1. sgh

    Facebook Group Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

    Just started a Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet Group for those that are interested, all welcome:
  2. WDB124066

    Group B makes a return?!

    What's all this...? For those unfamiliar with Group B... Happened to smash the top off a large bottle of beer while standing in a diary paddock, in the rain, at night watching these go by. Power! F1 fans...
  3. daveenty

    Goodbye Mercedes Retail Group

    I have used a Mercedes owned dealership for the last 10 or so years as, rightly or wrongly, I've believed that I get a better service than using a franchised dealer. However, whilst I was hovering around waiting for my car to be serviced in my local one yesterday, I was told yesterday that they...
  4. bob6600

    Dack Motor Group - Coventry

    New Independent opening in Coventry, taken over the old Vauxhall dealership. They have a branch in Lincoln although MB not covered there. Anyone used them at either place? I will still use Jay for my Merc but this place covers VAG/MB/LR/Vauxhall/BMW claiming to have dealer level diagnostics for...
  5. sgh

    Facebook Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe & Cabriolet Group

    Just started a Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe & Cabriolet Group for those that are interested, all welcome:
  6. Lee C63

    Weistec transmission pan- Group Buy (MSL Performance)

    Seems like us lucky AMG owners could have a few opportunities to get some Weistec goodies in the next few months. Spoke with Acid today and there is a opportunity for us to purchase the Weistec Transmission pan for 425 UK pounds delivered (so that's all delivery and customs charges paid) They...
  7. Y8cel

    Quaife LSD Group buy

    Hi guys I've organised a group deal on Quaife LSD's the details are in the AMG section, Hopefully this will be of interest to some Cheers
  8. L

    BG Group

    Any BG Group shareholders here? Any suggestions as to the best option? Shell A and B shares seem to be of around the same value.
  9. 7om

    55k 77mm S/C pulley group buy? Any takers?

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to get hold of a 77mm UPD clutched pulley. I've got the engine bay cooling tank sorted so I want to crack on with this and get it done. This will be for the DIY'ers like myself using the Eurocharged or any equivalent remap cable. I live in Cornwall 300 miles away from...
  10. T

    W124 owners group?

    Is there a sub group for us oldies? & if so is there a branch in Sussex, that meet & go places? I've had a little hunt on here but couldn't find anything! Cheers
  11. The _Don

    Group test - BMW M3 vs Mercedes-AMG C63
  12. Sp!ke

    Ferrari 288 GTO group B video

    I stumbled on this and thought it worth sharing. If only to have your own estate big enough to drive around like that? [YOUTUBE HD]UKm-wcxkl5U[/YOUTUBE HD]
  13. M

    Group buy. Bilstein Shocks b6's/b8's

    Hi there all, Was wondering if any you guys/girls would be interested in getting into a group buy for A set of Bilstein shocks. I would need least 5/10 people. I'm going to make a few phone calls this afternoon and hopefully I'll manage to get good discount off each set.. Please could...
  14. D

    VW group profits: Interesting reading

    I guess many of you would have seen this in AutoCar last week, apologies for not posting sooner. It's the first time back home for a while. Interesting reading don't you think?
  15. gl boy

    This group

    Not been on here for a verrryyyyy long time:mad: :dk: My apologies :eek: But see it's still a great group and great members trying to help and advise on subjects of other members :thumb: WHAT A FANTASTIC JOB YOU ALL DO :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  16. Silver CL55

    Mini group buy of RENNtech V2 lowering module, sub £400. 1 place available 3 year warranty on the module, up from the usual 1 year. PM me if you want in
  17. B

    Eurocharged Pulley and Map (Brand New) from Group Buy

    From Acid's group buy back in the summer. I brought the pulley, it is brand new never fitted with shims and boxed. Ready to go onto a M113K engine. Also has a full Eurocharged credit map that hasn't been used so all included. Can be fitted and mapped in North Yorkshire, or Acid's place...
  18. A

    Any remap group buys coming up?

    Worth a ask ;-)
  19. Alex

    [GROUP BUY] Zircotec Ceramic Coating for Exhaust Headers, Downpipes, Exhaust Tips

    This is a group buy for ceramic coating of exhaust components, like manifolds, downpipes and even exhaust tips from a UK-based specialist in this area, company Zircotec. Below is a very informative discussion and Zircotec's video on benefits of ceramic coated exhaust manifolds...
  20. ACID

    KW Suspension MbClub Group Buy

    From all the recent interest with KW suspension systems, I am happy to say with a minimum of 5 People we can 10% off retail :bannana:. There will be various locations for installation, so wherever suits you pretty much There are various systems you can choose from which are all on their...
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