1. coalville126

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    As per the title, I 'd like to store my spare set of wheels off the floor to free up some space & was wondering what do you guys use to hang your spare set of wheels.
  2. Vintage Racer

    Anyone using 'gojacks' or wheel skates in their garage

    I have a 3 car garage, but only one central entrance. Having just bought my R129, SL320, I need to be able to move the car across the garage floor. Has anyone used anything like these: Sealey Car Wheel Skate Dolly Jack go 570kg WS570 | eBay Seems like the only 'easy' way to move the car...
  3. RyanMuller

    More garage progress (painted floor!)

    So the merc now has a clean floor. Now it's raining for the rest of the week and the merc will probably be a pile of rust by Friday :D Not the best week to pick, but who gets free time nowadays...
  4. clk320x

    Parkhams Garage Wellingborough

    Hi, About to book in my car at Parkhams Garage for this week. Just wanted to ask before I did, if anyone's had any recent experiences. I know a lot of posts are there on forums however not sure they are recent. Anyways if anyone has had their car into Parkhams recently for repairs I'd greatly...
  5. H

    Should I tollerate a Merc garage responding to a Vito injector issue like this??

    Hi folks..My vito went in to the local Merc garage as it was having problems starting on cold mornings. Glow plug issues were eliminated. Hard sooty build up was found around the injectors (the back death as i understand it) and two of the injectors werefound to be 'blowing'. Hours were spent...
  6. G

    Garage Manual for a W210 E Class 1998

    Hi, It appears Haynes never made a manual for the W210, I have an E55 which I'd like to buy a book on, so I know how to remove door cards, exhausts. Change fan belts and troubleshoot the normal stuff. Can anyone point me in the direction of the book I should be buying please? Thanks,
  7. RyanMuller

    My first house: has a garage!!

    Just exchanged on a new build and a big reason for picking this one was the double length garage! Looking forward to keeping the cars inside!
  8. gr1nch

    Moved house to get a bigger/better garage for your car?

    And I don't mean staying put and building one which I guess is much more common. I'm seriously having trouble finding a place with a garage wide enough to take an S-class. So it's a move for sure, thus "garage" is my #1 search keyword on Zoopla as well as prefixes like large, wide - but not...
  9. W

    Faults developing whilst car is in garage

    Hi guys. Just looking for a bit of advice on what to do as my car has developed more faults whilst at the dealers! For a bit of background I have a 2007 E class. It went into the main dealer last week for a problem with the passenger door. The window and mirror will not work off of the...
  10. Allan AMG

    Mercedes Garage

    Buy Mercedes 5 Storey Parking Garage from our Toy Car Tracks & Accessories range - Tesco Just spent 2.5 hours building and stickering this up for the nephew. Still on offer at Tesco. Good fun :D
  11. A

    CLS Garage door operation on rear view mirror.

    I have a 2006 320 CLS and I have been trying to set up the automatic garage door opener on the rear view mirror, I have followed the set up procedure in my handbook, after clearing the code memory I find it will not program from my garage door remote. Can anyone tell me if they have had the...
  12. CreosoteChris

    Hary's Garage - R107 SL350

    New episode, featuring a very early ('71) very original SL350 Regards Chris 93 220CE, auto, red / black leather, 117k, Manchester
  13. ShaunB

    Garage floor pattern

    Guys Looking for a few ideas please. Doing a bit of work in my garage, and have decided to put down these floor tiles from Mototile. The area I have to work with is approx. 15 tiles in length, by 9 in width All ideas greatly welcomed Mototile Seamless Garage Flooring - Floor Layout...
  14. C

    3rd party garage Nottingham recommend

    Hi I just would like to ask for help if anyone can recommend me an affordable garage to repair my 14 years old C-Class. I have been going to the MBNottingham for the past few years and find abit difficult to cope with their price. Today, I was quote; - Front break pipe £460 - Front...
  15. brucemillar

    Garage Storage?

    Folks Sorry if this sounds really dumb. My 124 Wagon has recently (three months) undergone a full bare metal re-spray. Now she is kept garaged and dry. Is it OK to cover her her up with light cotton sheets as dust protection? I had a very bad experience some years ago with professional...
  16. daveenty

    My Garage Ceiling Conversion

    I posted a thread HERE asking about a structural surveyor a bit ago, regarding altering the ceiling height in my little garage at home. It ended up with several responses, mostly encouraging, so thanks for those. I promised there that I would write a quick report on the build, though this ended...
  17. MB-BTurbo

    Cars in garage, whats happened in this picture to the CV?

    I had my CV joint replaced a few months ago. When they fitted it the clip was done up tight enough and it spilled a lot of grease. Fortunately I spotted it quickly and took it back where the repacked it and retightened it. Recently the car has been making some weird noises when accelerating at...
  18. T

    garage overtightened Wheel Nuts Locking nut sheared

    Tyre losing pressure on the W202 and went to remove the wheel to drop it off at the Tyre fitters for investigation Went to undo the wheel nuts Holy Moly they had been tightened by superman or no brain monkeywrench . out of 5 got 3 loose using spider wrench last one neither me or fit nephew could...
  19. brucemillar

    Double Garage Door to Paint.

    Folks I have a large double width, up and over, metal garage door that I wish to paint. Well that's partly true. My wife wishes me to paint it. Any pointers to the best method to get a nice smooth finish. using a proper painter & decorator is not a workable solution as Mrs M is firmly of...
  20. Dannyallen89

    Any1 recommend a garage in Newcastle upon Tyne

    Does anybody know of a good garage in Newcastle upon Tyne I can get to remove the spoiler from my w204 and fit a carbon 1 I have bought? Thanks alot [emoji3]
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