1. grober

    Channel 5 group now FREE TO AIR

    As of the 6th of this month all the CHANNEL 5 GROUP Channel 5 Regions 1,3,4, 5 Channel 5 region 1 +1 5 USA 5 USA+1 5 star 5 star+1 are free to air :thumb: [ non encrypted] e.g.----- Freesat FOR TECHIES available on ASTRA 1N 28.2 E of S FREQ 10.964 H TP 57 22000...
  2. Tan

    Cheap car valet deal on group today for London area Tan
  3. K

    Any Remap Group buys in Midlands or south wales ?

    Finally got some spare cash, and want to get my 2008 W204 C220 CDI Sport 167bhp remap done. Anyone know of any of any Group buy remaps going on around Worcester / Gloucester / Hereford / Cardiff areas ? If I could get it down to £200 - £250, i'd do it now. Celtic can do me for £343, or Angel...
  4. npuk

    Forum Group Buy - German Style Metal Pressed Numberplates

    Looking to organise a group buy for the german style metal pressed numberplates supplied by Elite Car Care. They are usually £39.00 delivered for a pair. If we get at least 10 orders we will get them for £35 delivered per pair. These plates are 100% Road Legal, and they come with a BS AU...
  5. cplnoonoo

    Group remap in Scotland/borders

    As some of you may be aware there is a group remap being scheduled for 2 April down in Banbury by Matty.13 but is quite a distance for some of us that are based further North and in Scotland. From what I can see from that thread there is a few people interested in a remap session based further...
  6. matty.13

    group buy re map's

    im thinking of trying to sort out a group buy remap by angel tuning for the end of march or early april and just trying to gauge how many people would be intrested in doing this and what date would be best , this will almost certainly be done on a saturday . last year i belive alot of people...
  7. Littledigger

    Group Buy on Mats?

    I was wondering what others think about getting together to bulk buy mats and save a few quid in the process.
  8. B

    C63 - M3 - RS5 - Lexus in Evo group test

    Picked it up this morning, not read in full but headline figures are C63 with PPP slowest around Bedford Autodrome but quickest to 100. RS5 is quicker around Bedford by a tenth of a second with the M3 second. RS5 gets 3 stars and M3 and C63 get 5.
  9. M

    AMD Technik Group buy Remap and Dyno day

    Hi guys, I saw the recent posts about some members wanting remaps so got in touch with AMD Essex. They said that they would be able to offer a group buy at 20% off their list prices. This will include a remap and a go on their rolling road. Standard prices are in the region of Medium...
  10. P

    Dubmeister pressed plates group buy!

    Disclaimer - I am not associated with this company and am gaining NOTHING from this groupbuy, I just want to get pressed plates for cheap :) I've started this groupbuy on another forum. But I'm extending it to MBUK since we have not managed to get 20 people yet and I am eager to order soon...
  11. M

    SLS group test coming soon

    Next week's Autocar will have a group test pitting the SLS AMG against the V12 Vantage, Gallardo LP560-4 and 911 Turbo. Should be quite interesting. Btw, for the X1/9 fanciers who lurk here, this week's edition has a neat one-page appraisal by Richard Bremner. :cool:
  12. fast_eddie

    Group remap in Ireland anybody?

    Hi all, I am very jealous of all the smiley happy people who recently had their cars remapped and are now blissfully happy. So, rather than begrudgery and bitterness, I've opened a conversation with Angel Tuning - who gave so much satisfaction to our fellow fourm members - about organising a...
  13. BlackC55

    GROUP BUY for AMG n/a 55,43 Engines?

    I have managed to find a company in the states that manafacture manifolds (headers) and light crankshaft pulleys for the 55 n/a engine. The power gains are around 20-30BHP if both mods are done. The difference is very noticeable and the car revs much freeer. The pulleys and manifolds also...
  14. W

    Angel Tuning Group Remap - Feedback Thread

    I hope I'm not treading on anyone's toes here, but I thought I would do some housekeeping and start a new thread for all feedback relating the Angel Tuning remap day on 1st May. I hope it makes for a good repository of information as it's quite rare that so many people go to a single remap...
  15. npuk

    MBCLUB Angel Tuning Group Remap Sat 1st May

    We are having a group remap with Angel Tuning at Gama Motorsport in Banbury, Oxford on Saturday 1st May. If you havent seen the posts regarding this see: We still have some spare spaces available. If...
  16. npuk

    Angel Tuning Group Remap - Saturday 1st May

    The Angel Tuning group remap will take place on Saturday 1st May at Gama Motorsport in Banbury, Oxford. Gama Motorsport: Home We still have some places available so if you are interested please post below. Please read the previous thread for all the info...
  17. A

    Life Hammer group buy.

    Hello all Following the above post, this seems a very handy gadget to keep in the car(s). Its hopefully one of those things you never need....but if you do it’s there. Quick search on...
  18. horsesuitedfool

    Remap Group Buy......

    Not sure if this in right place, if not please move thanks! I was going to see what price i can get a group buy on remaps from one of the best companies in the field, but wasnt sure if there would be much interest from people on here.....?? If anyone interested then please let me know so i can...
  19. CE230

    Thresher Group

    Picked up a few good deals at my local Wine Rack this morning as they are closing down with 25% off just about everything. CLICK here to find out if a store near you is closing
  20. BaldGuy

    5.5 AMG Badge Group Buy?

    For all you 55 owners out there... Would any of you be interested in a group buy on the 5.5 wing badge below.... Its an extremely good copy like the 6.3 badge.. I would not put anything rubbish on my car... It is self adhesive. Just seeing how many would be interested then I will go to...
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