1. Subyland

    Small problem with independant- advice please

    Hello all, I have just picked up my car from my "local" (still 40 miles one way) MB specialist. The car was in to have the speedo cable and duovalve replaced and find out why rear wash pump not working and one or two other small bits. Unfortunately the wrong parts were delivered which means...
  2. jasohal

    Good independant in / around Sheffield

    Guys/Gals, Do you know of a decent independant specialist in or around the Sheffield area. Any suggestions welcome Rgds
  3. D

    Anyone know a decent independant garage in ......

    Glasgow they specialize in mercs for service work etc?
  4. W

    good independant in Cornwall???

    Hi all, been away for a while with one thing and another and have now moved to Cornwall....Well my w210 E36 AMG is now gasping for a right good servicing, can anyone in the cornwall area recomend a good independant?? I am in Redruth but realise I might have a little bit of a drive ahead of...
  5. Alfie

    good independant servicing needed in NW surrey

    Does anyone know of or can recommend a good independant servicing outlet for a B service on a C180 in North West Surrey? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. D

    Reputable independant in Leicester / Coventry

    Can anyone recommend a reputable independant garage for servicing mercs in the Coventry or Leicester area. Your help would be appreciated . . . .especially as quoted £530 for a service at local merc dealer. :)
  7. Stratman

    Independant aircon specialist in Surrey

    I have just had a long-term aircon problem fixed :bannana: by VACS in Byfleet, Surrey (just behind Byfleet & New Haw station). Great service (they even washed the car for me!) and reasonable rates (£45 p/h). They also didn't charge me for two abortive visits when the a/c had started...
  8. D

    MB Independant - tayside area

    Anybody know of an independant in the Dundee or Tayside area please
  9. M

    Any Independant's In Tyneside Area

    Hi, Are there any good mb independant garages in the tyneside area, Thanks Paul.
  10. M

    MB dealers, or an independant specialist?

    Hello all! Im planning to get my car serviced in the next few weeks possibly, and i just wanted a few points of view of other merc owners, to see what the general thought is on getting your car serviced. MB dealers, or an independant specialist? I have a w202 c280 97', 86,000 miles...
  11. B

    Independant Specialist - Somerset

    Would anyone let me know if they have used and are happy with any independent garage in Somerset. It appears from the lack posts, that we cider drinkers must either take our MBs to the main dealers or get greased up for a DIY session. I have been to see Cornerstone Garage in Ilton and, as...
  12. M

    Independant at Whitefield in Manchester

    Has anybody used this Independant garage, if you have are the any good.
  13. N

    Looking for Independant MB dealer

    I've recently purchased my first MB, a '92 230 TE estate and I must say I'm very pleased with her. Being very new to the whole ownership thing I would be happy to hear from fellow members with any tips and things to look out for. I gather from reading various forums that servicing at the MB...
  14. G

    Independant in Chester or North Wales?

    I'm really posting this for my parents, who own a 1999 E240 Estate - but I can't quite see them getting into internet forums, even if I pointed them here! At around 30,000 miles, the E240 just failed its MOT, due to a cracked or leaking steering rack - as far as I can tell from talking to...
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