1. F

    W219 CLS CD player kaput

    Anyone had this issue? CD player has been a bit hit and miss ever since I got the car, sometimes it would start making a constant clunk clunk noise when apparently trying to load a disc, somethimes it would succeed, other times not, but today a new problem started, it was acting up on the way...
  2. Mike Walker

    W124 - Wiper kaput!

    Just what I needed in the rain today :doh: Front wiper and washer jets stopped working. I noticed a slowing of the wiper a short while ago and my local garage kindly got it moving again. Have done some research and lack of lubrication or a faulty connection seems favourite. At 23 years old...
  3. M

    Is it kaput??

    Hi all My engine, in a 1999 E320CDI, has over some time developed a metallic clacking noise, is the only way I can describe it. It is getting worse, and the engine has startet to idle rough as well, jumpy and rough. I hoped it had to do with the engine mounts, or certainly the clacking noise...
  4. danandgerry

    Blower kaput 300ce

    The heater/blower has stopped working on my 300ce 24 checked the fuse and the plastic around the bottom of it has melted and the fuse has sunk in what could have caused it.
  5. M

    W210 - Brakes kaput

    W210 Estate - 3000TD - 1999 -112K miles. I think I've done something stupid (very). I was cleaning the brake light holders/bulbs as they tend to oxidise/arc over time and bring about the dreaded bulb warning light. All was re-assembled and I started the car and operated the brakes to test for...
  6. R

    is this injector kaput ??? 108 cdi

    hi im new to this forum i have a merc vito 108 cdi recently i had the head heli coiled to fit new injector bolt and fit new seal but on refitting i turned the key ok for first few seconds then a loud diesel knock and miss fire also lots of black smoke but its not out of the injector i had...
  7. Paul S320CDi

    S320CDi Turbo Kaput. Will it cause damage?

    HI. the turbo in my 2002 W220 gave up the ghost the other day. When I put my foot down it accelerated well as normal, then there was a splutter and a cloud of grey/brown (not black) smoke out the back and now it's not working. I still drives ok. The lack of turbo is noticeable but the engine...
  8. P

    Is my trip computer kaput???

    I drove down to North London in the CLK55 yesterday, steady driving on busy roads mostly and was driving at the prevailing speeds. The onboard trip computer ended up reading 31.7 mpg after 250 miles. I haven't yet filed it up to do the brim to brim accurate mpg, but I suspect the OBC is over...
  9. Ade B

    My Garmin Street Pilot i3 - kaput

    My cheapo sat nav has somehow wiped its memory card and has lost all its maps.. Its telling me to give it the original CD to talk to... which I would if I could find it.. Having tried unsuccessfully to find something on the Garmin website and updated my software twice, still no base maps - any...
  10. Howard

    Router Kaput

    Hi all , I have ( had ) a Netgear router , DG834G V2 , it has just stopped working :mad: Currently i have the laptop plugged into the ports on the back of it so that part of it works , but i don't think it is transmitting wirelessly .... I have been into the settings page ( with the...
  11. rich-racing.co.

    outside temp and clock displays kaput!

    on my 2001 E320CDi... anybody know if these can be repaired? are they LED's? several of the squares no longer light up, and now have no clock or outside temp guage. really miss the clock!
  12. NormanB

    Bang & Kaput!

    My auto gearbox went bang today, launching from rest at a roundabout - no drive in forward or reverse!! :( Its in a Merc specialist nearby and will be investigated in the morning. So any advice form the gearbox gurus? What are my options and likely costs? Is this the end of my Merc...
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