1. J

    Feeling pleased but guidance needed

    Hi folks Part of my working life involves renting out holiday cottages and we have just gone live with a new search. Imagine your ideal cottage is in Devon with sea views, wifi, sky sports and a pub nearby. Type those words into the search and you will get a list of places that match, from...
  2. camerafodder

    I've got that sinking feeling

    S211 2005 with self levelling suspension on the rear. On Friday I noticed the back of my car was sitting lower than normal with the wheels up inside the arches. The nearside is worse than the off-side. When the engine is running, the car levels but then randomly drops and re-levels (makes me...
  3. Benzmanc

    Anyone feeling flush

    Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster 6.9 for sale at carclassic.com http://www.carclassic.com/stock.asp?StockID=101347 Daz
  4. L

    i'm feeling all rugged and manly

    isn't it amazing what one cordless drill, a set of wall plugs and some screws do to a person. i'm now dashing around the house, fixing stuff putting up new pictures, finally gotten round to hanging a few guitars. now i'm going to build a bookcase. i'll update tomorrow, most likely from...
  5. Druk

    Poor dear must be feeling hard-up.

    Cherie sells Tony Blair's signature on eBay and makes £10 | Mail Online
  6. d w124

    My star was feeling cold this morning

  7. W

    Feeling a little cruel - keep or break the 300TE?

    Seems a little ruthless but I'm wondering what I should do with my '91 W124 300TE. It's been a good workhorse for the last couple of years, never let me down and has been handy for moving things and a spare car as well. But - I'm reluctant to spend any money on it. It cost me £320 two...
  8. D

    Feeling of doom...

    The W211 is in for a service today. The mechanic rang and asked if I would like a list of the problems that need attending to! I'll add the list when I get it. I've only had the car 7 weeks, so will be talking to the trader that I bought it from. I have a strong suspicion that he will be...
  9. P

    Feeling a bit stupid

    Hi all, a newby looking for help. I have bought a w203 (I think) 06 plate C280 the was bought blind as a stolen recovered with no damage, any how, his and my idea of no damage are poles apart. To the point, does anyone know where I can get:- A black front centre arm rest lid. the cheapest way to...
  10. robert.saunders

    The feeling of being let down will haunt me a long time...

    Picture the scene, if you will. A lonely young* man all set to visit sunny Torquay in September 2009, the famous pilgrimage that is the visiting GTG at Glojo’s pad. Seeing as the lovely and lonely young man no longer owns a Mercedes, and drives a scabby Ford Mondeo (which has new dents and...
  11. O

    gearbox odd feeling? UPDATE

    Just come out the mechanic. Both donuts are OK :p. There is a light clunk noise when we turn the propshaft manually and with a little lag when turning it one side and then the other. The universal bearing look OK as well. The mechanic drove it and didn't find anything particular except a wee...
  12. O

    gearbox odd feeling?

    gearbox odd feeling? UPDATE Hello, Don't know how to call this then here is the best I can explain. This as been going on for awhile. Not more nor less. Same. Sometimes when I push the pedal at the near stop but going up on speed again, there is a feeling like like the car just got in gear...
  13. ibrar

    Bad feeling about purchasing Merc Van

    Hey there guys, I went to view a Mercedes Sprinter 311 MBW van, 65k on the clock, "Full Service History" 55 plate, HPI clear. The guy is a van dealer, so I felt safe however, I noticed that they were respraying the vans white in the garage and checked the van I was purchasing and noticed it...
  14. whizzkid11

    NEW CAR - but feeling sad...

    Hi Guys, For the first time in 17yrs (since the age of 19!) I am without a MB to my name.. :( After years of M5 ownership, I moved over to the Porsche mark, and ticked the necessary boxes there, whilst keeping a MB all the time. A short term change in lifestyle means a more economical...
  15. D

    Any W203 owners feeling flush?

  16. Gucci

    That satisfying ownership feeling

    Obviously I have that 'feel good factor' everytime I go to the car, drive it, park it etc! But I was cleaning it on the drive and a young lad walks past with his Dad. They can't see me as it's a black ML with tinted rear windows, but the lad says "Dad, why can't we have a car like that?". (Dad...
  17. Satch

    Anyone feeling brave?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1955-220-Ponton_W0QQitemZ270011971825QQihZ017QQcategoryZ31360QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem or perhaps braver still http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-200-LOWRIDER-ESTATE-GOTHIC-BLACK_W0QQitemZ250011798324QQihZ015QQcategoryZ31360QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  18. L

    Slight pulsating feeling when braking

    We have a E240 Estate 2004 with 46.000 km on it. When braking (not hard braking, just for slowing when apraoching lights etc) i feel a slight pulsation. Not hard, but it's noticable and the longer the more it irrittes me. The feeling does not come from the pedal, but it feels like the braking...
  19. Birdman

    Feeling a little dampened

    Looks like I may need a new set of adaptive dampers. Warning icon appeared and a quick check showed the fluid reservoir below minimum and some fluid seeping from both rear dampers. Refilled the reservoir but the warning icon remains and the dampers remain defaulted to super-hard. Can I reset...
  20. Satch

    Anyone feeling brave?

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