1. B

    SLK230 - BAS/ESP warning lamp

    Hi, I've had an SLK230 now for about 4 months and the BAS/ESP warning lamp is appearing intermittently. Took it down to a specialist in London who said it was probably the brake light switch which they replaced. Lamp still came on afterwards. Took car back to them and they cleared...
  2. M

    changing fog lamp on 2001 CLK

    hi all, just bought myself a 2001 CLK 320...absolutely delighted with it. just one query....the near-side fog lamp is smashed 1). how easy is it to change ? 2). is it a whole new lamp unit..or just the lens ? many thanks michael
  3. Pringles

    W124 instrument /warning lamp /cruise failure

    I would be grateful of some advice. On the way home from work today I noticed that my Rev counter, oil pressure gauge, temp gauge, cruise control all stopped working. The speedometer is working and there is a slight whirring noise coming from the area from the drivers side dash speaker. The...
  4. Y

    rear lamp

    hi, there. does anybody here ever fitted rear lamp w210 facelift to w210 pre-facelift.?. thanks
  5. F

    fog lamp glass w210

    Any one know how easy - and how to - change fog lamp glass in on a W210 - been broken a while may need to replace the innards too - help would be appreciated
  6. L

    R129 (SL) Genuine brand new fog lamp for sale

    on ebay, if anyone's interested! :D
  7. Lil' Aty

    W210 Rear lamp upgrade?

    Does any1 know if w210 (E class)upgraded lights for example of a 2000 model fit on to a 98 model i think these smarten the rear of the older W210s have seen a few cars on the net with the lights in but what exactly needs to be changed.. not sure ?????
  8. pepper&boulou

    Reverse lamp switch

    Hi all , According to my haynes manual the above switch is located under the centre consol, mine is worn as it only operates the lamps if you hold the gearstick right back (manual box) does anyone know the part number for a replacement. Car is 1988 300D
  9. T

    Engine diagnsotic warning lamp

    I've just had my C270cdi tuned through OBD tuning to increase bhp and torque. I took delivery of the car on 1 March 2004, although the car was quick in standard mode, this has mede a real difference especially mid-range. However, I noticed yesterday that the Engine diagnostic warning lamp has...
  10. C

    How to change a centre console lamp that's gone (E320 / W210)

    Just bought an E320, 1997. One of the centre console dash panel lights has gone, so in the dark I can only see the RH temperature setting wheel and nearby switches, but not the LH one. As there doesn't seem to be any source of workshop manuals for this vehicle, and knowing the damage one can...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    New darker lamp clusters fitted

    Fitted the darker Facelift style rear lamp clusters at the weekend, look great. Below is a picture of the new one on the left, old on the right. Orignals are for sale BTW
  12. Fudger

    Replacing indicator lamp assm.

    Guys, my CLK is a 2000 model with indicator lamps in the wing mirrors. However, I had my first MOT a few weeks ago and although it passed, the test mechanic pointed out that the orange bulbs in the assembly were starting to degrade and when I looked with him, it was obvious this was the case...
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