E class (w211) phone kit replace

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Jan 6, 2012
e280 sport
I managed to take out the old phone adaptor which was located in the arm rest. Its for an old nokia 6300 series. Is there anything else i can plug in in its place, somthing to connect to more modern phones may be? or a blue tooth receiver ?

Yes , think so , a MB Bluetooth Adaptor, or a Viseoo - mb4 which will give you Bluetooth and will play music MP3 via a plug in connection to your phone or MP3 player. They should both plug onto the fitting which took the old Nokia cradle. Take a look at the commandonline.co.uk website
If you had the fitting with the curly cable you could pick up which was for 6310i, then you need to put it back in again and go and find a ViseeO MBU3000 on eBay which is same shape as 6310i, pops in and car thinks it has a 6310i so is happy, and MBU3000 bluetooth to your phone for you

In my opinion the ViseeO was much better than the Mercedes puck as well for call quality.

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