1. scumbag

    Mercedes vs Jag

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1BiFTk5Acw If it works that is. Made me laugh anyway.
  2. ash59fifty-uk

    F Type Jag S

    As above Surveying part of a large water site today, and one of the managers there had one of these. After talking about cars he took me out in a blast in it, what a car! Pickup on throttle was nice, kick down nice, the sound of the changing of gears was sublime It also had a button in the...
  3. Sorry Pete

    80's Autotest, BMW 735i, Jag XJ6 and w126 420SE

    Remember when car shows were about the cars? Acceleration tests, turning circles, Db tests, complete with non ironical Rick Astley soundtrack. This period Dutch show puts the BMW, Jag and the big merc through their paces. The brake tests, slalom and elk tests are where things get...
  4. Reggie-rock

    Opinions on 987 Boxter vs Jag XK

    Next year I will be selling my lovely low mileage CLK 350 convertible which provokes the thought to what I will replace her with. At the moment with a £9-10,000 budget I will have I'm thinking a 2.7 Porsche 987 Boxter or a Jaguar XK or maybe keep to Mercedes. Any thoughts please.
  5. grober

    Ian Callums Mk2 Jag

    From the man who penned The Aston Martin DB7, the Jaguar F-type, the Ford Escort Cosworth comes his interpretation/update on the classic MK 2 JAG. article here. Cover comes off Ian Callum's redesign of the Mk2 Jaguar | | Honest John Taster:-
  6. flango

    MB W220 & Jag XJ (X350) Advice

    Well following on from my thread yesterday asking about S class suspension one of the guys who I drink with has asked me to try and source him an S Class W220 preferably S500 but he's open to other engine options. I'm looking at 2004/5 vintage max maybe earlier to leave a few shillings to put...
  7. Ten elena

    Gorgeous Jag!

    Strictly speaking, not on eBay nor is it a Merc, but saw this beauty wandering the streets of Penge over the weekend and thought that someone on here might want to give it a good home.
  8. Deker

    Jag XF

    Well after 140,000 miles in the w203 it was time to look at a different car, so I went to the Jag dealer with the XKR and XFR in mind and actually come out with the XF S. I still have the w203 but I'll be selling it soon. Deker
  9. Dieselman

    Nice Jag

    Had one of these knocking about today, it was V12 and lovely.
  10. Stratman

    Daimler 2.5 V8 (Mk2 Jag) Workshop Manual FREE!!

    I recently found the official full workshop manual for the Daimler 2.5 V8 saloon I owned in another existence. I have no need of it but it's too good to throw out. It has full service and maintenance instructions for both manual and automatic (BW35) transmissions. If anybody has a use for it...
  11. grober

    Jessica drives a Jag!

    Jessica Ennis talks Jaguars with AutoExpress heRJobIg7qI
  12. John

    For classic Jag fans (from PH).

    Mrs JB can't stand old Jags - tells me they are an old man's car. E Class is hardly the preserve of young men... :rolleyes: Anyway - for those who appreciate curves (I even love the wheels): Used DAIMLER DOUBLE SIX VDP AUTO 1974 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 885683) ;)
  13. A

    Interesting spec Jag XJ8

    Take a look at this: Jaguar XJ 4.2 V8 Sport 4dr Auto Saloon 2011
  14. A

    Jag supercharged V8 4.2 for £6K

    http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2519468.htm OK its no E55 but this sounds very cheap, ?
  15. pagzzy

    e350 or jag XF 3.0

    hi guys i havent posted in a while... the time has come to part exchange the c63. it truely has been a wonderful car and does put a smile on your face but no the sounds of little feet are on the way ( a dad to be) so i think ill be reorganising. i am toying with a e350 coupe or a jag xf 3.0 as...
  16. W

    Jag XF Sportbrake: official pics

    Quite a few mentions of the Jag XF estate.....*cough....I mean Sportbreak so here are some offical photos and info Jag XF Sportbrake: official pics - Autocar.co.uk
  17. T

    Overtaken on the M40

    This morning while I was taking my weekly run up the M40, as usual not in a particularly fuel efficient rate. Anyway, I had to slow down a little to get past a gaggle of slowly overtaking cars when I happen to notice a black XFR in the rear view mirror; amazing how sinister those bonnet vents...
  18. DSLiverpool

    I cant replace the Jag

    I have often said I don't like the XFR but it's never let me down or played up in 5500 miles and a year but I'm underwhelmed by it. It's worth about £41k tops (they are now £65k) but anything for the same money is nowhere near in age, spec or performance. The only car I have got near to...
  19. DSLiverpool

    Marine engineer buying my Jag Hmmm

    The Jags on pistonheads as Im half heartedly flogging it but not much response, get a email asking if still for sale and price, I answer yes at the price on the advert. Then the scam hits, marine engineer, restricted web access, no phone calls buying for his dad - love it "Im sure he (his...
  20. biturbo

    R129 SL or Jag XK

    Just wondering what the comfort, refinement etc on the 2 convertibles are like. Anyone know anything about XKs?
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