1. Smeesh

    Sales of Goods Act

    Just a quick one. Under the Sales of Goods Act I'm sure your legally meant to have a minimum of a 6 months Warranty on purchasing a second hand vehicle ... Am I correct ? Smeesh.....
  2. M

    Buying white goods, furniture + a TV online...

    Guys, Need the collective thoughts on some upcoming expense... We are looking to move early next year (Jan hopefully), and in the need for a new Fridge/freezer, a TV and some furniture (oak f'niture that my wife likes). I have visited many stores and checked prices etc and obviously online...
  3. gaz_l

    White goods question: Washer dryers

    Greetings, citizens. I'm completely fed up with our tumble dryer. It lives in the spare bedroom (no room for it in our tiny kitchen), taking up space, it has a hose so we have to open up the window every time we want to use it and the hose fitting is appalling - the hose comes out of the...
  4. V12

    Importing goods from China?

    I am looking to bring in a couple of pallets of goods from China and could do with talking to anyone with first hand experience. I have previously had a box or two of a few hundred small items come in. First question is whether I should let them arrange shipping or whether I should look into...
  5. V

    Vito Dualiner - Goods vehicle speeding ticket - NO!

    Recently received a "Notice of Intended Prosecution" for travelling at 69mph on a dual carriageway part of the A303. :mad: I was pretty surprised to say the least, the offence was exceeding the limit for a goods vehicle. I browsed around the web a bit but didn't find a definitive answer as to...
  6. E

    PCS deliver the goods again

    For those that don’t know, I recently purchased Charles Morgan’s C55 AMG, while on the test drive Charles made it clear the front brake pads would need replacing (CLK63 upgrade) so I booked into PCS. Turned up today and me being me ask Jack and Olly to give the car a good check over as I want...
  7. Beetnik

    So what's the scrap value of white goods?

    I ask because a couple of months ago I left an old freezer on my drive and it disappeared after a couple of days and before I'd rung the council to ask them to collect it. Tonight it was the turn of a dishwasher which was there for an hour before two blokes pulled up outside and kindly...
  8. W

    Value of second-hand goods

    Recently I've been looking for quite a few things to buy; furniture, hedge trimmers, TV, PS3, trailers (the exciting life I lead!) I've noticed how some second-hand goods look really expensive to me. Old but good quality hedge trimmers 60% of new RRP, PS3 60% of new RRP. I just feel I'm better...
  9. JumboBeef

    Returning goods to an online company: P&P refund?

    Hello all, I bought something from an online UK company (I telephoned them to order, and paid for the goods via Visa Debit). The goods were £34 and the P&P £6. The goods have now developed a fault and want to return it for a refund. Now, before I call them, can I request they refund my £6...
  10. D

    Sale of Goods

    Hi I bought a cheap LCD tv in January for my Stepson's PS3. I've now found out that the speakers have blown so they rattle with base etc. for PS3 it's bad, for TV terrible. The supplier is telling me that I have to claim on the warrenty, which I don't have too much trouble with apart from...
  11. C

    Can Anyone suggest goods ariels for the TV tuner

    Hi Guys After alot of messing around it looks like a recpetion issue, when in fine tunning its good pic (not great but good) when sving u get perfect audio and teletex sometimes but no pic. So I want to try new ariels can anyone advise MB ariel plug's part numbers are and what ariels i...
  12. mercmanuk

    Worth A Look Free Goods
  13. Tan

    Cheap goods

    Hi Was looking for an X-box and came across this website from a seller on the amazon site, the goods appear to be really cheap. Has anyone ever used them before?
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