1. Uncle Fester

    C220 ICE upgrade?

    Evening all, I was wondering if there is a simple and not too expensive way to upgrade the factory CD/radio to accept iphone or usb memory stick? Also I have the Nokia phone cradle fitted (from new as a reps car I guess) and I wondered if there is a way to utilise/adapt this cradle for an...
  2. s88

    Driving in ice?

    Hope this link works, took me an age to find the new thread button. This off aol this morning. Video: Don't hitchhike on icy roads, kids - Autoblog UK
  3. J

    Black Ice

    First rear wheel drive car for me, heading to work this morning - get to round about just before the motorway .. less than 20mph, That feels strange! whoa, its the back of my car trying to overtake me... turned into it and corrected - got my pulse raised :D - not a fast let go .. but my first...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Android 4.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) out now for Nexus S owners

    I think there are a couple of fellow Nexus S owners on here? The latest version of Android 4.3 (Code named Ice Cream Sandwich) is now out for Nexus S owners - previously the latest version for it was 2.3.6 This latest version is what is shipped with the new Nexus Galaxy. Link &...
  5. X

    Blue Ice CD changer repairs

    After 2 years of problems I eventually got round to sorting out the 6cd changer in my clk. Sent it off to Blue-ice and it has been returned working as good as new. All Repairs Guaranteed For 4 Months as well. I went through his ebay site. Very pleased with result and communication from...
  6. E

    which ice scraper

    As you've all probably heard we are in for a cold & snowy winter, looking to get a decent scraper, not to bulky and week. any recommendations?.
  7. A

    8pm C5 or Channel 171 in HD Ice Road Truckers : Deadliest Roads

    Hello Watched this last week and thought it was great On now 8pm
  8. holbay

    Ice road trucker he is not..

    didrik testar isen på råne träsket 09-10-22 - YouTube George.
  9. M

    ICE - CD Player

    I currently have a MB10 radios CASSETTE.....i know how retro! Question is, if i wished to swap it for something that has a CD slot or god forbid even a facility to plug in a USB stick What would be my options The vehicle is a W163 (ML320) on a 52 plate Thanks in advance
  10. M

    2000 MY SL320 ICE Install

    Have recently replaced the standard paper units in the Sl with Hertz ESK 163 L's. the head unit is an Alpine 9853. 1st Install wasnt great, I lost the guys details I wanted to use originally (Sound Secure) and let another company do the job. (Sound Evo) Big Mistake. It sounded...
  11. J

    Couple of Questions Regarding ICE on W202.

    I've just purchased a 86k W202 C200 Classic Auto Facelift in Azzurite Blue, for a song. Although it needs some work I'm happy with my purchase. So Standard sound system... 8 Speakers? All paper cones, sound rather loud, yet distorted. I was wondering if you could answer me a few questions...
  12. A

    Ice Cream Sandwich e.g. Maxibon or Klondike etc - where to buy?

    Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know where in the UK (ideally in the London area), you can get these Ice Cream Sandwich bars? For anyone that hasn't come across them: Maxibon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Klondike bars, 100 calorie ice cream sandwiches and bars, no sugar added...
  13. F

    ICE / Car Audio specialists in the North West

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend an ICE specialist in the North West. I'm looking to replace my Audio-20 with an aftermarket unit, probably Pioneer, but retain as much steering wheel functionality as possible. Cheers, Jeff
  14. Godot

    Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record 2011 (205 mph)

  15. M

    ice for anyone with a w208 clk

    i just got the pioneer 3200bt double din fitted to my 1999 clk i am sure you will agree the install looks very neat and illumination is perfect orange ;)
  16. Spinal

    eBay All In One ICE Units (single DIN)

    I'm looking at a new radio... eBay has a plethora of single-DIN, motorized all in one units with a touchscreen. To give you a rough idea, 7-inch flip-out motorised touch-screen, GPS, DVD/CD player, some have USB, memory card, built-in memory (to save/rip your CDs to so you don't need a CD...
  17. crockers

    Frazzle Ice

    This is a great natural phenomenon. YouTube - Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 9 - Frazil Ice
  18. abecketts

    Ice inside the windscreen

    Came out to the car this morning to find that the windscreen was iced up on both sides, defrosting the interior was fun. Do I guess correctly that the window seals must have gone letting in moisture that can then condense and freeze? Would a window out job to reseal would be the answer? Thanks
  19. S

    Black ice, some opposite lock, ESP and the shed lives on

    On may way to work (about 8:40) I believe I made an error of judgement. On the A82 the speed limit drops to 50mph as it enters Clydebank. I had dropped to that limit, but not below it. I may well have been travelling too fast for the conditions I was about to encounter. There had been snow...
  20. LastMinute

    Getting moving on snow and ice

    Instead of winter tyres, try skids and rockets: :rock: Photo: Charles Kaminski / National Science Foundation / U.S. Antarctic Program Photo Library
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