1. brucemillar

    Toll Crossings -The impact on ?

    Folks A great thread on the 'new' Forth Road Bridge crossing in Scotland, and a comment by DRUK about the fact no crossing in Scotland is charged, got me thinking. I am regular business & social user of the QE2 - Dartford Crossing in Kent. I have been for many years and for many years have...
  2. bob6600

    1/2" Impact Wrench Recommendations

    Have been looking for decent but not too expensive impact wrench. I do like the Snap On CTU-6850 but a bit rich for me new, just missed one on ebay but new seller with no feedback so probably a good thing. Anyone have one for sale or recommend a decent cordless one?
  3. shirleydrive

    E320 front bumper impact strip

    The Impact strip on my E320 (pre-facelift) was scuffed/cracked on both corners so decided to replace. Found ECP had a suitable replacement for around £26 (£20 after using MBCLUB25 discount code) and free delivery. The part duly arrived and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this...
  4. E

    WTB - R230 front bumper impact strips

    Hi All, looking for the above, the left & right front impact strips with the parktronic holes. Anyone have them? Thanks!
  5. E

    R230 front bumper impact strips

    Hi All, does anyone have a pair (left & right) of 2001-05 impact strips with parktronic holes? or would if anyone could recommend a good wrecker to search/contact I'd be very grateful! Thank you in advance!
  6. P

    Rear bumper absorbsion Impact Strip W124: Help

    Can any one confirm the following for me please. A number of people have told me that the insert on the rear bumpers of the W124 Estate (1995 in this case) are the same as the saloon and are interchangable. I can't see this as correct as I have offered a new item that I purchased up to the...
  7. J

    40 mph impact damage

    Hello! For the first time ever, I managed to hit a kerb at 40mph today - overlooked the fact that there was a curve in the road! Didn't mount the kerb just scraped along and bounced back. The alloy is scraped on the rim all the way round (where it meets the tyre) and there's a bit of...
  8. developer

    The impact of the unrest on Mercedes Benz Birmingham

    I originally posted this is the "what's wrong with this picture" thread but not everyone reads that so here it is again: Here's a shot inside the showroom of MB Central Birmingham around 1.00pm today - look, no cars :eek:. Due to the unrest, every car inside and out of both the MB...
  9. Godot

    Measuring the Impact of Instant MPG Info

    Measuring the Impact of Instant MPG Info | Autopia |
  10. Godot

    NEXT POST Measuring the Impact of Instant MPG Info

    Measuring the Impact of Instant MPG Info | Autopia |
  11. Sp!ke

    Impact on MPG whether in W or S mode

    This week I thought I'd try driving in W mode for the week to see what impact there would be on fuel consumption. Has anyone else tried this or have an opinion on what the results will be?
  12. D

    SLK higher mileage - what impact?

    Hi everybody, I have a 2001 SLK230 which I bought in 2006. So far I have done approx. 8K miles per year, having it alternately A/B serviced on an annual basis with the necessary extras (brake fluid etc.) carried out when required. The car is in very good nick generally. I'm starting a...
  13. portzy

    Impact wrenches

    Hi all. I'm thinking of investing in one of these sets or maybe just the two tools separately, the thing is I have no experience of impact wrenches other than what I have read spec wise. I know that 10.8 volt is a little lightweight but the kit would only be for small scale DIY / non ferrous...
  14. Q

    W124 estate with side impact crash damage

    I have my eye on another nice W124 estate that has had side impact crash damaged repaired, the seller has been upfront about it and says that it needed 2 new doors and to be pulled back into shape on one of those jig thingys. Is this something that I should just walk away from or if repaired...
  15. A

    impact bar (metal bar behind rear bumper)

    Hi guys,I am looking for rear impact bar for my 2002 C-class,saloon.I found one on ebay ,but is from estate do you have any idea if this going to fit boht,thanks
  16. vijilants

    Has anybody here ever used one of these 12v impact wrenches ?

    Has anyone here purchased and used one of these 12v impact wrenches and are they worth it ? Seems like a good gadget but then, how often would you use it ?
  17. S

    FMBSH or specialist? What impact on MB value?

    With a 7 year old S500 (99T) due for a service, would you advise main dealer of specialist? Main dealer is needless to say expensive and service will be poor. Specialist will be better all round, but I'd lose the "FMBSH" from the ad should I decide to sell it this year... With a fully specced...
  18. Dieter

    ML-Class aces NHTSA impact tests

    Hi all, The NHTSA has awarded the ML-Class five stars in both front and side impact tests for both the front and rear passengers :D . also links to crash test videos :eek: . Cheers,
  19. KLP 92

    Rear end impact on the Brabus

    Well just 3 days after i secured a deposit for the Brabus some **** drives straight into it :mad: As i'm no longer insured on the vehicle my dad uses the car occasionally and wwnt to see an old friend in Harefield. The car was parked next to the kerb outside on the street with its side parking...
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