1. D

    W124 300d headgasket / overheating

    About a year ago, I sold a very tidy 1990 W124 300d estate to a friend, who looked after it lovingly, driving it and improving it, until a week or so ago the aux drive belt snapped. This resulted in an extremely hot engine and a blown head gasket. In a fit of emotion I have agreed to but it...
  2. T

    Vito w638 strange smoking but doesn't act like a headgasket

    I have a weird one for you guys My vitos interior heater randomly went cold ??? Stuck my foot down and it went hot again and thought no more about it .later the water level light came on so chucked a little in her and all was fine . Until today it started smoking white smoke on tickover...
  3. A

    V220 cdi wont start after headgasket replacement

    Hi all, 1st post after lurking for a while and pinching loads of useful info. Just recently completed changing the head gasket on a v220 (don`t ask if i`d do it again), every thing went kinda ok, injector bolts sheared, heater plugs sheared (they needed doing and it seemed a good time), chain...
  4. S

    possible headgasket failure w211 e320 cdi 56 plate

    Hi there guys, i wonder if anyone can advise, i have a 56 plate e320 cdi with 115k on clock, i am noticing a sweet smell from outside the car under acceleration, and the odd bit of white smoke when putting foot down, i am suspecting headgasket failure, however, the car is not overheating, the...
  5. derekpayne

    Headgasket done now new problem

    I have completed a headgasket replacement job on my C180 (W203), and it starts and runs, but, I have little control over the throttle, feels like a "flat spot" sometimes when I try and rev it up, it starts "hunting" sometimes and I have no control of throttle at all when that happens, if I...
  6. G

    Slow Headgasket leak on '99 c230...big problem?

    There's been a very slow headgasket leak on my '99 C230k for a few years now. It's never given me any trouble besides me having to top off the coolant tank every 6-7 months or so. 2 mechanics have diagnosed it but each have different views on what to do. One of them said that it's not a huge...
  7. MarkF

    Headgasket cost

    Anybody how much a headgasket job on the ML would be at a indi. I have sludge in the expansion tank, but not in oil and the car drives fine. Recently had the inlet mainfold replaced at the indi so not looking for another big bill just yet. Could it be anything other than headgasket. as it...
  8. H

    C36 non starter - Failed headgasket ???

    Ok, I've let my heart rule my head and gone a bought a non starter of a C36 :crazy:. Two obvious problems : 1. Engine will not turn at all, you can hear the starter click then the dash lights go dim , sign that the battery is being drained. I suspect it's due to either a duff starter or...
  9. w124amg

    320e 24 v suspected headgasket

    Iam i right in thinking that the 24 version is said to be not as reliable as the 12 v , my w124 has been stood for at least 2 months , I put a new tyre on it today looked at the front pads saw the size of the calipers and hastily put the wheel back on ! . Anyway it started on 4 then got...
  10. A

    Headgasket types E300TD

    Hi!! I've got an E300TD 98 year 606 engine. I got the head gasket replaced and ever since then its normal operating temperature has gone to 90-95 instead of 80 .... I was wondering if different head gasket types are available, with different thicknesses, in this engine.. like in many other...
  11. janner

    M104 headgasket types

    I'm trying to lower the compression on my E320, M104 engine prior to turbo charging. Does anyone know the part numbers for different thickness headgaskets? As I understand it thicker ones were used for some markets that had crappy fuel. A thicker gasket would be ideal for turboing. It's a...
  12. PeterG

    How much for headgasket

    Can anyone give me an approximate cost to replace a head gasket to include skimming the head on a 6cylinder 24v 3L SL with a cam chain. A rough guestimate would suffice. The cost of the gasket set is £50 a fraction of the labour bill I am expecting. Thanks Pete
  13. scotth_uk

    Headgasket - cost?

    Anyone had a headgasket replaced recently? Just interested in the pricing including the labour.
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