1. A

    Mercedes washer jet adjustment tool

    Hi, Does anybody know where I can obtain a Mercedes washer jet adjustment tool like the one shown in this picture? Alternatively, is it possible to adjust the washer jets using an ordinary pin? Thanks,
  2. 5

    150ML Mobil Jet Oil ll For superchargers

    Just finished changing the supercharger oil of my cls55 and got the rest of the Jet oil remaining, For reference I believe this is the M113K engine, so if you have these engines this is the correct oil for you but please do you own research. £12 per bottle Posted send me a PM if interested...
  3. J

    Windscreen washer jet adjustment tool

    Evening folks, the search function disappears just as I bring it up so apologies if this is covered elsewhere. So, the windscreen wash jets on my 14 plate 220 are adjusted way too low, even when stationary. just figured out today that there is a tool for adjusting these. Anyone know if this...
  4. uumode

    Mechanical vs jet vs hand wash

    Mechanical the least damaging in test
  5. karozza

    Mobil Jet Oil II

    Anyone Know where I can buy this online in the UK??
  6. The _Don

    Check out the $1 million Mercedes that's like an armored private jet for the road
  7. K

    E55 had jet 2 s/c oil for 6 months, going to attempt it myself.

    I had this can of jet 2 oil for my supercharger for 6 months and after enquiring if specilists would change the oil whilist the s/c was on the car, they simply were not really interested. I have brought long magnetic allen keys, an syringe and tubing and will attempt it soon. Obviously I will...
  8. D

    Run flat alert after tyre change and jet clean

    Hi folks I wonder if one of the members are able to help please. I've got a 2009 a class classic and I am displaying a runflat tire indicator despite repeatedly resetting .my tires have all checked okay but I have recently had one new tyre on the nearside with a half worn one on the other side I...
  9. Meldrew2

    Jet Parks, Manchester. Avoid!

    Looking on line for a postcode I found some worrying reviews for this car park. I phoned APH and they werenot prepared to move my booking to a more suitable airport car park. I have therefore sent them the following letter - I think it's self explanatory - hopefully I will be able to...
  10. M

    Jet Wash and Snow Foam

    Bruvs, How are you all nearly Friday cannot wait. Question I want to buy a good pressure washer one where you can have a snow foam attachment. I wanted to get one that didn't damage parking sensors and paintwork. Any recommendations, thank you in advance all.
  11. S

    Washer Jet Pump

    Hi guys looking for some guidance here. My 2004 SL 350 has decided to start spraying the contents of the washer bottle as soon as I switch on the Ignition and wont stop. Ive pulled the fuse to save the pump but has anyone had this issue and can tell me whats causing it. Thanks
  12. BIG_G_1979

    headlight washer jet w211

    Looking for headlight washer jet 2118600547 at a reasonable price please let me know if anyone is willing to sell me one, I could buy one off ebay for 15 quid but would rather help a club member first thanks
  13. BIG_G_1979

    headlight washer jet w211 facelift

    Hi guys as the title says looking to have confirmed that the washer jet I need for the passenger side headlight is 2118600547 does this jet do pre and facelift models? Also anyone know how hard they are to fit? Mines seems to leak which drains the washer bottle in an hour or so thanks
  14. E

    Mobil jet oil II

    As above guys where in the uk can I get a tin of this stuff in the uk?all the stuff on the bay is in the US.thanks in advance,btw for my supercharger(thought I would give it a treat).
  15. K

    Anyone with a can of Mobil jet 2 oil??

    Been looking online and contacting Mobil stockist for this oil and beside find a supplier that does 24 cans. Does anyone know where I can get this oil from? It's for the supercharger on a e55. The Merc dealer does not stock it. They only offer the one for the M271 engines and not the M113...
  16. D

    w211 headlight jet washer problem

    Hi am new hire.i juat bought a w211 04 e270cdi and i have problem with headlight jet washers.i know is common problem.i have car in garage and they try to fix it pump and fuse is fine bitton is working but power seems to be not coming to waher pump.front washer wiper works fine.any idea gusy how...
  17. P

    Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet Concept

    Came across this video of the three wheel concept vehicle by Mercedes-Benz -
  18. Koolvin

    Drain blocked again! Rods or Jet

    This time last year I had the pleasure of unblocking our foul drain. I had to borrow a rod set from my FIL. Surprise surprise the drain is blocked again (must have been the kids who love flushing bundles of tissues down the pan) I am thinking of buying one of these : NILFISK, ALTO DRAIN &...
  19. P

    Clk55 modded exhaust noise- like a jet!

    Hi. I've just had my standard w209 clk55 backbox changed for a custom one. It's the same style but it now makes a strange hissing, sort of jet sound under hard acceleration! Sounds quiet cool , but I'm worried that it's loosing me power. Any guesses as to what it could be? Restriction somewhere?
  20. L

    stargard and jet washing?

    My new MB will come with Stargard (which I know has mixed reviews, but I'm getting it 'free') What about using hand car washing services? are jet washers safe or will it ruin the Stargard?
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