1. Howard

    R230 Burr Walnut interior inc Keyless Go knob
  2. NW_Merc

    Keyless go for W202

    Can keyless go be transplanted from an S600 into a W202?
  3. B

    programe keyless fob

    can anyone tell me away of programing another key to mine, as i have another spare from ebay thanks
  4. B

    Keyless Go

    I understand that keyless go is not available on the new SLK because there is interference with the roof electronics. I believe they have this sorted with the SL but does anyone know if they have made any progress with solving the problem in the SLK or how I find out? Thanks
  5. B

    keyless entry

    thinking of buying 2000 ml 270 its advertized with keyless entry how does that work?
  6. jasohal

    KEYLESS Central Locking

    Hi there, New to the KEYLESS Locking/Starting system. Can someone clarify how the car actually locks once you leave. Reading the manual suggests you need to be within 1m of door and depress the small black button on the handle while card is on you. This does not result in the car...
  7. -V-

    FS: Keyless Go Gear Knob..

    I have a brand new, nappa grey leather Keyless Go Gear Knob for sale. This gear knob is originally for a W220 S-Class, but am quite sure that the W215 CL-series uses the same one. The R230 SL-Class is definitely different. This can be used as a direct replacement or can be placed as a...
  8. sunman

    Heated Steering Wheel and Keyless Go Installed

    I just finished keyless go and heated steering wheel in my w203 sedan. picture at
  9. Maff

    Keyless Go

    Quick question for those with Keyless Go... Did you receive the keyless go cards (x2) and the normal MB Keys as well? Realised I only have the keycards, but no keys? Just to check before I phone the dealer. Regards, Matt.
  10. C

    Keyless Go, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, etc, etc; worth it?

    Just mulling over options - nice position to be in of course - and looking at these two items. They sound nice, but seem to cost the earth for the relative convenience... Anyone here with strong feelings as to whether they're options worth having? Any other non-obvious options I ought to...
  11. R

    Keyless entry problem

    CLK320 W209. 3 times now the keyfobs have lost their ability to start the car and all the seats / mirrors / steering wheel lose their memories. After a little while the systems can be reset and all is well again. However now 1 of the keyfobs will no longer 'keyless' start the car. I get 'key...
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