1. mobeyone

    Group buy anyone?!

    Think Maff got a steal on his! the devil
  2. P

    w203 cl type grill group buy!!

    would anyone be interested in purchasing these cl type grills at a discount?? they are excellent quality and should cost no more than £150 that includes the bonnet emblem and any import tax these grills are currently forsale through a uk dealer at over £365!!! yet another indication of...
  3. PJH

    What do you call a group of CHAVS...

    What do you call a group of CHAVS rolling down a mountain ? . . . . . . . . . . . . A Chavalanche. Yes, I know it was bad.
  4. C240Sport97

    Group 20 Insurance

    I've been tearing my hair out trying to get a decent quote for a W208 CLK 55 AMG. Tried: 1. elephant 2. first alternative 3. directline 4. adrian flux 5. tesco 6. moneysupermarket 7. (web site does not work, and has not for the last 24 hours) And best so far is...
  5. F

    S320 CDI insurance group

    Hello, am going to look at an S320CDI this week , does anyone know what insurance group it is so i can get some idea of the cost etc? ta
  6. Satch

    W210 Rust Issues: Possible Group Legal Action

    In case W210 owners are not aware, Irwin Mitchell is a middle ranking UK Law Firm and are seeking to find out if there is any scope for W210 owners taking collective legal action against Mercedes Benz...
  7. scotth_uk

    NASCAR track anyone? Group buy? ;-)

    Gadzooks man.
  8. S

    Anybody interested in a Quickparc group buy?

    A friend of mine had Quickparc fitted on her car. It was done by a company used by one of the London dealers. I called the guy and got the following prices. To supply & fit and bezels (or whatever they are called) will be sprayed to your car colour code: £245 + Vat (only 1 unit in the...
  9. M

    Mercedes strut cross-member. A possible group buy Looks like its time to squeeze a little more out of your cornering .... a strut brace will do nicely thank you. What about a group buy ?
  10. jimmy

    PIAA Bulb Group Buy

    Hiya, I will be placing an order with PIAA in the next few days. In order to get some good prices I have to order alot of bulbs! I am hopeing you lot can help me out and help bump up the order. Have a look at the PIAA Website for details, I will be ordering stock of Platinum White and...
  11. jimmy

    GROUP BUY GPS/Laser/Radar Detectors

    Seeing as there is a fair bit of interest in GPS & Laser/Radar detectors here, I have made some enquiries regarding a MBClub group buy or the possibility of my company becoming a dealer and offering them to members at a very favourable price. So far one company Radar Warehouse has responded...
  12. M

    Mad March Group Buy - we need your help !!

    Hi Lads - I know this is basically an advert - but bear with me - Mark (wax wizard) posted this earlier on the MG Rover forum and a couple of emails went back and forth between Mark, Koolvin and myself to extend this to our forum users too! So read away - and help out if possible...
  13. Koolvin

    OT: Win2k group policy

    I am setting some machines up at work and I need to lock them down because they are going to be public access terminals (surfing the net). The machines are Win2K Pro and they are part of a workgroup not a domain. I messed around with the group policy editor but it affects all users...
  14. F

    Group Hug

    1, 2,3 &nbsp;... Let it all go ... all that stress disappear .... let the bad air clear and koolvin , stay off the beans so it does not come back. <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':p'> &nbsp;... Now smile and think of...
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