1. R

    SLK 230 Handbrake

    Hi, looking to adjust the handbrake on my SLk 230 (01reg) Pulls up alot before in activates the brake. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  2. R

    Handbrake adjustment on SLK 230

    Hi all, would like to take up some slack on the handbrake on the SLK 230 Year 01. Do not have the workshop manual yet and was hoping a member might be able to enlighten me. Thanks.
  3. D

    SL350 Dodgy Handbrake

    Can anyone please help a new MB convert. This weekend, my parking brake release appears to have 'detatched' from the main parking brake mechanism. The plastic release handle is completely 'floppy' and has no effect upon the parking brake. The parking brake did release before failing...
  4. M

    Handbrake on clk 200 w208

    i have a 2001 clk200 with the handbrake near your foot, to release it to drive off you pull a release lever just below your headlight switch, everytime i release it to drive off it makes a awful clunk, not a nice smooth release, a loud clunk, and im off, it totally releases so isnt jamming...
  5. chrisbrad66

    s 320 CDI handbrake

    Hello all, does anyone know how to adjust a handbrake cable on a 2001 S class 320 CDI W220, the pedal goes nearly to the floor before it engages the parking brake and even then the car still rolls easily, i've looked underneath and cannot find anywhere to adjust it, also when i release the brake...
  6. crockers

    So do you use your handbrake in an auto?

    Well following on from the "parking on a hill" thread - thought I would see how many people actually always use their handbrakes in an automatic car..
  7. television

    SLK55 handbrake

    Just had a 05 SLK55 round and the guy does not like the handbrake, the first three or four notched do nothing, you can feel them and it only locks on the fifth, is that the way it should be
  8. D

    Handbrake not operating w211

    Hi all, I posted recently about the parking brake light not appearing in dash when i put parking brake on. I had a suspcision that the actual parking brake was at fault, so i put the car in neutral, put parking brake on and the car was still rolling. Only bought the car 6 weeks ago from a...
  9. D

    No handbrake display on dash.

    Hi all, I have a w211 e270d and when i put the handbrake on, the light does not show on the dash, so i know that the handbrake is on, which it should. Any thoughts on this? thanks,
  10. J


    Hi all, I have noticed that my handbrake doesn't click when depressed anymore and I have to life with my foot to release handbrake on my c200k 1995. I should imagine that some form of spring has broken. Can anybody confirm this and is there a DIY way to fix this????????????
  11. blassberg

    Their Saxo - Handbrake stuck on - Any help pls?

    Saxo sat on drive for a few weeks whilst #1 at uni and #2 moved out. Tried to move it, there was a clunk at the rear nearside wheel on putting handbrake down but cannot pull away as brakes clearly on. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  12. D


    Hi Folks Just picked up my C220 CDI manual However i feel there is a problem with the handbrake release To engage it i pull out the level and press the footbrake and to release it i was told to pull the release level after finding the bite and then take off But each time i pull the...
  13. GRAV888

    Rear Pads / Handbrake Shoes.

    Had a clear out in the shed last week and found some pads / shoes for my C class that never got fitted. They are brand new, in the box. Part number PAD 967 : Fits C-class (202) 06.93 - 05.00 E-class coupe, CE-class coupe with solid discs. Part number SHU 363 : Fits 190 (83 - 92 handbrake)...
  14. P

    Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi, Anyone help with how to adjust the handbrake / cables on a W210 saloon? Thanks, Phil
  15. M

    SLK with Alpine AV system handbrake wire needed

    Hi, I have installed the Alpine D300 AV system with an ipod interface in my SLK (1999). All went very well apart from the fact that I can't find the handbrake cable to splice into, to enable DVD playback whilst stationary. Can somebody please tell me where I might find this and how to...
  16. marc777

    Can I do a handbrake turn?

    My 8 year old son wants to know whether I can handbrake turn my E class using the foot pedal. Secretly I was asking myself the same question. Anyone tried it? ! :D Marc
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