1. C Class Al

    Looking for recommendations Independant Merc garage Liverpool Merseyside area.

    Hi everyone as title says I am looking for a decent reputable Indie Merc garage as the B service will need doing soon 6000 miles left before service. Can any of you guys/girls suggest any garages that you have used in the past and you trust knowing that they do a good job :thumb: cheaper than...
  2. T

    New garage. How wide for a C Class?

    Folks, I am looking to buy a new garage to keep my 2012 C 180 away from prying eyes. Given the size of modern cars the old 7ft wide doors seem too narrow of easy access. Has anyone got a 10ft wide garage and will a C Class fit in it OK with room to open the doors? The garage I am lookng at...
  3. W

    Independent merc garage

    Can anyone recommend a garage for service to e class in north London. Independent rather than merc
  4. G

    Local garage

    Hi There i'm looking for recommendations on a good local garage (main or indy) to look after my recently purchased CLK. im based near Kingston upon Thames. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. N

    Need independent garage for B service Gerrards Cross

    I would like to locate an independent garage with Mercedes experience within a reasonable distance of Gerrards Cross SL9 9 QQ area to service my CLC which is due a B service. I due not want to pay main dealer prices but can not locate a garage with trained Mercedes mechanics on the doorstep...
  6. N

    Fleet Road Garage Holbech

    Hi guys very new to the forum and to MB ownership. Have just put my W140 coupé in to the above mentioned garage just wondered if anyone has had any experience with them?? Many thanks
  7. John Jones Jr

    Timber inlay on garage concrete floor????????

    Guys, Ideally, I'd like to inlay 2''/50mm thick wooden planks into a garage floor. Basically my idea is to pour the floor but include a 2'' drop 600mm away from the walls all the way around. The floor area is 30x20', the timber floor would be 28'x18'. Am I mad and just making work for...
  8. D

    Car Servicing Sheffield-Jupitor Garage

    Hi, Anyone in the Sheffield area used Car Servicing Sheffield-Jupitor Garage? Car Servicing Sheffield | 01142 553554| Car Repairs I'm looking for an oil change and an auto gearbox oil change and they've come back with a very competitive quote. Ok so they are an independent garage and don't...
  9. c63k

    Garage Refactoring Build

    Re-creating this under General Discussion with Google Drive images instead of FB images since they don't appear to be permanent. I'm hoping this thread helps anyone else considering a garage refit for their MB: I'm over the moon with a garage refit I've got going on at the moment which I'd...
  10. c63k

    Garage Refactoring Build

    I actually wasn't sure if I'd be allowed to post this in another forum so I've relegated it to here, but... I'm over the moon with a garage refit I've got going on at the moment which I'd like to share with my fellow MB enthusiasts. I've seen there have been some threads before, but it was...
  11. Reggie-rock

    Good Indipendent garage experience (Northampton)

    I had my transmission oil changed yesterday and entrusted Autobarn, Northampton to do it. They did it while I waited. I was given a cup of coffee and sat down in their very pleasant an comfortable waiting room, where there were lots of interesting classic car magazines to browse through and was...
  12. John Jones Jr

    Garage build. 9 x 6m.

    Just thought some of you guys maybe interested in my garage build. Now, I'm sure at this stage on a lot of motoring forums and maybe here too garage builds have been done to death. So, the reason for me showing this one is simply because it's not a conventional garage as in block built. We...
  13. G

    Garage with Autologic rather than STAR

    Is the autologic diagnostic system as good as STAR? I am having suspension issues with my W221. I am getting an error on the dash for the airmatic and the ride stiffens and goes really bumpy. I can raise and lower the car fine and when I switch the engine off the error disappears but...
  14. Barker44

    Back from the garage

    Well that's the last of the work done on the C63... Quaife diff fitted IPe headers, sports cat, right through to the valvetonic backbox. BMC filters Eurocharged remap to match the mods. The car has been transformed from stock and what a difference the diff makes from std.. Uv been missing...
  15. Adeinfrance

    portable garage 6m x 3m white.

    As above bought brand new 2 months ago for £150 to use on a building project but the weather was kind so not needed. Collection only from South Bucks. Its in 2 boxes, the one holding the poles has split whilst its been in the van but everything is there. Perfect if you want to cover a car. £100
  16. B

    Salford independent garage wanted

    Anyone know of a good indie garage up here in Salford ?
  17. Spinal

    Garage Suggestion Near Uxbridge

    I need to change the clutch on the Micra before the rally; but my usual garage (punters) won't do clutch replacements. Any suggestions as to a garage near Uxbridge/Slough/Hilligndon/etc? Thanks, M.
  18. B


    Can anyone recommend a good Merc garage in Cardiff.
  19. M

    Mrs has pranged the ML , Any body used Brydens Garage in Leeds?

    Hi, sorry if this should have been in The bodywork section but the app on my phone won't let me post it there! Just wondering if anyone has used Brydens Garage in Leeds for body repairs and if so what you thought of them? Unfortunately the Mrs pranged the ML tonight and the insurance company...
  20. s4rap

    Garage find

    I anyone know what this bonnets off and is it worth anything thanks
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