1. Bereavement

    W164 ICE, iPod & Blue tooth

    Hi, I have just taken had taken out of my 2005 W164 the Audio 20 stereo, iPod adapter and Bluetooth adapter.... Would they be of interest on here before they go on eBay? Audio20 MF2510 inc owners manual genuine Ipod adapter B6 782 42 52 inc owner manual genuine Blue tooth B6 787 58 77...
  2. S

    ICE in 2013 w204

    In my C class I have the Audio 20 (non COMAND) entertainment system with Becker GPS, can I modernise and upgrade to an Android system (with GPS, DAB etc)? Struggling to locate, can for the older 2007-11 car, maybe its because in my newer model the Ent. system is split in two sections, upper...
  3. T

    ICE in C350e

    I'm interested in the C350e and like a nice stereo, but one thing I'm keen to avoid is the higher rate of VED. The Burmester upgrade sounds like it could be rather wonderful, but takes it over the magic £40k level, and for half that kind of money (and I don't particularly want the other bits...
  4. T

    Third party ICE in Mercedes

    I'm interested in the C350e and like a nice stereo, but one thing I'm keen to avoid is the higher rate of VED. The Burmester upgrade sounds like it could be rather wonderful, but takes it over the magic £40k level, and for half that kind of money (and I don't particularly want the other bits...
  5. H

    W211 ICE, music/phone connectivity

    Hi All Hope everyone is well. Just a quick Q, was thinking about the ICE in the car, and I was really anting to be able to connect devices, either hardwired via USB or Bluetooth, not overly bothered. I know that there are upgraded Bluetooth versions of the centre console phones which...
  6. gr1nch

    Is this Lincolnshire Ice Cream Van the world's smallest?

    Spotted yesterday in Louth. The owner told me over a coffee ice cream cone (and flake naturally!) that he was originally looking for a Mini flat bed / pick up van for fishing. This was the only one he could find and he got it to modify. Trouble was his wife took a shine to it, meaning they kept...
  7. R

    W220 d2b bus ice upgrade opinions

    I have been unable to find a noob section and can't see any way of searching posts. If I'm doubling up or posting when/where I shouldn't, then apologies. I have a 2002 w220 s class with command 2.5. My boot changer is dodgy, so am looking to update head unit. What do people think is best...
  8. KoFidee

    W447 Vito ICE Upgrades door speakers

    Ok looking to install Component Focal speakers to the doors 130cm (tweeter in dash) Anyone know what depth there is behind factory installed speakers? I assume I will need MDF rings also gonna get them fitted when van goes in to get interior door handle sticking issue resolved ,so not wanting...
  9. D

    mercedes 500 sl w107 hardtop ice blue lady owner private plate air con leather 2+2

    KVG 545 kavanagh SAS SOS n mercedes w107 500 sl 102k fsh 2+2 n aircon no plate | eBay
  10. Rob77

    Genuine Mercedes Benz Ice Scraper

    From Mercedes Bridgend. More than one is an extra £0.50 on the postage: Genuine Mercedes Benz Ice Scraper | eBay
  11. B

    4 x 225 55 r16 wintertyres. Avon Ice Touring ST. 99xl

    Ideal for W/S211. 6mm all round, no repairs or damage. Only used one season. £140 the lot. A no brainer at this price, , save the wear on your summer tyres, enjoy better tyre performance at under 7degrees c, and if the ice/ snow arrives, they'll keep you mobile, and may just save your...
  12. W

    Need I.C.E help , c200 (cl203-2002)

    Hello I have a a sports coupe 2002 new for to elderly gentlemen. So it's is completely standard with the audio10 "tape player and 6 cd changer" (Yes tapes no laughing lol) but the cd was almost never used so now it's jamming almost every time I try to play a disk is there a diy fix? . What...
  13. S

    W221 I.C.E help needed.

    I have purchased a 2007 S320 CDI, with Command......but I would like to add an interface, to use AUX (which I do not currently have the option of). There is no connector in the glove box. AUX I believe will allow: video in motion, DAB, DVD, Reversing Cam, DVB-T etc....which I have in my W220...
  14. B

    4 x Avon Touring Ice ST 225 55 r16 99h

    Winter tyres ideal for W/S211, I used them last year only (3 months use), bought new in March (drove down to Alps skiing). No longer needed, no punctures, repairs, or sidewall damage. £260 ono, collected from South Oxfordshire, or you pay courier charge.
  15. ALB1

    W163 Ice Cream Van Horn

    Not a verry interesting post Can anyone tell me why they put a girly meepmeep horn on a big vehicle like th ML also any ideas on what horn to replace them with? looking for a deep manly horn for the ML
  16. B

    4 x 16 inch Avon Touring Ice tyres £240

    New in March, done 3,000 miles only, excellent condition and very well reviewed tyres. 225 55 16, were fitted to my W211. £240 for the four (two thirds of the new price, I feel is extremely reasonable, considering then are probably less than 10% used). Tyres are in Cholsey, OX10.
  17. ACID

    C63 AMG Ice Tank Installation

    C63 AMG in with us @ MSL Performance for an installation of Weistec Engineering Ice Tank!
  18. E

    Retrofit ICE Radio Sat Nav

    Thinking about retrofitting radio satnav purchased from ebay (Preston i.c.e.) Item #181959878809 Are they plug and play or do they require coding to the vehicle. 2012 Vito 113 Is this an easy diy fit or something for a pro. Any advice appreciated.
  19. S

    ICE Aftermarket C200 W203 2001

    Hi Can someone tell me if it is possible to purchase an aftermarket stereo for a Mercedes C200 W203 2001 and still have the possability to use the steering wheel controls for the volume and change radio channel/next track on a CD. If so does anyone now where to purchase the connector...
  20. carnut

    Ice Hotel

    Every year I try to go somewhere nice and preferably warm for my birthday in Feb Due to many warm places being rather to hot politically I'm thinking of going to an ice hotel next time even if its not that warm....quite the opposite. Any members on here with any experience of these places...
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