1. nick mercedes

    german car makers rigged market?

    Another week, another scare from the German car industry. What began with Daimler AG’s massive recall of more than 3 million diesel cars to lower their emissions, ended on Friday with Audi also embarking on a voluntary recall of 850,000 vehicles. Adding to the spate of bad news was a report...
  2. R

    New to MB but not to German engineering. Could use a little help diagnosing!

    Hello! I'm terribly sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm new to the forum and to Mercedes Benz as well. I've owned audis and bmws my whole life and recently decided to give MB a try and I am very pleased so far. I got a 2009 c300 sport with the AMG wheels. Anyhow I'm having a few...
  3. MikeInWimbledon

    Surprisingly good TV: German car travelogue

    I was suspicious of Paul Hollywood's big continental road trip. OK, we all know he's a petrolhead but would this be more British Bake Off false jeopardy? But last night's episode was good: great images and interesting facts - from the opening sequence of him driving a 600 Grosser, all the way...
  4. Z

    German sat nav disc update??

    I know this may be a stupid question buy I've seen 2 used satnav update discs for my car (the latest versions) on ebay Germany. Will it matter if the code is the same as the UK version? Are they country dependent for language or is that just in the options of my comand once I upgrade? TIA...
  5. P

    S205 South Africa or German

    Anyone know if the S205 (new c class estate) is built in SA or Germany. If both how can you tell, vin plate??? Looking at second hand market relatively soon and would prefer a German Build!
  6. R

    German Grand Prix...

    Rosberg needs a slap. Easy win for Lewis.
  7. S

    New Channel - MB Workshop Videos of all sorts! (Mixed English and German) This channel has an ever increasing number of workshop videos being added on virtually every Mercedes made in the last ten years. Titles are a little obscure and probably badly translated, but there's some very useful stuff in there - I found the...
  8. John Jones Jr

    German road signage!

  9. R

    wishbone/controlarm set from german Go or no go

    Hello all A full set wishbones and controlarms for my w211 e270 from 03 Is this set, go or no go QUERLENKER SATZ VORNE + KOPPELSTANGEN + TRAGGELENK +KÖPFE MERCEDES W211 E-KLASSE | eBay
  10. milleplod

    2 German tanks.....

    Took this pic south of Caen on the way down ro meet the family in Spain...... German build quality shining through! Not sure which is the heavier of the two though...... :D Anyone else have a bike? Pete
  11. Bigrichw

    Jap V German

    Does the club attend with a stand? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. grober

    Aston Martin's German engine plant.

    After seeing the ASTON Martin Vulcan turbocharged V12 on Sunday's Top Gear I was prompted to find out where these engines were made. At one point there was a rumour of a tie up with AMG but apparently they are made in a special section of the Ford engine plant in Cologne. Makes sense...
  13. Druk

    German genealogy anyone?

    Toddled along to the Scottish Registry Office with the thought that I might trace some of the family history on my fathers side. Quite a surprise to discover that my paternal granddad was of German origin and changed his name to something more Scottish sounding possibly sometime around 1914 –...
  14. John Jones Jr

    Nice Spring/Summer German classic project.

    Came across this. Might be of interest to somebody here looking for a nice handy classic project. 1988 Porsche 924S Cardiff £4,000 | Retro Rides
  15. D-18

    Tractor / Caravan on German Autobahn

    Can't see too many people complaining about being held up by this tractor / caravan.....
  16. PaulXC

    Junge Sterne Guarantee Buying from a German Mercedes dealer

    I'm considering another Left Hand drive car and have been pouring over the ads on & If I buy from a Mercedes dealer it seems that you get a Junge Sterne Guarantee package for 24 months. This strikes me as a good option on a three or four year old car. Apparently the...
  17. I

    Not a Merc but still german, sort of....

    Audi TT Kit Car For Sale (1995) on Car And Classic UK [C513131]
  18. poormansporsche

    More unfortunate German ....

    Dunno if its been mentioned before but this webby is complete "Schatz" Some interesting tat though :) Schätz-Tuning | Shop | Mercedes Tuning Zubehör - Sportgrill, Auspuff, Heckspoiler
  19. R

    From Jap to German

    Hello everyone , first of all don't really do forums so i hope this is the correct placement , i have had a Honda Civc EP3 type r for over a year now done a couple of track days etc in it don't get me wrong nippy little car for what they are however i now work at a main german manufacture...
  20. zenman63

    German members

    Any German members on here or anyone know anyone in Germany?
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