1. S

    ICE options for a face-lilft (A209?) 320 CLK Cabriolet

    Hi there, I've done a bit of searching but there never seems to be all the information I'm looking for. I've just bought a car (not yet delivered) which has an Audio 10 CD system with a 6 CD changer in the glove compartment. Does this mean I'll have avoided a MOST system? What kind of options...
  2. Frostytel

    command rip-out ?

    Hi all I'm looking to rip out my command system and replace with something like a Pioneer Avic unit. before I start ripping the car to pieces I was wondering if there is an amp in all versions or only in the higher end units . Mines not a Bose or HK system as far as I can tell. When I had the...
  3. Sky Bear

    ICE not coming online

    I am hopeful that the knowledge of the members here will help to solve a problem I have with the ICE in my 07 W221. Very occasionally when you start the car you will discover that you have the sat nav but all radio and cd/telephone functions are absent. If you turn the car off, lock it and...
  4. M


    I want to upgrade from my Audio 10 to a double din sat nav. How can I tell if I have a BOSE system or not which I presume is the fiber optic system?
  5. D

    E Class Coupe ICE

    New to this and new to the marque. I have bought an E Class 250 CDi Coupe - 2010 which I love. The dealer was non-franchise and whilst pretty knowledgable about most things on the car he struggled with the ICE. As far as I can make out I only have FM / AM / longwave with no CD player. When I...
  6. bob6600

    Big Truck + Black Ice = Oh Dear

  7. S

    No ice scraping equipment!!

    First year of MB ownership and first winter. Just realised yesterday I've got no winter cleaning equipment, as I threw it all out on my previous car - Mondeo (ahem, cough splutter).. So, what essential winter equipment does everyone have in the car? All I can think of is ice scraper and...
  8. omega1

    Installing tablet as ICE

    Hi all, I'm back after the reluctant sale of my previous MB to take a company car a few years ago, but I'm just about to take posession of my new (used) MB as I hand back my company car... The vehicle I am buying is as per the image, does anyone know what model this is (not the model of the...
  9. S

    Would like to replace Audio 20 ICE

    This is my first post so please be gentle. I bought my first Mercedes this week (W169) A160 and it comes with the Audio 20 stereo, but I was wondering has anyone bought and fitted an audio 50 into an A Class or a different name such as the below model. I would like inbuilt GPS and ideally...
  10. R

    R107 ice upgrade advice please

    Hi Guys, I have just got myself an R107 and am looking for a simple, easily removable upgrade. The car is v low mileage and a stunning example, It is therefore imperitive to me that the upgrade involves no cutting/modifying to panels etc. Ie just straight swap and plug and play. I was...
  11. E

    Youngest ice bucket challenge (LOL)

  12. kianok

    Clarkson - Ice bucket challenge (WARNING)

    BAD LANGUAGE Jeremy Clarkson ice bucket challenge -
  13. U

    CL500 W215 ICE Upgrade

    I have just bought my first CL500 and have fixed many of the niggly faults it had but am having trouble with what I believe is the music amplifier? I only have sound coming from the right hand side of the car and sometimes on start and high volume up the sound is muffled as if the amp is...
  14. sgh

    Can anyone recommend a good ICE specialist in Kent

    Thinking of having my Audio 20 unit replaced with something like the Alpine INE-W920R Can anyone recommend a good specialist in Kent. Around the Medway/Maidstone area would be even better.
  15. JethroUK

    Can I get a firmware upgrade for my ICE?

    I have a c220 2010 I have my android nexus 4 hooked up by bluetooth but phone only (no audio) Ive pretty wel established that it doesn't work but im now wondering Can I get a firmware upgrade for my ICE?
  16. J

    After Market ICE

    I have an after market car stereo that I would like to fit to a c220 w203 if fitted will the steering wheel volume control still work or will I need an adapter? Thank you
  17. Jim G

    Weistec Ice Tank Installation @ MSL

    Just another quick thanks to the team at MSL, for yet another grand job on my Merc :thumb: After the Dyno runs of last week we noticed that although the first runs IAT was normal at low 40's they peaked up to high 70's and didn't fall back below 50 degrees C, second run started at around 52...
  18. W

    ICE Replacement

    W210 (2002 E Class) with MB hopeless Audio 10 system fitted. It's a single DIN unit and I want to upgrade it to something modern to incorporate Bluetooth streaming, will play MP3 files via CD slot and ideally will have DAB capability. Any recommendations for something that is not too bling and...
  19. ACID

    Rear Ice Tank

    The use of this water tank upgrade will allow extended heat dissipation in all climates, and will also allow the user to apply ice to the intercooler system if needed to further chill the air charge temperature as it enters the intake path. The tank also contains a large capacity ball valve...
  20. W

    Ice driving with amg

    Ice driving with AMG - PistonHeads
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