1. T

    Help required fitting a Kenwood DAB in A208 CLK 2001

    Hi, I've bought a Kenwood DAB to replace the standard Audio 10 with multi-changer as the CD never worked. I've got a problem with the wiring. I've changed stereo's before and normally a simple set of adapter wires are needed to connect the new to old set of wiring. On the CLK however i bought a...
  2. F

    DIY How To - Remove Facelift C63 Front/Rear Diffuser Inc Fitting Guide

    Just thought i would contribute on my findings when removing the front and rear diffusers for a facelift C63. Guides across the forums tend to lean more towards the pre-facelift or facelift cars which use slightly different bolt configurations so hopefully this is helpful and relevant. Pictures...
  3. mickeystitch

    Fitting instructions for Brabus D3 (V) C220

    Hi all, as above really has anyone got a copy of the fitting instructions, thanks
  4. BIG_G_1979

    need advice on fitting top arms on w211

    Hi guys need advice on fitting top arms on my W211 I've never done this before and would like to know if shock etc needs to come out and please advise of any pitfalls to the job in hand many thanks
  5. M

    W219 dash cam fitting

    Anyone fitted a dashcam to a w219 cls? I hate the idea of a cig adapter and wires on show but im not sure where to power from etc
  6. Charles Morgan

    Obscure car light fitting help required

    From a 1984 BMW E28 M535i. What bulb has the same prong configuration? I needed to change the headlight and found an H4 bulb hammered in to the other side of this (badly).
  7. S

    S212 towbar fitting

    anyone fitted an aftermarket towbar to a S212 E 350 AG? Was it relativley easy? Only need 12N socket wiring for trailer can I use a smart bypass relay and not mess up the CAN Bus>
  8. David404

    W211 Tow Bar Fitting

    Tow Bar Just had detachable tow bar fitted to my W211 by Dynamic Performance in Birmingham, bit of a story but in the end very pleased. First trip in they would fit a Witter bar, that's fine they are an old established manufacturer of tow bars. 2 hours later they phone, the Witter bar...
  9. A

    Replacing and fitting my own

    Hi my car needs some new disc's and pads, when I bought the car in December I also took out the service plan at £36 a month, if I was to order my own OEM pads and discs and fitted them myself would this effect my service plan or warranty, and would I have to get MB to reset the warning message...
  10. M

    Fitting Reverse Camera to ML/W163

    Hi all, have any of you fitted reversing cameras to your cars and if so what is the best camera type for the job? I'm keen to not drill any holes in the bodywork if possible... as the tin worm would appear to like my car and I don't want to encourage it if possible;) I did lash up a BMW camera...
  11. jnfgambler247

    R230 Fitting a power supply to Snooper / Dashboard Camera

    Hi (SL500/R230 2004) Just wondered if anyone had wired a extra power supply for a snooper and/or camera. I am looking at adding the snopper to the dashboard and possibly locating the camera under (attached to) the rear view mirror. (Put a small hole and threaded bar to mirror case and camera...
  12. Dean Fletcher

    fitting own door mirror cover

    Hi, I'm the most useless person when it come to cars. I have a e class coupe and need to replace the door mirror cover. The actual mirror is fine. Does anyone have any tips for do it yourself fitting. I imagine there's a few clips and abit of force needed. Many thanks
  13. S

    Fitting replacement seat backrest lock C207

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help. Can anyone provide fitting instructions for the driver's seat backrest lock in a 2012 E250 coupé (C207) (the part number is A2079108406)? The chrome covering has started to split and it has sliced my fingers once too often! My...
  14. W

    W202 C43 AMG aftermarket stereo headunit fitting help

    Hello All Any advice greatly appreciated I already have a old Sony aftermarket unit fitted so old it has a tape! I want to fit Pioneer DEHX8700DAB I know I will need a DAB antenna but a complete noob with connections at back Is it just plug and play? What accessories and connectors will I...
  15. D

    Fitting relays

    Probably a daft question but I need to fit a new airmatic relay which has arrived. I assume it is just a case of whip the old one out and stick the new one in? I wouldn't ask for my older cars but this e55 is properly complicated electronically so it seemed sensible to put the question.
  16. E

    C55 Brake pad fitting kit

    I've not taken the brakes apart yet but I'm assuming the ECP listed brake pad fitting kit is one per axle? Also are the old ones re-useable? | Car PartsRetailer
  17. Smeesh

    Fitting a Tow Bar.

    Going to fit a Tow Bar on my E350 Coupe.Does some sort of code need to be added after the tow bar electrics have been connected ? I'm being couscous as the Company I usually are stating they have to make a small cut on the AMG bodykit but have seen detachable tow-bars with any cuts...
  18. flying banana

    Fitting 5V power to a 211 glovebox

    Afternoon all. So I am in the process of sorting out a couple of Raspberry PIs to act as 1) Bluetooth audio receiver (my car doesn't have Bluetooth audio fitted) and 2) An in-car media centre - wifi based so the kids can stream movies from the PI to their iPads on long journeys. I have a...
  19. optimusprime

    W124 boot lid interior cover fitting diag

    In the problem zone again.So i am asking if any member can find info on fixing the moulded trim to the trunk lid. My w124 never came with a moulded trim cover,.And as i had seen other w124 with one , so i wanted one . The bootlid is looking cheap with out it. .Ebay was the place i picked one...
  20. daveenty

    Tyre fitting at home

    I've used Event Tyres previously to have some rears fitted, but just come across these people. Now Event did an excellent job, very careful fitter and also patient, waiting for me to paint the balance weights he'd used before refitting the wheels, though the prices that tyres on the drive are...
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