1. C

    airmatic ride height cls55

    Hello All, im in the process of going through the cls55 thoroughly to try and get it to drive straight. Even though its had all the arms replaced, track rods and a 4 wheel alignment, it still pulls to the left, badly. I noticed the other day, there seems to be a disparity in the ride...
  2. I

    adjustable steering wheel height.

    Should the steering wheel have adjustment to get it closer and nearer (away from instrument cluster or further away) on the A180 (w169) the leaver under steering will move but if I pull/ push on steering wheel its absolutely solid.
  3. M

    cls airmatic height sensor

    My icarsoft MB2 tells me the height sensor on drivers side is faulty ..its as high on that side as a monster truck.... My question...When the new sensor is fitted do i have to have a star reset or is the unit plug and play ,,Thanks
  4. J

    W204 coupe seat belt height

    I have a UK spec 2014 coupe. How on earth do I adjust the seat belt height? There does not appear to be any adjustment sliders.
  5. T

    CLS W219 320d ride height help.

    So, last week I snapped a front spring on the motorway, no damage apart from a tyre and replacement of both front springs. Now, my car has always sat slightly nose down, the gap between tyre and arch front/back was always equel. I've now had 2 new front springs fitted at a MB specialist...
  6. garno

    W221 S500 Airmatic Rear Suspension Height

    Afternoon chaps, Just measuring my clearance pre installation of my lowering links and the passenger side rear clearance (UK Right hand drive) is 50mm!!! higher than the drivers side. Lifted car on airmatic and then lowered. Driven car to settle suspension but still the same. WTF!!! No fault...
  7. B

    Vito Lowering and the Viano Grand Edition ride height?

    Hi guys, new on here and new to Vito ownership, I have a 2011 facelift 110 LWB. I'm currently looking at lowering the van on new wheels and need some advice. Ive been offered a set of the same wheels that come on the Viano Grand edition and think they look fantastic, the Viano Grand...
  8. Mr Fixit

    C55 stock ride height

    I have a C55 and it seems to be riding lower than standard but the springs etc are standard so i'm wondering if the springs have been cut down as a stupid way of lowering the car!:eek: Does anybody know what the stock ride height is for a C55, Ideally with a point of reference say from the...
  9. Kevlaar

    W211 Suspension query / Odd ride height

    Hi guys, A bit of confusion that I'd like cleared up if possible, I'm wondering if all W211 spring suspension have the notches on the struts/shocks that allow for repositioning the spring seating height as seen in the picture below (3a), if not, was it only sport suspension? The car I've...
  10. F

    A207, C207 Xenon height sensor

    Does anyone know part number for this sensor? MB got them front, back ?
  11. R

    Restoring “Factory Original” Ride Height

    Hello All, My car is a 1991 300CE-24 Sportline. It is an original Sportline supplied by MB. Some years ago, we fitted a Bilstein B12 kit (springs and dampers). We did this because the old dampers were a little tired. It’s been fine although harsher that the Sportline setup. The only down side...
  12. D

    Random question - C63 Door height?

    Random question I know but could someone tell me the height from the floor to the part of the door which touches the wall when it's opened? I hope this makes sense. I'm picking up my C63 on Thursday so have been clearing out the garage, I now want to line the walls so when I open the door, the...
  13. A

    W211 E55 AMG - Car height is all over the place

    So i fitted the new Arnott rear bags on my W211 E55 AMG this weekend as they were both leaking at the chamber pretty badly. One side was so bad it was sitting on the wheel when i get back to it every few hours. They were also quite rotten and battered. They looked like a broken accordion when i...
  14. M

    SL350 ride height adjustment

    I can't find anything through the search function :dk: but was hoping somebody more knowledgeable than me would know if it is possible to adjust the ride height without replacing parts. Car is a 2004 SL350 on standard springs. Thanks in advance :)
  15. P

    W168 ride height...

    Folks I have a 99 A140 elegance which sits too high on the front. The arch gap is way bigger than on brochure pictures of the elegance models...What could the issue be? Did they have different ride height springs for w168's?
  16. D

    CLK W208 Seat Height Adjuster - Fallen Off!

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can help? You know the knurled plastic knob which fits on the right hand side of the seat to be able to adjust seat height? Mine has fallen off, so my seat is permanently in the "down low" position. Usually you can adjust it to support more behind the knees...
  17. F

    Air suspension not lifting to right height on one side

    Hi I have a 2003 w211 e320 cdi with full airmatic, ive noticed over last few weeks my nsr hasnt been lifting fully. After doing some measurements today i have noticed that it sits some 20mm lower than other side in any setting (sports 1 sports 2 and comfort). Has this side just lost its...

    W210 seat height always different

    I've put my seat in my W210 up to its highest point via the little handle at the side of the seat, every other time I get into my car I have to pump the seat back up again, it's weird because it not like an airbag I'm pumping up, it seems it's an actual mechanical lift, what's going on? It's...
  19. JOHNO978

    Ride height

    Hello again chaps, I was wondering if anyone could give me the measurements from the wheel hub centres to the wheel arches both front and rear on a 96 c280 w202 (elegance), the reason I ask is the front is higher than the rear ...what I have is...front 400mm....rear 340mm.Im changing the ball...
  20. V

    W215 Ride Height Adjustment

    Hi I recently got a pre-facelift W215 and it has uneven ride height. Plugged in Star and adjusted the ride height within 15mm all corners. However when setting the calibration, it says values are not within range. Front values range is 2.4 to 3.1 Rear values range is -3.3 to -2.9...
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