1. D

    Justice for drink driver ????

    Read in our local paper today. 7 previous drink driving offences !!!! Caught drunk whilst driving day after release from prison . He had taken car without owners consent. 120 days jail and 4 years ban I ask you !!!!
  2. developer

    Justice - ha bloody ha.

    Skimming the channels, just in time to see a shoplifter on the run, jumping over some railings to evade capture, but they concealed a 30ft drop. Leg/back injury, breathing trouble - potentially serious. Tough t*tties.
  3. SPX

    Justice for the 96.

    After twenty three years, the Liverpool fans that died at Hillsborough can hopefully rest in peace. I hope it gives some closure to the bereaved families as well.
  4. M

    Justice delayed is justice denied...

    ...unless you play football, of course. What justifies delaying the trial of what many consider to be quite serious charges (certainly for a public figure) on the basis of a few football games?
  5. ghummy

    where is the justice...

    i would just like someone to put some logic for me into this story, as i just cant get my head around it. some of you may know what i do for a living, however for those who dont my story will give you a good idea. saturday 24th december at 19:30hrs. came onto the night shift only for me and my...
  6. poormansporsche

    Bit of Divine Justice ....

    Picture the scene, traffic at a standstill outside my shop, 2 cars waiting to pull out of side turning into the main road, scabber in second car shouting out the window "push out you f...... c... etc etc to driver of first car (whom i know) Traffic still not moving so first car literally has...
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Parking - fair cop or travesty of justice

    Mrs D was out and about early this morning. The car park she needed to use has fairly cosy spaces - and none are child friendly - so she deliberately chose an end space with a void beside it so she could straddle the line slightly, and make sure she could get Baby D loaded back in the car upon...
  8. S

    fight for justice everyone deserves a second chance

    good evening eveyone earlier i posted a thread under the name 69olly which annoyed people this was not meant to happen so sorry for that i have been a member under the name 69ollie since november last year but for some reason it would not let me post under that...
  9. R

    Justice served or crime committed?

    KALUGA, Russia, April 15 (UPI) -- Russian police said a female hairdresser was arrested for allegedly keeping an unsuccessful armed robber bound as a sex slave for two days. Web site Life.ru quoted police as saying the 32-year-old man entered the hair salon at about 5 p.m. March 14, brandished...
  10. glojo

    Gurka Justice

    Many apologies if this has been previously published. Last month we saw the High Courts applying common sense and ruling that it is unlawful to exclude Gurkas that retired before 1997 from our beautiful country. Guess what? The government has not changed the rules. Joanna Lumley is...
  11. glojo

    Justice is finally served

    At long last the murderer of Lesley Molseed has finally been sentenced. Ronald CASTREE Has finally been found guilty, but who here can remember the pitiful sight of Stefan Kiszko shuffling out of the prison gates in his poorly fiiting suit and plymsols? Those that bay for the death sentence...
  12. grober


    George Michael gets a suspended sentence for his driving while "tired" offence. What a relief! :rolleyes: The British Justice system- don't you just love it.:crazy: http://search.bbc.co.uk/cgi-bin/search/results.pl?scope=all&edition=d&q=george+michael&go=Search Of course it might be to keep...
  13. chriswt

    House of Horrors -some proper justice at last!!

    Did anyone see house of horrors last night and witness a rouge tradesman attempt to escape from a pursuing film crew in his new BMW 5 series? As usual the House of Horrors team set up a rouge computer repair tradesman who charged them £380 for a simple job that should have only really...
  14. Satch

    Justice British style

    just to follow on from the Arizona thread, I lifted this from another forum where there is considerable gloom and dismay at the theme emerging from some UK news items today: Reid pleads to keep offenders out of jail By Laura Clout John Reid, the Home Secretary, has written to judges asking...
  15. M

    Justice is served? Naseem Hamed released after 16 weeks...

    Hmmmm - I can guess the reactions to this........ From Yahoo News: Former world boxing champion Prince Naseem Hamed is to be freed from prison just 16 weeks into a 15-month sentence for dangerous driving. The 32-year-old - who will be electronically tagged - caused a crash which left a man...
  16. B

    Power Resistor of Justice

    Easily the funniest thing I've seen on eBay, the Power Resistor of Justice answers your every tuning requirement. Check the Q & A section for the best bits...
  17. Alfie

    The madness that is our justice system

    A quote from the Yahoo news report into the sentencing of the two killers today; 'Murder carries a life sentence but that can be increased if the killing is racially motivated.' Exactly how can they increase a life sentence? So 18 years and 24 years respectively is an increased life...
  18. Satch

    Ah, so there is some justice

    From FleetNewsNet: "GERMAN motoring organisation ADAC has gone for British after choosing MG cars for its driver training centre. The first MG ZRs were delivered this month (March 05) to its centre near Dusseldorf. They will be used to teach drivers the safe way to handle a car on...
  19. mark.t

    what happened to justice served

    :eek: i agreed with it and so would Judge Dredd
  20. A

    deep south justice

    too good not to share here Andy
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