1. D

    Fly splats

    On an evening drive last week the front of our new to us Discovery was peppered in more fly splats than I've seen in ages, far more than our previous e class ever got Question is, are there more flys around or do brick shaped cars attract more splats? It reminded me of a joke, what's the last...
  2. Meldrew2

    Learning to fly

    I've had the itch for a long time, but I've now got a bit of spare time and spare cash to scratch it. It's purely for the pleasure and the challenge; so daylight VFR is enough for me - no intentions to fly outside of the UK or at night. I'll stick to easyJet for my holidays… A few questions...
  3. C

    Anyone else fly RC copter?

    Hi, Anyone else into flying? I am hooked :bannana: [YOUTUBE HD][/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. thedruid

    Unwanted fly!

    Evening everyone. Before someone tells me to search the forum, I have done and was met with a blank screen. While giving my car a wash today I noticed a dead ( I presume ) fly in the rear offside light cluster. As I had just washed the car, it obviously then started to rain lots. So my...
  5. ringway

    How to make a Paper Aeroplane Fly Forever.

    I know, I need to get out more, but... Having made many of these in my youth, I thought this was pretty smart and it seems to get a boost as it travels over the larger front heated plate. t2sozrof3HY
  6. ringway

    If you could be a fly on the wall.

    If you had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall, where would you choose to be? For me, one of the places I'd like access to would be the warranty claims department at Mercedes-Benz. That would be interesting.
  7. E's Are Good

    Drive or fly to Romania??

    It's about 1900 miles. Fly or drive, fly or drive. Would love to drive but it's only for a longish weekend. So wouldn't have the time to document the progress, although I'm sure I would :-) . . . .Convince me to drive. . . Or fly? ... Or jump in the empty truck that's just left Dover to get a...
  8. Godot

    Colin and Ewan McGregor fly an original Lancaster Bomber - Bomber Boys - BBC One

    _4wM0iLymz4 Colin and Ewan McGregor follow up their BBC One “BATTLE OF BRITAIN” with a film exploring BOMBER COMMAND, a rarely told story of WW2. The film will focus primarily on the men who fought and died in the skies above occupied Europe - with numerous examples of individual heroism...
  9. A

    Fly off brake release can be awkward to release... W211

    Hello The foot brake if operated and then use the fly off release doesn't always work first time. It's takes a few goes of the handle to release? What does this mean? Does something need replacing? Thanks in advance
  10. ringway

    London again on 1st December. Drive or Fly.

    On 1st December, my work takes me to London again, Esher to be precise. Option 1: My first reaction to this was "Wey Hey! I get to drive my 210 for 6-7 hours" and back home for 5.00pm. Fuel cost £55.00 Option2: I then thought about flying. Land at Heathrow for 11.00am, survey finished by...
  11. Godot

    Come Fly With me ?

  12. Burger

    Fly banquet...

    I've wondered this for a few years, but never researched or asked... What the hell are flies eating on my car? I notice quite often on this and previous cars that flies like to settle on it and then proceed to eat something. When they leave, there's a tiny little black spot where they've...
  13. N

    most powerful pre fly by wire diesel ?

    I am trying to identify which was the last low tech merc diesel that did not require an engine managemnet system/ ecu. I had a w124 5 cyl 250 non turbo mid 80`s -certainly that only needed a fuel supply and wire to the fuel solenoid to run. but was not powerful. was there a later engine, that...
  14. 219

    Concorde may fly again !

    BBC News - Work starts in £15m plan to get Concorde flying
  15. D

    Fly ahoy!!

    Hi all Rather strange problem encountered when washing the e350 coupe this am - 6 months old and this am noted a fly/insect bottom of rear cluster - rubbish photo attached - iphone!!! Any ideas how to get it out. Rear light cluster is LED and no real access into cluster?? Going into...
  16. WLeg

    Fly swatter

    My best is 14 swats and 31 secs.....
  17. robert.saunders

    erm - I have a small fly wandering around behind my LCD screen

    On this very laptop; hopefully it will die soon, but away from my eye line :eek: It's a thunderfly (well, that's what I know them as, I'm sure there is a technical name)
  18. glojo

    Fly Fishing record

    Apologies for the poor quality phone image but is this a record for the most flies caught in a two minute period? :devil: :D The pool has had some maintenance work and has had the cover off for a couple of days. Regards John the fly fisher person :)
  19. Godot

    Fly Me to the Moon, but keep a sharp look out! :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  20. Natalie

    Can you fly a helicoptor?

    Give it a whirl! :D You'll be pleased to know with a score of 75, I certainly won't be persuing my pilot's licence in the near future (or distant future for that matter!) :rolleyes:
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