1. MikeInWimbledon

    Loading a bike Alustyle holder onto Roof bars.

    OK, I know there's always a knack to these things but.... I find it awkward to load lightweight carbon bikes on Alustyle holders onto MB roof bars on my own (i.e. without someone else lending a hand). Am I missing a trick? They're fine to load with one person taking the weight, and...
  2. 1

    Loading bay rules

    I received a parking ticket whilst unloading my 1990 250TD which was in a loading bay. It was for being an incorrect type of vehicle. The rules are that only "motor vehicles and trailers constructed for the carriage of goods" are allowed to stop in loading bay. I want to argue that my 1990...
  3. Robbo Cop

    Dpf sensor/ash loading

    Hi all, I had a yellow engine light on start up the other day, got it cleared at my local indy. It reappeared almost immediately. DPF sensor had thrown in the towel, no big deal at just over 100K miles. Got the sensor at MB main dealers and had it fitted (indy). All well again. The DPF...
  4. N

    W211 E220 CDI drive belt tensioner and idler pulley torque loading

    As the title suggests I need the torque figures for the drive belt tensioner and idler pulleys on my E220 CDI W211. I am replacing them along with the drive belt but the Haynes manual does not include either the procedure or torque loadings for the tensioner or idlers.
  5. S

    W211 E320 CDI, Bi-Xenons, Leather Heated Memory seats, Through Loading.

    Wanted: Facelift (56 plate onwards) E320CDI. Ideally Black or grey saloon with: Bi-Xenons, Real Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Memory Package at least for the driver, Through Loading, and Parktronics at least for the rear. London - Cambridge corridor.
  6. ringway

    Loading a car into a truck.

    Fy5Ya7qKOu0#t=327 Can you see a problem looming on the horizon? Five Bananas for the correct answer. :)
  7. L

    S203 Trim removal from loading floor.

    I am trying to remove the silver trim that surrounds the tailgate latch to track down a water leak. I have removed the four screws holding the chrome plate/plastic trim piece but when I go to pull it off it feels like something else is holding it on. I do not want to damage anything so did not...
  8. 1945wickedred

    Loading aid R230 SL350

    Good morning all,my loading aid has stopped working and it is a real pain when you go shopping,no way of getting anything into the boot area,is it maybe just a fuse or what,can anyone throw some light on this for me,much obliged.:doh: PS if it is a fuse which one would it be.
  9. Abdul

    W208 CLK Ski loading bag

    Hi guys, takin this out of my clk as I want to run a small subwoofer through the ski hatch. The ski bag looks unused! It's a straight swap for the standard ski hatch, 6 screws to remove iirc. Pm me with your email add for pics. Open to offers. Based in ilford Essex. Cheers
  10. B

    Loading Cargo Locking issue

    I have purchased a 2007 sprinter, it was a previously a DPD van so had the slam locks fitted, I have removed them. Now the front cabin locks but the rear does not. I have opened up the back doors and all wiring etc seems ok. Can anyone help? Will i need to get locking reprogrammed?
  11. M

    Contacts from iPhone not loading on Comand APS

    Hi there, sorry being here for one day and I'm already invading the forum with help requests! Wanted to check if any of you guys ever heard or had any issues with iPhones (both iOS5 and 6) and Comand APS (car in question is a SLS). I paired the phone, I can make/receive calls without any...
  12. whitenemesis

    Tyre Loading - Trucks

    Something that has puzzled me about tyre loads and weight transfer. I can see why large trucks/PSVs have multiple wheels/axles on the rear, to spread the weight but what happens to that weight when cornering/braking? Surely it transfers forward to the front wheels and these are shod with...
  13. D

    2 CD's stuck in the front loading player

    peeps, complete **** up on our part, but i think they hit the eject button but obviously not properly, CD didn't come out...so they forced in a 2nd disc :o now the unit obviously won't play any discs.... :doh: any idea on how to get them out? is it a tweaser job its a 55 plate SL
  14. Ade B

    Roof box loading

    Hello, long time no speak. About to tootle off on a week's camping holiday in the UK with the family (minus dog) Looking to use the roof box for the first time in earnest and would like to pick the collective brains of the forum for any do's and don'ts. I've got a fairly large full width...
  15. merc180k

    Internet Explorer Loading Really Slowly!!

    Hi all, I have noticed lately that my laptop seems to be loading internet explorer window really slowly initially, taking an age to display a picture - spends ages in a frozen sort of state! The hard drive sounds as if it accessing loads of files but nothing shows on the screen - then...
  16. U

    Dell Mini 10v loading issues Help Please :S

    Well the problem i have is that the mini 10v boots upto the desktop screen but with no icons or taskbar is displayed :( - the mouse cursor is there but nothing else! can anyone advise what i could do? or why the mini 10v is doing this?
  17. SilverSaloon

    rules on stopping outside shops, loading vehicle

    hi is there a time-window that vehicles are allowed to stop outside shops for business purposes; ie loading/unloading the vehicle? cheers Derek.
  18. Palfrem

    Problems loading Sony Handycam software

    I've just bought a DCR SR37E Sony Handycam On trying to load the software it's hanging on a file when installing Drect x called d3dx9_30.dll I already have direct X installed so I thought it may have detected this and moved on I am running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2...
  19. R

    Loading mp3 files to music register

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here so can anybody help? I have loaded several normal CDs onto my music register (2008 W204) by converting them to mp3 on a laptop. They work fine. For the first time ever (guess my age) I have downloaded an album as an mp3 file from a legitimate website. This...
  20. M

    Nokia E71 loading the phonebook

    Hi Can anyone help I am trying to get the phonebook from my new nokia E71 to download to my command but have been unable to do it I am using a Sap v2 module to connect via bluetooth
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