1. R129mine

    r129 bit of the exhaust fell off :-)

    All Last night my neighbours were laughing when I parked up because of the scrapping noise, they said I had some sparks coming from underneath the car Anyway I checked and a bit of the centre exhaust box had broken off and was attached by a small strip of metal, I removed it and took a...
  2. M

    W211 a credit card fell inside dashboard

    Apparently (after 13 yrs of use) my merc has a gap between windshield glass and the dashboard. I left my main credit card on the dash and it slid inside. Whats the easiest way to extract it?
  3. jon.english68

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off [emoji849] not sure abo

    Fitted new wheel centres today as 1 of the originals fell off not too sure about them, think I should have gone for the originals :doh: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. G

    DVD player fell

    one DVD player attached to the rear roof fell down. I tried to put it back with the VHB tape, it worked for a few days, not it fell down again. Anybody knows if any glue or something which is stronger to hold the DVD player? Any suggestions are appreciated. Just want to get it back on. Thanks
  5. MancMike

    He fell for 9 seconds!

    Sounds slightly like a morbid disaster video, but nope, the funniest thing I've seen all week. WO5iOc3Y188
  6. F

    2002 c230k Coin fell in cigarette lighter and now radio does not work

    Hi, I have a 2002 c230k coupe. A 5p coin fell in the cigarette lighter and instantly the stereo died. I understand this is probably a fuse issue. Which fuse needs to be replaced and where is it located?
  7. Danny DeVito

    The Wardrobe fell on us

    Well at 3.15am the thing fell on top us. Its an argos one. made up of light metal tube and plastic connectors. Full of clothes it fell on top of us. I thought it was someone trying to get in the window. :eek: Not good for sleep or the interview i had to get to today
  8. G

    wood fell off lorry & hit my merc

    I was on the way home from work today behind a big lorry with a tall trailor & it had rubbish piled up above the trailor. A large piece of wood came flying out & hit my merc, scratching/scuffing my front bumper, smashing the bumper grill & the plastic trim infront of the grill. i got the time...
  9. Dieselman

    Building fell down.

    I went to Costco today and next door the old units industrial units have been cleared, with the exception of one large warehouse unit. This unit is about 300 feet square, or larger and tall. iirc, it was used as a bus garage for DD buses by Arriva. The side walls have been knocked down...
  10. P

    something in the gearbox fell off

    just had my gear box oil changed,out pops a very thin straight bit of steel 2 inches long looks like the end of a spring coil ,any ideas what this could be .someone said it looked like the end of a spring :wallbash:
  11. H

    Man who fell to Earth says Red Bull did not give him any wings.

  12. D

    2006 SL500 - This just fell off my car!

    Hi All! Hope you're well. This weekend I took delivery of a 2006 (5.0L) SL500, 25k miles on the clock. Looks great on the surface. Haven't had a chance to drive it around yet and I've been getting to know the car a bit more. I found a piece of tough plastic besides the rear tyre this evening...
  13. Bobsta

    C63 glove box door fell off - how to refit?

    Hi all, I bought an 09-plate C63 yesterday. Loving it... except that last night whilst fiddling around with the iPod connector socket, I must've leaned on the glovebox door a little too hard and it just fell off into the footwell. :eek: I've googled and searched around on the forums and...
  14. biturbo

    fuel injector oring fell into inlet manifold

    After using one of the those fuel injector cleaners redex i started to develop misfires and dog running. I've got the misfires on my sl60 after about 5mins of it being warmed up. Then it was running like a dog. felt like fueling problems and i thought might be all the gunge being unblocked from...
  15. K

    clk boot brake light fell out w209

    So A friend of mine slammed the boot on my 2004 clk and the boor break light came apart. ie the red "lense" fell off and the inards now raqttle about. cheapest working fix?
  16. K

    Fell in love with the CL (W215) - but which one to buy? - and with what options?

    Dear MB Club fellow Mercedes enthusiasts, I have been driving E-Class Mercedes for some years and really like Mercedes, its reliability, its class and comfort. However, I recent drove in a CL500 (W215 model) of a colleague and fell in love! As simple as that... Now the hunt has gone in for an...
  17. J

    nearly fell off my tractor (rofl)

    I saw a "SLK230 AMG" today.
  18. Dryce

    Fell of my chair

    Advert in the Sunday Times for Ford Focus and Fiesta. Claimed list price on a Focus 1.6 with only 100ps, alloys, and A/C? How much ?.................. £ 1 8 6 9 5 That's a obviously a setup for a whopping 'discount' down to 11K ish if you take their credit or £11.5K ish if paying cash. Or...
  19. PJayUK

    Today I fell in love a CLK GTR Roadster

    A quick visit today to take the kids to Mercedes World (its only 10 mins down the road) ended in awe for me. I don't think I have ever set eyes on such a car that almost seemed to stir a primeval sense of attraction as this car did. After looking at it for a good 20 mins and being literally...
  20. Druk

    The front fell off...

    YouTube - Friday Joke - The Front Fell Off
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