1. BIG_G_1979

    W211 xtrons headunit fitting advice

    Hi guys been bought a xtrons headunit for xmas has anyone any advice on fitting / wiring, best place to mount GPS antenna etc. My current head unit is an audio 20 with no cdc. Tia
  2. V

    W639 boost gauge fitting options (pics)

    Hi guys, I have some gauges from previous vehicle, where would be best place to connect the boost pressure gauge on the 120cdi v6? Also here is a pic of the parts, I wanted to find out if it would be possible to connect it electronically only? Theirs just 1 signal wire from the sensor...
  3. P

    Subwoofer fitting slk

    Hi everyone is it possible to fit any subwoofer in a 2002 slk ? Between the seats or in the boot? Has anyone managed to do it? Thanks in advance.
  4. PhilT

    C63 Amg Disks & Pads Prices & Fitting

    What price have you guys paid for standard disks and pads with sensors? I thought the normal ones from merc (with no slats in the hub or the floating disk were loads cheaper) Merc want £385 for front disks and pads with sensor & £695.84 for rear disks and pads with sensor. The price of them...
  5. H

    A209 Door speaker cover fitting

    The door speaker cover on the right door has been badly cracked, probably I am told as a result of the door being closed on the metal buckle of the seat belt. A previous owner I might add ! Anyway, I have a replacement on its way in the post. The speaker itself still works. Can anyone please...
  6. pmcgsmurf

    Don't Rely on Approved MB Dealer Fitting All the Parts After a Service

    My 6 year old W212 has 14k miles on the clock and until now has always been main dealer serviced every year, either John R Weir, Mercedes Grangemouth (Arnold Clark) or Western Mercedes. Car has done about 1k miles since last service, was quoted £257 and was happy with this for an "A Service"...
  7. ss201

    Blaupunkt 10 CD Changer + lead & fitting bracket

    This came fitted to the first 190E I owned - which the previous (wealthy) owner had dealer fitted (at great expense) with the top of the range Blaupunkt Kingston DJ stereo radio/cassette player. Eventually the Kingston DJ's visual display gave up the ghost and I carefully removed the system...
  8. A

    fitting a 3rd row of seats in a w447

    I have a LWB w447 duel liner and want to fit a 3rd row of seat in it. can somebody tell me is it possible to fit a long track in there for the seat? It currently has 2 cargo tracks fitted that will need removing to fit a 8ft track, when I removed the tracks today I noticed that the bolts were...
  9. ACID

    C63 AMG iPE Headers Fitting

    The Dyno run for the C63 AMG we had in yesterday for Innotech Performance Exhaust Headers fitting. Tuned with iPE Headers fitted: 462.71 Whp (546.00 Bhp) 422.01 Wtq (497.97 Ft Lbs Torque) klvklx6De2M
  10. D

    W211 Estate - fitting subwoofer

    The harmon cordon subs for the estate are pretty reasonably priced on ebay, certainly a lot cheaper than the sub upgrade for my old 9-5. Is it possible to fit these on to a vehicle with comand or is there more to the system than just adding a sub? Any alternative ways of doing this without...
  11. MWCLS

    Retro fitting Xenon headlights to a C209 CLK MY 2006

    I recently purchased a CLK 280 Coupe 2006 model 1 Doctor owner with 60k and full MB history the car is in amazing condition and has a good spec unusal colour bluey silver ( AMG factory body kit and wheels ) adjustable air seats. The audio 20 was outed by the previous owner for a aftermarket...
  12. D

    Fitting a Parrot kit into an E class estate (W211)

    Hello! First post as I've just bought a 320 CDI estate on an 04 plate. I'm trying to transfer my Parrot Mki9200 to my new car and I'm finding it difficult to figure out which cable I need. I have the Comand stereo/navigation unit with the CD changer below it. Not that the single slot CD...
  13. P

    Drl fitting g

    Has anyone fitted drl's to a 2008 c class ? How easy is it and how are they connected ? Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  14. Alfie

    Parking sensor fitting OFFER!

    We are presently offering front and rear parking sensors fitted with display for £648 inc. This is as near to factory look as possible without the huge cost of using genuine parts. It includes the sensors, displays (mounted in factory location), Canbus interface for speed sensitivity, labour and...
  15. L

    Fitting a CD Changer into a CLK 2009

    Hi All, I've searched the forum(s), so please excuse me if I've missed existing posts regarding this... I've managed to get a CD Changer of the right model for my CLK 2009, but I now need to know:- a) What leads I need (both power + optical) and b) How do I get into the glove-box area to fit...
  16. C

    Rebellion tuning box fitting instructions Help please

    I have an early Rebellion tuning box for An A45 (with 2 plugs) and can't remember how to reinstall it. I called rebellion and it just went to their answerphone. The info' on their website if for the new 4 lead version. So, one of the plugs is labelled MAP sensor, the other isn't labelled...
  17. ACID

    E63 Bi-Turbo Remap, Dyno and Quaife LSD Fitting

    E63 Bi-Turbo in Yesterday for Remap, Dyno and Quaife LSD Fitting!!! Stock: 527.37 Whp (622.30 Bhp) 504.93 Wtq (595.82 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 604.20 Whp (712.96 Bhp) 654.88 Wtq (772.76 Ft Lbs Torque)
  18. Dannyallen89

    Full side respray done and spoiler fitting done correctly

    I picked my car back up yesterday from the body shop over the moon with the result. When I bought the car I removed the door strips to find the previous owner had driver and passenger door sprayed with the trim on (poor job), once removed you could see the colour change instantly so I was...
  19. A

    Fitting Newer Rear Bumper ????

    Afternoon all, not sure if this is in the right section but was wondering if anyone has knowledge enough to say whether the newer rear bumper from an Eclass saloon 2013 onwards could potentially be made to fit an older car, pre-facelift, I really like the newer one and would love to fit it to my...
  20. Sanke

    KW HAS Fitting

    Hi all, I'm after a recommendation for someone to fit a KW HAS kit to my W205 C63S, preferably in Kent. Steve Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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