1. RaceDiagnostics

    "fixed" mu ignition timing, now car runs very hot

    I checked the timing at idle 750rpm to day and the ignition was firing at 25 degrees before tdc The distributor was at its adjustment end stop. I left both the vacumm pipes on and set it to 0 degrees. This is what is shown on the engine sticker. 30 degrees @ 3000rpm with both pipes removed 0...
  2. M

    211 vibrating water from rad in torque fixed

    we are an independent in belfast fri 24th we got in one of the many water in torque converter due to faulty radiator we took of the front bumper took of the gearbox hoses and fitted its own gearbox oil cooler it fitted lovely on the aluminion bumper support had new hoses made at the hydrulic...
  3. kusanku

    Can sagging sofas be fixed?

    I have a sofa from Furniture Village, approximately 18 months old. Not particularly expensive, but really comfy at first. However, after about a year it began to sag at the two ends we sit on. One end has a chaise longue, and because it sags at the bit you sit on, it is now quite difficult to...
  4. Q

    Broken stepper motor actuator - fixed!

    What a fun job that was, although it isn't too bad and certainly suitable for competent diy job. The part (2 in a bag) was £14 from MB A few tips can be made available if anyone interested in stopping the annoying noises on start up. Oh and yes it was the easy one! :D
  5. J

    Phone craddle - fixed install

    Hi, all Anyone knows the fastest way to identify a W203 fixed install phone craddle when you don't have the phone? Thanks
  6. travelininstyle

    Fixed Price Servcing vs Plus Three

    :crazy: Rang up dealership,as my car is due an 'A' service this time - as we discussed the the basic bill,I mentioned that I had a 'Plus Three' card that entitles owners of cars older than 3 years,to a 10% discount on parts and service bills - the Service Manager explained that the card was no...
  7. RaceDiagnostics

    fixed my heater controls - R107 450SL (pics)

    The heater controls on my new ebay 450SL didn't work when I picked it up last week , it always blew hot. Finally found some time this evening to have a poke around and found the fault. Before After Very chuffed it was so simple, now the valve that controls the hot water flow works...
  8. W

    Mortgage - Fixed or Tracker - Poll

    Is anyone in possession of a working crystal ball? I hope to move house this summer. The $64k question is; should I take a fixed or tracker mortgage? Just for example, looking at NatWest mortgages: 2yr fixed - 3.39% 5yr fixed - 5.49% 2yr tracker - 2.59% (I know there are better value...
  9. MoonWalker

    5 Weeks And Still Not Fixed

    Hi just really need some advice or a friendly thought. I purchased a c200 coupe nearly 6 weeks ago. On the 40 minutes drive home to engine managment light came on so it was run straight to my trusted garage where an ecu error was causing a cylinder misfire. I rang the car front who told me...
  10. Silver CL55

    Anyone fixed the laquer coming off the steering wheel volume etc buttons problem?

    The laquer is coming off mine and is sticky and annoying. Any good ideas? I've thought of cleaning/sanding them then relaquering...but which products to use? Colin.
  11. Vectrolosys

    W124 300TE - Heater problem, fixed

    Hi All, Just wanted to regail you with an experience I have recently had with my W124 and the heater. Due to various reasons, the heater has not been blowing hot. This occurred after the car had been sat idle in the garage for nearly a month. Anyway, a quick check when the heater dials...
  12. D

    w215 fixed phone upgrade

    does anyone know how to upgrade my existing fixed/hardwired motorolla phone to bluetooth or has anyone done this? thanks guys for any help
  13. lynall

    Fixed inop sunvisor lights

    Fitted 2 second hand visors a few months ago and this morning decided to sort out the non working lamps, removed and tested bulbs fine, power to the visor fine, remove the flip up panel assy reveals a micro switch, remove switch join wires together lights now nice and bright:) strip switchs down...
  14. BTB 500

    Fixed an aircon control module!

    The electronic climate control panel on our old A4 has been playing up ... intermittent display, and buttons not working. A new one probably costs more than the car is worth! Tried to find a replacement on eBay but unable to match the one in our car (even for the same year there are various...
  15. lynall

    Exhaust fixed cost all of £15

    After gearbox repair i noticed the tailpipes were pointing down a bit, quick look revealed ex rubbers were u/s one split other fell to bits, spent ages looking on net for replacements, gave up went to local ex place and not only did he have them also fitted the pair for the princely sum of £15...
  16. Geezer

    There, I fixed it!

  17. D

    Alarm Problems fixed

    For two weeks the alarm has been going off in the evening driving me mad. Today I got out the laptop and it reported triggers from left and right internal sersors. I was sitting in the car contemplating what do do next and this great big long leg spider comes out from behind the rear grab handle...
  18. C

    Fixed or Viseeo Bluetooth cradle

    My E350 comes with phone pre-wire and I would like to use my Sony w810i with it. I don't that Bluetooth is the way to go but at £200 for a Viseeo. I can get a brand new genuine crandle for my w81i0 for £50 from MB dealer. Also, the most important question is which one (fixed or bluetooth)...
  19. Timster

    Fixed Penalty Points - How Long??

    I received 3 penalty points for speeding (SP 30) on 3.3.06. How long is it until they are spent? Being as it was over 3 years ago, is my license now clean again? cheers. Tim
  20. aka$h

    w210 Nokia fixed 6090 upgrade

    Hi, Can the Factory fit Nokia 6090 be upgraded in anyway? I know the viseeo option isnt available.... Many thanks
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