1. Yugguy

    Weedon Garage thumbs up

    Well I have just done my diff fluid. Pretty easy job in the end. The stuff that came out at 59k was a whole lot darker than the stuff that went in. And cloudy. Smelt of rotten eggs, typical used gear fluid smell. Very satisfying to get it done. Just wanted to give a thumbs up for Ross at...
  2. T

    Advice re finding a independent service garage for a VW

    Hiya, SWMBO's VW Touran has a engine management light saying take to workshop. The car is 10y old but has been perfect till now. My question is this Forget main dealer. Would you take to a general garage? A VW specific garage? And how would you get a handle on workmanship/reputation...
  3. S

    Mercedes independent garage in Cornwall

    Hi Can anyone recommend an independent near Launceston - my parents have just bought a 2001 SLK and will need it looking after? Thanks in advance
  4. U

    ATF oil change on w204 garage recommendation?

    Hi guys, long time lurker wanting some advice please. ive just purchased a 2012 22cdi sport coupe...its done 90k but the auto gearbox oil was never changed at 32/40k. I wanting some recommendations from members who have had this by an independent in the west yorkshire area...Elite in...
  5. H

    Advice needed: New C Class c300h in garage for almost a month waiting for part!!

    My 9 months old C Class (W205) c300h has been off the road for almost a month while Mercedes source a replacement part. History of the problem is that the dashboard flashed up a "Wiper Malfunction" quickly followed by a red warning with a picture of a battery with Failure written underneath...
  6. nb_racing

    Advice on garage floor paint

    Hi all. I'm wanting to paint my garage floor, it's an old concrete floor which isn't too great but essentially solid. It's obviously very dusty so I'm after some first hand experience or advice on the best paint to use and whether or not to seal it first in order for the paint to adhere...
  7. M

    Independent Garage or Service plan?

    Hi There everyone, I'm new to this forum and MB ownership. I have just bought a late 2010 C63 AMG, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the following garages? Colin Ferns ? Independent Mercedes Benz Specialists TM Motors Mercedes specialist service & repair - Surrey...
  8. M

    Fantasy Garage - Money No Object

    As some of you will no doubt have heard, some lucky so-and-so in the UK has scooped the £51M jackpot on the Euromillions this week - shame it wasn't me but good luck to 'em I say. Anyway, I’m sure this will have been done before but for the sake of new members (and if long-term members will...
  9. Palfrem

    Garage clear out - many random things!

    Gents, I'm on a three line whip to get the garage a little less cluttered. We may be moving so a downsize of chattels is needed. Briefly: Toyota LC 120 genuine load liner and grey floor mats. Also have grey leather third row seats. CL500 W215 Mercedes rubber boot tray. W211 saloon...
  10. F

    ABC, overheating - Harrow specialist garage

    Greenoaks and Hughes both looked at my CL600 and having paid £850 to both for rodeo test and various diagnostics(different things for each dealer and see if they highlighted other issues), I was handed a rectification bill of £3,700 - £4200 WTF... Started towing my car to several specialists in...
  11. wolfie665

    Need good independent garage South east or West London

    Hi All, would you recommend me some good independent Mercedes garage in Bracknell, Slough, Staines area? My car is Mercedes ML270 CDI 2004. The last one I have done some work in for £1000, honestly not impressed, they have topped up my gear oil cowboy style only god knows how much oil and...
  12. P

    Garage clear out - w124 and 190e parts.

    I'm getting rid of all the stuff sat in my garage and there are is a small mountain of Mercedes parts in the corner. I have added some terrible quality photos taken on my useless phone now for each. As for price ill just see whats cheapest on ebay and match it, feel free to make an offer. 190e...
  13. D

    Smug Garage User

    So, after a night of fairly heavy snowfall (:bannana:) we had to take my daughters friend home after she had a sleepover last night. We all walked through to house into our clean dry double garage. We all got into the car (that was preheated (yum yum)) and the garage door opened. We pulled...
  14. M

    Garage advice

    Guys - Has anyone converted a double garage (with 2 doors) to a single door? I had someone over to give me a quote a while back. Basically he's recommending that we remove the central brick pier and support the roof with a steel I beam. Would like some advice if anyones done this. Thanks Pete
  15. I

    Garage recommendations

    Hi guys, I need my Mercedes sl55 roof changed does anyone recommend a garage near high Wycombe any specialists ? Thanks
  16. I

    MoT Garage needed, Ashford, or M20 Corridor

    Hi All, Could anyone recommend an MoT Garage close to the Ashford end of he Channel Tunnel? I’ve three UK cars in Belgium and need to get new tickets on a 123 coupe and a 126 during December and January. I did another one in summer and managed to get to Lancashire without a number plate...
  17. John

    Good Garage Scheme.

    A few years ago, my inde handed me my receipt in a wallet from the afore-mentioned. I just presumed they had joined a scheme for Joe Public to be able to look up good garages - bit like Trust a Trader, Checkatrade etc. But, I heard nothing more in the intervening years and I looked earlier...
  18. ash59fifty-uk

    Parkhams garage, Wellingborough

    Hey all I don't suppose anybody has an email address contact for Parkhams which is local to me, do they? I'm out the house 5am (ish) to gone 6pm at night for work which can be non stop (mostly driving) so I never have ten minutes spare to give them a ring to discuss some stuff I need doing...
  19. V12

    1970 Mercedes-Benz C111-II - Jay Leno's Garage [YOUTUBE HD]jk4H1eV9JuY[/YOUTUBE HD] These test cars have always fascinated me.
  20. L

    Electric roller shutter garage doors?

    Can anybody recommend suppliers/installers for powered roller shutter garage doors please? I'm looking for a powder coated aluminium door with insulation. Oh and I'm in North Hampshire if that makes any difference. Many thanks for any info.:thumb:
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