experiment with. I plan to go to the butcher tomorrow and ask for his suggestions for the best meat to cook in this way. I'm assuming that he'll say cheap/tough cuts of beef or lamb. Does anyone have any tips to pass on for this method of cooking? As...
  3. R

    New Seat Cover: Feeling slightly smug!

    I read a post not long ago where someone said that a seat cover from MB was around £175. That set me looking for one for my 300CE-24. Googling part number A1249102746 brought up €730 list and €530 discount from GAP. It also brought up a listing from an outfit in France who claimed they had a...
  4. A

    W204 - Strange brake feeling

    Hello, I recently purchased my first Mercedes, a lovely C Class coupe 220 on a 63 plate. Love it to bits with the exception on the brakes, they just don't feel quite right to me. I have had all the pads and discs changed to genuine Mercedes parts and also had them bled my Mercedes...
  5. AMGeed

    Feeling clever?

    I tried this earlier and got a score of 131.6 No idea how that compares but I found toward the end it got pretty difficult. I allowed myself 10 minutes to complete the 40 questions. Take a screen shot of your score as it seems you have to pay for a breakdown of how you fared...
  6. Alex225

    That Sinking Feeling

    When you approach your car to find someone has been messing with it! Came back to my E last night, which I had parked in a multi storey I've used on and off for the last ten years. I parked in a bay at the end of a row, keep it tucked in and always been safe. Well on Thursday there was a...
  7. lisa110rry

    Feeling delighted with my ebay purchase!

    Well, I'm truly 'made up' with my purchase of a mesh wind deflector for my little green Merc! Can't wait for it to arrive! So tired of bird's nest hair when the top is down. I have had to be quite careful because the pre-facelift fitting is different to the post-, it seems. This particular...
  8. lisa110rry

    Have a feeling I may have been 'clocked' by a fellow member...

    Late this morning on the A59 travelling south toward Liverpool, I was at a traffic light when someone "bipped" me and smiled and waved. Not someone I recognised so I thought it might be a forum member recognising the unusual colour of the little car? If so, thank you for your greeting.
  9. M

    vague feeling / instability

    Hello people. . I have an '06 E320 CDI estate. I never been 100 percent happy with the feel of it. The steering appears to have little to no feedback or castor action at low speeds with a very vague feel... at high speeds it feels twitchy especially in cross winds. Last wed coming up the m40 in...
  10. John

    Monday morning feeling.

    Wasn't just me who had that belated Monday morning feeling this morning...
  11. c_200k

    Got that feeling again

    I don't normally keep my car's that long, longest I'v kept a car was my M5 and it was nearly 2 yr's. Anyway I can't fault my E63, love it to bits and it's been the best car I'v ever owned and lived up to and exceeded my expectations. There's absolutely no reason to change but wanted my fellow...
  12. Rashman

    Ever get that feeling you're being stalked?..

    Dramatic Stalking Cat - YouTube :crazy: Turn volume up for full effect
  13. A

    W204: Cheap feeling sun visors

    In the great scheme of things, a very minor annoyance, but still surprised by the very cheap feeling sun visors in the W204? Hard, nasty plastic material, and looks out of place in the rest of the interior (all IMHO of course!). Would the sun visors from e.g. an E class (W212) fit, and if...
  14. M

    That CLS feeling..

    I bought a 2010 CLS Grand Edition D a week ago now, "nice car" I thought "let me buy one". "It must be the same as the E class Sport I had which was a nice place to be and had enough power with the 3.0 V6 and 7 speed Auto box"..I sold that car and bought an E60 M5 actually ... Anyway, I am...
  15. Satch

    Anybody feeling flush?

    Lots 320, 325, 331 perhaps? Quite a few SL's in there Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - Car
  16. Vilus

    Porsche driver gets that sinking feeling!

    What is it they say about Porsche drivers........ Looks like the engine's flooded: Driver rescued from his sinking Porsche after crashing 160mph sports car into a dyke while reversing | Mail Online
  17. S

    Feeling paranoid? Bad guy in an 80's film?

    The car for you! Mercedes-Benz 500 SE FULLY ARMOURED AND BOMBPROOF 5.0 1985 Bulletproof and bombproof. If only i had room for one!
  18. C

    2003 C220CDI Estate wallowing and feeling unstable

    Just bought a 2003 C220CDI estate with 160,000 on the clock. The suspension just does not feel right. Is it best just to replace the shocks or do I go for bushes etc. as well, can anybody advise on the best shocks whithout breaking the bank, nothing was picked up on the MOT but it just doesnt...
  19. Palfrem

    Anyone feeling a touch suicidal?

    Let's have a big hand for the Bank Holiday weather then. It's chucking it down in Brum and the forcast is wet and more wet from Sunday to Wednesday. Got to feel sorry for all the Jubilee celebrations and the hard work folk have put in and it looks like their efforts are spoiled.
  20. corned

    Feeling a bit lonely now...

    Only a few months ago, and for a long time up to then, I was one of 7 or 8 in my area with 211s. One by one they have disappeared and replaced with newer shiny German motors. This morning I discovered that I am now the last of the breed. Every other 211 has now been replaced with something...
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