1. DSLiverpool

    Becker CD Changer + Lead Wanted

    To pair with my new (old) Mexico 2330 - the changer is a few models NOT optically controlled though its a normal wire connection. One model I have been advised is a 3296 but anyone that will work is welcome I believe a silverstone 2650 may also fit and this is also a Maser and a Porsche oem...
  2. amwebby

    Where's the IR lead?

    My W215 has TV installed. In the instructions for fitting digital TV there is a harness that piggy back the digital TV on the analog unit. Somewhere in all of this must be a lead for the IR as the digital TV is controlled via remote. I know the receiving unit is integrated in COMAND as I can...
  3. Gollom

    Telemute Lead 06-976B (Brand New)

    Wrong one ordered! £20 + £2 P&P (actually need 06-097B so happy to just swap!) These are £39.95 at ISO communications on t'web
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Earphone extension lead - and electronics suppliers

    I need to lay my hands on some earphone extension leads for normal 3.5mm stereo earphones at short notice. Maplins have them at £4.99 for 1.5m and £5.99 for 3m. Can anybody think of another supplier? My Maplin doesn't quite have enough in stock for what I need - and cheaper would be...
  5. T

    Vito & Sound 5 audio - need AUX IN lead

    Just picked up my new Vito and was pleased to see that it copes with auxiliary audio input. I took out the "Sound 5" head unit expecting to find a 3.5mm female jack but instead it looks like a complex arrangement that needs a special plug. Have searched through this and other forums and can...
  6. A

    Removal of GPS antenna lead from head unit

    Help! Like an idiot (:crazy: ), I tried fitting the antenna lead to the rear socket of my new APS 30 head unit to make sure it fitted correctly before I installed it all tomorrow. Now I can't get the bu**er out :mad: The plug has 2 plastic clips which I would assume just squeeze inwards...
  7. L

    Aux lead for Comand part number help

    Hi all... I need a little help again. I'm getting my parts list together ready to fit comand. I have everything now apart from one small part. I used mercupgrades.com for all my part numbers but one appears to be wrong. I ordered the plug for the aux loom as shown here Part no A037 545 06...
  8. F

    W203 LEAD Rear Lights/Lense

    They are supposed to be real LEDs and the exterior finsh is identical/similar to the facelift W220 lenses... They will however only work on pre face lift cars 2000/2003 as per advert. I wonder if the ECU/computer would throw any erorr codes.... :confused: Could be a good mod for some...
  9. SilverSaloon

    Where Would I Buy An Extension Lead For This?

    hi my speed camera detector has a "power adaptor" style power input. I need to extend this so i can route the wire around the car's trim for a neat installation. anyone know where i can get an extension lead for it? its the plug that looks similar to below (like a normal power adaptor u...
  10. mobeyone

    HT Lead

    Spoke to my dealer this morning and they advised HT leads are cut to length and I would need to take the lead off and bring it in while they do it... Seeing how i have had a very bad week, I dont even want to touch the engine of my car so is there anywhere i can buy the lead made ready for...
  11. R

    Power Lead?

    Just taken delivery of a W211 320 Cdi and am very impressed so far. I'd like to instal my Cyclops radar detector but am looking to power it via a permanent cable rather than the usual cigarette lighter jobbie. Any advice as to the best way to get a cable to the top of the dash without...
  12. J

    Power Lead

    I have an MC3010 CD Changer and a Comand unit. I am missing a power lead for the MC3010, can anyone help? Much appreciated.
  13. N

    Broken ariel lead in car (help?)

    OK, changing my head unit over seemed so simple until as I pulled the ariel lead from the old unit the top silver piece broke off from the lead itself :eek: now all I am left with is a crimped on piece of metal around the outer black rubber and approx quarter inch of plastic showing with one...
  14. J

    Speed pulse lead for W163

    I have searched the forum and cannot find a pic or ID for picking up a speed signal on an ML430 without a canbus. Has anyone managed to ID the lead/pin for the pulse. Cheers
  15. G

    RCA and remote lead in 1996 E-class Merc

    Hi. Is there a specific route to place the RCA and remote from the h/u around the car to the boot, or do I need to bring up the interior to find out! I suppose i'm trying to find a tried and tested route for cabling! Any help appreciated
  16. craigyb

    Aerial lead in the boot

    Hi I'm trying to find the aerial feed from the rear window aerial of my CLK. I know where it turns up at the front of the car, but what side of the boot area / rear window is the feed taken from. I need to get an aerial signal into the boot for my PC USB radio. Regards Craig
  17. aka$h

    Anyone got a spare fibre optic lead?

    Need a lead to go from command to the boot changer. I doubt my car would have one already as it didnt even come with a radio, so i need a pretty long lead, if anyone has one send me a PM, a part number would also be handy, Cheers!
  18. G

    Sony Mute Lead?

    Hi Guys, I'll be getting my hands free car kit fitted soon. One of the options I want setting up is the mute function that kills the radio/cd when a call comes in. Unfortunately as my Sony CD player was installed by the dealer, they gave me the users manual but no installation guide. So I...
  19. badshot1uk

    Woops I broke a ht lead

    Hi all Being rather an inpatiant person I wanted to change the plugs on my 230te as it was idling a little odd. I couldnt wait till the service next month so i decided to 'ave a go myself'!. I managed to pull a ht lead compleatly out of its rubber socket thingy oopps! the strange thing...
  20. D

    Lead Replacement Petrol

    I note that several local garages have stopped selling L.R.P. What should I use in the form of 'carry your own additives' or what shouldn't I use. 1986 190e Auto
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