1. Alexf

    Picking New Car Up On Friday!

    I'm picking my first special (previous punto owner) and brand new car on Friday! Mercedes C Class Coupe Is there anything I need to be aware of or look out for? Also I heard that some cars have a break in period? For example, Advising you to only go so fast for 1000 miles. I looked...
  2. Tuono-AMG

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th June 2017 Two Entrance and Roving Grandstand tickets Unfortunately I'm now unable to attend this year's event due to work commitments. Original total cost £206.86 Goodwood FoS Festival of Speed 2017...
  3. jon.english68

    Good Friday work out

    Last Friday I decided was the day I attacked the 7G tronic and gave it a service, drained the oil from the pan, removed the aux pump and drained the converter of its oil, replaced the filter and pan gasket using new bolts, refilled with 9lts of blue fluid and away we go, whilst I was at...
  4. flango

    Breakfast meet Friday 30th December

    Hi All A few of us have decided to get together for an inbetween Christmas and New Year Breakfast. Venue: The Hunsworth Pub, Junction 26, M62, Chain Bar roundabout. BD19 6HG Date: 30th December 2016 Time: 09:00am Full breakfast buffet, all you can eat, and you even get to see my new car...
  5. bob6600

    Black Friday - what did you buy?

    Amongst all the fake offers/savings against inflated RRPs, there were some bargains to be had, mainly for some high end TVs and games consoles. So did anyone bag any bargains? Early Xmas pressies? I got the following 1. Estee Lauder set 'worth £339' for £58. Never worth that but that's...
  6. E

    Black friday is here

    ITS HERE! BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Up To 67% OFF ONLINE!!! Shop Now: Euro Car Parts | The UK's Number 1 Provider of Car Parts Online and In Store #BLACKFRIDAY #SALE
  7. Alfie

    Black Friday coupon

    We are offering a Black Friday 10% discount coupon for anyone who may wish for it; Simply submit the following coupon code at the bottom of the shopping cart page; BLACKFRIDAY
  8. Toobad

    Clean Your Car offering 12% off for Black Friday with code BF12

    With its very comprehensive stock of detailing supplies, this has always been one of my "go to" websites. They allow customer reviews so you can easily see what products are most highly rated. I see they have also just started stocking my current favourite sealant, Soft99's Fusso Coat. Clean...
  9. S

    Black Friday Deals?

    I don't really subscribe to this Black Friday thing, it's all old **** like Polaroid TV's, but I might pop to Tesco at midnight to watch pale, fat, ugly white women who arrive in smashed up Vauxhall Zafira's fight over them. Anyway, I did get a good deal on a Eurocharged tune and MyGenius a...
  10. Cabb

    New Vito Sport 119 arriving on Friday

    As above after a long wait my new Van arrives on Friday I see a few others are getting new Vitos this week or soon don't see that many on the road just yet I'm sure that will change
  11. W

    New toy, get it Friday.

    Can't wait.
  12. E

    FRIDAY Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight!

    Shop Now Triple QX 5W30- Triple QX 5W40- Triple QX 10W40- USE DISCOUNT CODE-FORUMMBCLUB Get up to 25.5% discount using the code
  13. ash59fifty-uk

    Black Friday- Who's taking advantage tomorrow?

    Anyone got their eye on anything this year? Last year my friend and I filled up my small 3-door Audi three times with goods, across six Tesco stores, three Game stores and whatever else was open at silly o'clock! May treat myself to a new TV sooner than I thought, haven't seen any good deals...
  14. Venomous

    Friday 13th - Not so bad after all!

    So I was working from home today, as the car was in for an A Service, Brake Fluid Change, and MOT. Car sailed through the MOT - happy days.... :) Lots of work hassle, and the day closing on a less than positive note :( Then Facebook reveals that I have won Second Prize in a competition...
  15. LTD

    Friday 21st August 2015 - Yadgar

    OK gang Short notice, I know but we have a couple of German forum members probably visiting our fair city on Friday. They have sampled the fayre at another curry house near Druk. It was very nice but not the culinary delights that attendees are used to. Can we organise a turnout at the...
  16. Alfie

    Comand Online - Black Friday deals

    We are running a special 'Black Friday' deal on the forums. Use coupon code BLACK2014 in the shopping cart for a 10% discount on any order! Mercedes Comand Navigation and Audio Specialists
  17. Mat B

    Play it loud - story of Marshall - BBC 4 friday 28th 10pm

    Hi all Thought this would be of interest to all you music aficionados out there. Can't wait to see it myself and have been asked to spread the word.
  18. S

    Official Eurocharged Black Friday sale!!!!!!!

    Its that time of year again and these prices seem to get better as each year goes. These prices include VAT and are covered by Eurocharged warranty. If you wish to discuss any option or to place an order by email [email protected] or for any other any queries call our workshop on the...
  19. 1

    At last it's due on Friday

    Having ordered my C63 Estate on July 7th it is due at the dealers on Friday of this week!
  20. I

    Avoid medical interventions on a Friday.

    As above, try to make sure you keep in good health Friday to Sunday, if you are so inconsiderate as to get ill, make sure it's a Monday. Joking aside I have seen some worrying figures, ranging from 12% to 24% increased mortality rates on weekend admissions/interventions. Mr Hunt is now...
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