1. S

    Quaife LSD MBClub Group Buy!!!!

    Those looking for an LSD the following info is from the Quaife website: All QUAIFE differentials come with a Life Time Warranty excluding specialised vehicles. Maximises traction and minimizes wheel spin Proven in drag and circuit racing, rallying and road use...
  2. jacksona

    Angel Tuning group discount?

    Hi all, I'm picking up my CLK 220 CDi in 3-4 weeks & will be getting an Angel Tuning remap. Anybody in Kent, or surrounds, want to get a remap at the same time, to bring the price down to £200 each? Let me know! Thanks, AJ.
  3. BlackC55

    BMC Performance air filters group buy.

    As a BMC outlet I can get some great discounts on BMC filters if we all buy in bulk. If people are not familiar with the product they are the best performance filters I have fitted to date. Very well made with no sagging. They fit perfectly comapared to other well known makes. They do not mess...
  4. I

    Sytner Group CEO

    I thought Frank Sytner was still the boss. It seems from my other thread: that he is not. Does anyone know who is and hopefully an email addy? Thanks.
  5. grober

    Boring 4 digit PARTS group system Guide.

    Find a link that will take you to a guide to the Mercedes 4 digit parts system as applied to those weird long part numbers on the spare parts you order. Ever wonder what that bit of ---- A124 4630432 meant? Well the answer is there [up to a point?] certainly for 2011 models
  6. carat 3.6

    190E track weapon

    A bit of weekend fun: MERCEDES 190 Gr A Snobeck works rally car | eBay
  7. ACID

    Group remap viezu 10 / 11 / 2012

    HI Guys i have some prices OBD MAPS £200 ( Will be done via the diagnostic Port ) BDM MAPS £300 ( Ecu will be removed and Open to map the car ) Eurocharged Super Charger pulley and map £950.00 for the C32 and 55s Komps Fitted They also have a Dyno on site normally £50 extra to get the...
  8. Gareth

    Britax King Plus (Group 1) Child's Car Seat - Excellent Condition

    Britax King Plus (Group 1) Child's Car Seat Excellent condition, well looked after, cost approx £130 new. £50 collection only from Staines, Middlesex.
  9. ACID

    Group remap

    Hi Guys looking to do another Group remap just looking for anyone who would be intrested. The Maps will be in West Midlands Birmingham. Thanks Acid
  10. astamir

    any Group remapping ???

    Hi guys any decent remapping garage in or somewhere near London or any group remapping arrangement in nearest future? Thanks in advance
  11. grober

    Arnold Clark poised to buy J R WEIR GROUP

    Many Mercedes owners in Scotland will be interested to hear Arnold Clark are poised to buy the J R WEIR group. Arnold Clark confirms talks to buy John R Weir Soon Arnold Clark will be as ubiquitous as Tescos in Scotland. May well have something to do with this...
  12. Alex

    [Feeler] Performance Box group buy

    I was about to order a Racelogic Performance Box from an ebay shop (item 180553210932) when I saw this: "GROUP BUY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE." Anybody interested in a group buy of Racelogic Perfomance Box? I can email them to see what discount we can get as a group. Details of the box...
  13. ACID

    Group remap 07/07/2012

    HI guys Anyone instrested in a group map at Viezu. The dates are booked for the 7th july which is a Saturday. Cost of each map will be £250 cash on the day If ECU need to be removed it will cost £295 on the day. Let me know Thanks Acid :bannana:
  14. whitenemesis

    Group B - Still too fast to race!

    One for you (ageing?) rally fans! Some wonderful archive footage and a good account of how Group B came about and then disappeared! dIemzsn7F84
  15. jonnyMercUK

    Group buy - Autobrite Magifoam 5L

    I'll be ordering some Autobrite Magifoam pretty soon. My supplier has offered a 5L tub at just £17 if I can get 5+ Anyone in?
  16. Dieselman

    Group B

    What a sport this was back then, much more engaging than F1 ever was. Here's a long, but interesting documentary. NUCtYCYd1u8
  17. Aletank

    Ramps - group buy

    Hi Guys I've been looking into buyin a decent set of Ramps for Maintenance, I've looked in Machine Mart, Halfords etc but it's hard to find some quality ones. I've been looking for some that are Wide enough for my 245/10 Inch rear tyres and some that have a Low Incline to stop the front of...
  18. ACID

    Group remap anyone

    Hey Guys Anyone interested in a group ecu map Prices for the map will £250 and £300 if ecu needs to come out. Viezu in the midlands will be doing the maps and dyno before and after will be included. Let me know if any one is interested need 5 or more to get these prices. Thanks acid
  19. N

    BLACK CODES and Group Remap OFFER

    Any one had any experience with Black Codes, not sure if the right route to take however could be a good location for a group re-map and would save driving all over the country to get a good job and a good deal. Fellas! What do you think? Oh and if MB rewrite on service they will redo...
  20. BlackC55

    H&R springs special offer for forum members. Group buy

    Hi, I have been in contact with H&R to try and get a group buy sorted for forum members. They have given me some fantastic discounts on lowering springs. I am able to offer a huge 20% discount on lowering springs and a 10% discount on the coil overs. Their website for aplicatons...
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