1. M

    handbrake fail w208 ?

    Went to put foot on hand brake , and its gone right to the floor . i can hear "something" moving under rear seats, when i push the pedal down . Any idea what could have happened?. could something have "gone" inside the hand brake shoes at the rear ?
  2. M

    w208 handbrake problem

    Hi guys, I put my foot on handbrakeast night and its gone right to the floor and no handbrake. Where do I start to look I can hear something that is making a noise beside rear seats, cs. The I check anything form inside the car?
  3. C

    C124 - handbrake shoes?

    Mine need changing? Any ideas on parts required etc? Ease of change over..points to consider? I believe the problem was caused by my brother driving a few miles with the hand brakes on...so i imagine they need replacing? Thanks gents.
  4. T

    handbrake light

    Hello All, Anyone experienced the handbrake light coming on with a buzzer and gearbox stuck in gear? cheers Trevor
  5. J

    w126 handbrake handle - wanted

    Hi I need a good condition handbrake handle for my 1986 500SEL. Mine has cracks in it, I'd like one that is intact. Please PM if you have one to sell! Many thanks John
  6. C

    Handbrake adjustment clk 230 komp 230

    Having problems adjusting the handbrake on my car. Adjusts fine but seems to be binding and overheating yet free when the car has cooled down. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. C

    Clk 230 komp handbrake

    Hi all I'm a newbie so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong place lol. How do I adjust up my handbrake on my clk 230 comp 1998 ? It's only holding right at the bottom of travel and am worried it will fail the Mot that is due soon, also it's an automatic.
  8. MPG

    W126 handbrake warning light

    Looking for a bit of help with this one. My handbrake warning light has decided it wants to stay on - it was always a bit sticky in the past and you'd often have to put the handbrake on and off a couple of times to get the light to go off. I know the fluid level is fine & the pads are good...
  9. T

    R107 Is there some trim missing by my handbrake?

    Looks a bit shabby to me... Is this something I can buy and make it look better?
  10. petecb

    clunk from E brake

    last few days my E brake foot pedal has been very stiff and only clicked down 2 notches - untill yesterday that is , went to put it on and felt something give , i'm guessing a cable or something :dk:. the E brake still works on one side but not the other . does anyone have a diagram of how the...
  11. paulofkent

    Handbrake light not working

    Could someone shed some light on this matter: When i turn the ignition on the handbrake light is on then goes out as per test but if i apply the handbrake the red handbrake light does not illuminate. I have taken the dials out had a look a the connector on the back of the release but everything...
  12. T

    E270 w211 peddle handbrake prob

    My peddle handbreak doesn't always release. Mechanically it seems to release but the dash message indicates is still on. I have to pull the release break 2/3 times again for the message to go out. Do you think is a censor problem? Just hope it doesn't pop up on the MOT.
  13. cellarmerc

    w210 handbrake er footbrake not making clicking sound and pushing down smoothly

    Hi, pushed the footbrake lever to find it just depressed smoothly without the usual clicking nothces, what has happened , do I need to get it looked at urgently ? thks Tony
  14. P

    Electronic handbrake

    Are there any known issues with the electronic parking/handbrake (2001 CL55 AMG), mine doesn't seem to work at all when pulled, even after several attempts! (it's only recently had a new MOT, I don't generally use the handbrake, so I haven't noticed this until today). Although, it has a couple...
  15. D

    CL 55, Handbrake Not Working

    The offside rear handbrake does not work the same as near side. It was getting hardly any reading at the M.O.T centre. I have looked at the caliper removed the pads & the pistons are working fine but when you move at slow speed & just push the handbrake pedal you can feel it just pulling up...
  16. 230K

    Warning!! Please use handbrake in snow/ice

    Hi This is a bit of advice to all of us that very seldom use anything other than Park when we leave our cars. Park really only locks one rear wheel (because of the differential) and this can cause problems in ice. I know i could be stating what is obvious to some people but many will not...
  17. A


    Hi, Once the handbrake is applied (via the small foot pedal), does it automatically release when you re-enter the car or do you still need to pull the release handle. Reason why I ask is that each time I start a new journey the brake seems to have released already without me having to pull...
  18. Spinal

    Hand-brake warning light

    On the W202, since a few weeks, I've been having the handbrake warning light randomly come on while driving, blinking a bit, then going off. My first thought was "hand-brake is worn" so yesterday I replaced the shoes (and rear disks/pads while I was at it). It still came one once or twice...
  19. MPG

    W126 Handbrake light

    On my W126 the handbrake works just fine (being a RHD car it has that strange rubber umbrella type contraption rather than the pedal the LHD markets were given). However, from time to time the light stays on when the handbrake is released & you have to operate the handle four of five times...
  20. R

    Vito 109 parking brake adjustment

    I have been trying to find out how the heck I can adjust the parking brake on my Vito 109. I have had the rear wheels and disks off, looked under the pedal and just cant find out how. Does any of our esteemed crowd have a notion? Thanks Reggie
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