1. C180CGI

    Handbrake problem?

    Hi, over the past few days Ive had a few questions. Now I have another which may be a problem. This is the first car I have had which has a electronic parking brake. When I am on a slight slope and put on the foot brake, it makes around 5-6 clicks. Sometimes when I put the foot brake on it only...
  2. M

    Handbrake Warning Light

    Does anyone know if there is a switch that controls the hand brake warning light Sometimes, when I release the hand brake, the light stays on, even though the brake is clearly off Thank you
  3. L

    w203 handbrake not working - mot fail

    Hi all My 2003 c220cdi estate went for its mot yesterday and failed due to the parking brake not working. The tester said the pedal went to the floor and stayed there even when the release handle was pulled. He also said there was 0% effectiveness measured at the parking brake. I never use...
  4. B

    engine oil and handbrake clicks

    Hi What engine oil goes in a Merc Vito 108 1999? And; My hand brake wasn't holding to well so I adjusted the shoes at the back, to hold better. But I think the handbrake is coming up to high before it holds. I currently have 5 CLICKS, is this the right amount? Thanks
  5. markm730

    handbrake release issue

    Morning all, Seem to be having a slight issue with my hand brake as in it doesnt seem to be releasing fully on its own when pulling the lever, have to physically get my foot behind the pedal and lift it to fully release. Any tips or handy hints? Thanks
  6. lynall

    Handbrake ratchet problem 2006 C180

    Hi all ive a problem with friends car, handbrake would not hold on when applied by foot, strip lower dash find release cable adrift and where hes pulled it so hard spring dislodged!, that bits now working, but i cannot get the foot pedal to stay down, the ratchet clicks as pedal is pushed, then...
  7. K

    No Handbrake warning light

    As description, my recently purchased c270 cdi 203 dosen't warn me about the parking brake being on and never has. I had noticed that there was a of of travel on the parking brake so I have serviced the system and adjusted everything. I think a naughty previous owner was getting the old...
  8. F

    Vito 110cdi handbrake light wont go out and Beeping

    Hello All have a 51 plate Vito when releasing hand brake the light on dash will not go out .I have linked hand brake switch out to no success . When I drive away and speedo registers bleeping starts stops starts stops and continues all intermittently while in motion only time its does not beep...
  9. W

    W208 320 handbrake adjuster

    Hi, I am trying to take my rear discs off but can't find the cog to back the shoes off, any advice greatly appreciated? Will
  10. I

    W208 Handbrake Release broken

    Have searched this and other forums to see if others have the same, but have failed to find anything that helps, so here goes... Looks like the cable/nipple has slipped out of the handbrake released handle behind the dash below the light switch. I think actually the handbrake release has...
  11. gilbert121262

    Electric handbrake

    Unlocked and opened car yesterday and central display flashed up in red " electronic parking brake malfunction see owners manual" Had'nt even put key in. Had put handbrake on when parked the night before and all was well. Started car and handbrake light was flashing. Put into drive and car moved...
  12. Piff

    Sticking handbrake advice please

    Number 2 son has a 58 plate Skoda Fabia. It has drum brakes at the rear. If it has been parked for a couple of days the rear nearside brake seems to stick on. It frees up after a couple of yards. It's years since I tinkered with cars, but I've suggested to him that he should be able to fix...
  13. A

    W211 Handbrake Won't Release

    Hi Looking for thoughts/experience of similar and how it can be fixed. My W211 E220 (04) has had a history of the handbrake not releasing when the lever is pulled and MB could never find the problem. This goes back to when it was just a couple of years old and under warranty. It gets to...
  14. P

    Puzzeling handbrake woes

    hello again guys. After 3 months I thought I ought to sort out the one sided handbrake today. I adjusted the hubs and found the passenger side was not releasing with the cab leaver. So up on the ramps and under I went and found that the inner cable on the passenger side is about 4 inches longer...
  15. 2toast

    Handbrake relaease help needed

    Can anybody advise me if I can repair the handbrake release handle. Used it yesterday to release the handbrake and the whole T shape came out after a little fiddling the handbrake released now the release handle does nothing !!!! :wallbash: As anybody had this happen and can it be fixed or does...
  16. slkbabe

    SLK R171 HandBrake Adjustment?

    Hi all, how do I adjust the hand brake on my 2005 SLK R171? Is the adjuster in the wheel hubs, or under the handbrake cover? Thanks in advance. :thumb:
  17. M

    E320 CDI Handbrake Brake Shoes.

    After full adjustment at the drums the shoes still don't hold the car when the handbrake is applied. The foot pedal is firm and the hand release is at a good tension so: If the adjustment is made at the drums is there any adjustment I can make on the cable under the back seat that will...
  18. guydewdney

    disabled hand controls and the daft merc 'handbrake'

    my mrs is a wheelchair user, and has no use of her legs - so we bought an old banger c250td w202 auto. anyway - has anyone fitted hand controls in some way to the foot operated handbrake in this era of vehicle - and if so - how? I dont think a direct push would have the force required - so...
  19. Y

    Vito ASR and hand brake problems

    Hi everyone, I have a Vito 2006 109 and I took the van for an MOT and it's failed on two things: 1) ASR doesn't work. When I push the 'ASR off' button next to the hazard light switch, the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside it does not light up in the dash to say it's been...
  20. M

    Handbrake Adjustment On W210 E320 Estate?

    The 'handbrake' on my year 2000 (V plate) W210 E320 Auto Estate needs adjustment. At present I place the car in Neutral and hold it on the footbrake or leave it in Drive and hold it on the footbrake. Can anyone direct me to a thread on this issue? Could I do the adjustment myself? The...
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