1. salesac1

    Trico Wipers Group Buy - reminder

    See: The momentum seems to have dried up over the last 2 days and it's slipping down the Classifieds list :(. I want to get my extra £1.38 discount on the NF600 ;), so let's have those last 4 votes he needs.... Perhaps I'll get a special...
  2. G

    Insurance Group!

    I just got an insurance renewal for 1400 quid for my C270 CDI 1400 smackers??? Does that sound right? i'm a 24 year old male with 4 yrs no claims living in london clean license. My beemer 320d was only 750! ffs
  3. Birdman

    Daimler Group Sells itself to Arabs

    see link below
  4. O

    Trico Neoform Beam Blade Wipers Group Buy

    Hi All We have been stocking Trico Neoform wiper blades for a little while now and we have had great feedback from customers as well as most of the staff here, even our families are using them because they are so good. Everyone has reported that they are the best wipers they have ever used...
  5. C

    The RRR Group Cars

    What would you do if you had a new CL 63 AMG knocking around... Or.... an SLR for that: Or a G Class AMG:
  6. A

    Xenon HID conversion kit (Group Buy)

    Hello Following from this thread There could be a few members interested in a group buy for these kits. They seem easy to fit and come with everything needed, Price are (this is what they sent me) Yes we would still allow you to...
  7. Barryh

    eastern motor group

    Has anyone used the body shop in Broxburn? I got a very detailed quote to respray the keyed door on SLK and they seem professional enough,but looking for a recommendation before I go ahead. Unsure if I should go through insurance as it is £750 and xs is £250 with protected NCB.Any Thoughts?
  8. robert.saunders

    MBClub Group Buy

    I was perusing houses for sale, as you do, and I stumbled upon this pile. I don't quite have enough equity. So, I thought seeing as we have varied and interesting membership, we should club together and live as one:
  9. ckember

    Brabus D6 III group buy

    MB dropped the price of this unit only last week. I have the opportunity for a possible group buy and fit of the Brabus D6 III tuning box for various Merc diesels. They are in stock and available on 2 day delivery according to the dealer The dealer will give a discount on the purchase price of...
  10. Bobby Dazzler

    POSSIBLE group buy :: Quaife ATB LSD for C32 and E55 AMG

    If you're not familiar with what a Quaife ATB LSD is, you may find this webpage a useful introduction. In short though, an ATB LSD improves acceleration and cornering speed, by sensing which of the driven wheels has the most grip, and smoothly channels power to that wheel. In many real...
  11. aka$h

    Discounted servicing at Lancaster group

    Just found out, cars over 6 years old qualify for their classic rate Service A £150 Service B £275 Inc VAT By far the best value Ive seen from a MB dealer. My car is booked in on monday, on a 210 its worth keeping up with mobilio life. For cars over 3 years old they offer the standard...
  12. NICKYB

    CLK XENON LIGHTS (group buy)

    Would anyone be interested in a brand new set of Xneon headlights I am awaiting a cost for 10 sets of exeon headlights, im guessing these are going to be arround £250 for the set if i can get 10 people to buy, im sure these are usualy about £350. thanks
  13. scotth_uk

    Fastest Magazine Group Test - ever! " To the right of the Veyron is a bright orange 911 GT3 RS and to the left of that is a Gallardo Superleggera, an Aston DB9 Sport and an Audi R8. It’s the most...
  14. pammy

    SprintBooster - Group Buy Thread

    Follolwing on from the original Sprint booster thread - I've set up this sep list purely for those interested in the group buy. Usual process applied - copy and paste the list adding your name if you want one - or two:devil: No...
  15. grober

    Mercedes Technical Group Information System

    For those who are interested in these things here's a reference pdf to the Mercedes Technical Group Information System by which they designate their parts. Theoretically you can work out roughly where the part is...
  16. mark.t

    e-bay support group

    was just thinking about e-bay could have a e-bay support group where if we have a problem we could all e-mail the said scammer /seller and remind them e-bay should be a safe place to trade .... and what goes round comes round.....just imagion there face when they open there inbox ....30-40...
  17. Silvertank

    Any takers for a group buy?

    Perhaps we could share it.... ;)
  18. A

    The Bank Action Group

    A heads up for you all. I made a post here
  19. league67

    Leather interior - group buy

    How many people would be interested to change / upgrade to , leather interior. If more then 3 I'd asume that there would be nice discount for everyone. Regards
  20. stats007

    1996 R129 SL500 Group Test

    Found this on the Top Gear website - you can download these sort of things for £3.00. Group Test pdf Top Gear Website
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