1. 2

    Vanilla ice

    Vanillaroma and black ice magic tree - does anyone else double up and enjoy the best of both smells in their car? I've been doing this for years and always go back to it if I ever try anything else, and anyone who's been in my cars love the scent. Just wondered if it's just me or if any of you...
  2. O

    1994 W124 e280 Estate Replacement ICE unit?

    Hi All, I have the original OEM Blaukpunkt cassette system in the car and would like to replace it with something more modern. With regards to fitting, are most makes out there a suitable fit as a direct replacement to the original unit? Any recommendations of suitable units welcomed. Any...
  3. P

    Stuck CD

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a 2004 C180 avantgarde (W203 I think) but i never checked the CD player :doh: I have now found that there is two or more CD's in there. I have managed to get one out with a tweezers but i can't seem to get a grip on the other one. I have seen tutorials on how to...
  4. jukie

    Nice looking W124 coupe

    Mercedes E320 W124 Coupe 5 Speed Twin Cam Variable Valve Timing | eBay Bit late in the day to post but seller states loom & head gasket have been sorted. I've never understood though why so many of the W124s had the "two tone" body work, something I've always disliked.
  5. clashcityrocker

    what to upgrade my ice to ?

    just bought a 2004 c 180 avantgarde se it has the basic sound system ie cd radio was want to upgrade to something like a kenwood double din what would be best and does it need a new facia to fit
  6. grober

    Ice age giants

    Beeb 2 giant carnivores and Alice Roberts :bannana::bannana: :bannana: Sunday 19th May BBC at 8 o'clock this Sunday BBC Two - Ice Age Giants, Land of the Sabre-tooth, Predator by design
  7. st13phil


    My route to work includes around 10 miles of a wonderful B-road that rises and falls as it twists it's way through the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside. It's one of those roads that really exercises your driving skills and can be hugely rewarding to drive. It's also a road that...
  8. omegav6i

    W202 ICE warning lights

    Just had a amplifier and sub fitted in my 43 and now my esp and abs lights are on? would unpluging the battery set any warnings off?
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris On Cars: Ice Driving in 911 Rally Car

    c2zGYu-l7t0 Ice Driving in 911 Rally Cars - CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  10. J

    one ICE solution for everything?

    Hi guys, am new to the forum and have just picked up a 2003 CLK55. It has a very basic cassette tape system in the centre dash, and just to the side of it, is an old nokia cradle. I have a few questions and was hoping someone could help. I'm looking for a solution which achieves the...
  11. chubbs111

    auto elec or ice expert needed

    sorry its not a merc my saab 2007 9-3 vector estate the front speakers were making a noise even with radio and ignition off,the noise stopped but now when i start car and put radio or cd on there is a hight pitch squeal that gets louder and louder for about 1 minute then the noise...

    **ICE set up for G Wagon SWB**

    Hi all, Looking for advice on easiest/most effective ice set up for a SWB G Wagon. Looking for ideas on best places to install a 12" sub. The car already has a pair of 6x9's just below the rear passenger windows. Thanks!
  13. 230K

    Some nice S124 Ice Driving Photos

    Hi Some might enjoy these ice driving pics of a 124 estate in this months Classic magazine. Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazin - Galerie There are some lovely ones that would be good enlarged and framed. 230K
  14. J

    W124 Cabriolet ICE advice please?

    Just put a deposit on a W124 Cab and while I am waiting for it to be prepared I have been researching my ICE options, don't seem to be too many. :) It seems that although expensive, the Rainbow direct replacements are the way to go on the dashtop speakers. Has anyone any experience with any...
  15. deemi786

    I.c.e for c250 coupe

    Am picking up my new, C250 coupe in a few days and silly me, I didn't choose the HK sound system. I only have the Becker unit and standard sound system, having said that, are there any aftermarket kits or recommended head units etc that will go well with the coupe?
  16. S

    vito 638 ice question???

    hey all im new on here my names darren i have a vito 638 ive just stuck a vibe opti auto 8 in the very rear of my vito on the drivers side pannel...... question is how on earth do i routhe the power cable and signal to the head unit any tips will be much apreciated?
  17. W


    No, not in-car-entertainment, but the frozen water variety. I had some of that this morning. Orange symbol appeared on the dash. I was almost compelled to rush back in to the garage at fit my winter tyres! In the same breath, I'm half wondering whether to have a BBQ this week-end. You've got to...
  18. N

    ML420 CDI 2008 - ICE and Phone questions

    Hello, I am looking to purchase the above car and would like help with ipod and phone connectivity. The car has command with DVD sat nav, and phone pre wire [there is a connector in the centre arm rest] I think that blu-tooth connectivity for the phone would be my best option, as my partner...
  19. sinewave

    ICE gIzzE!!

    Been a bit tied up of late but have finally got round to organising an ICE upgrade. I'm looking at having an Alpine MRX-V60 installed like Isojet did in a recent thread. I'm also considering having a Sub fitted as well as despite being in my Forties I still like my Dance music when driving...
  20. M

    Vito ICE, what to do?

    Hey, I have a Vito and need to upgrade the speakers and head unit, what's good to get and where to put it as space in the doors is limited...
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