1. C

    R172 SLK Luggage cover

    Does anybody have any tips on how to stop the rattling of the luggage cover when it is closed. I assume it is coming from one of the catches, but it's damn irritating
  2. W

    S212 rear luggage cover issues

    I have a strange problem, yesterday for no apparent reason the rear cover carried on operating once the hatch had shut and ended up half way to the "open" position so it obscured the rear window. Is there a way to reset it?
  3. R

    W211 Luggage Cover Rattle

    My W211 estate has the luggage cover that "slots" into brackets in the back seats and as it's a "metal on metal" connection it tends to rattle quite a lot. It's not really noticeable when I'm on a motorway run but anything else gets quite annoying. I've tried a few "products" on the bracket...
  4. JohnnyAMG

    R230 Luggage

    Anyone got the bag that goes behind the seats on an R230 SL? I know there are a few on Ebay but they are silly money(£450+) which is not worth it for something I will use 2-3 times a year. If there is not one here in the Uk I will probably order one of these...
  5. Bruce Wayne

    Mercedes Benz Luggage Net Mesh Pocket Boot Floor W212 W213 C218 E-Class

    Hi all, I have a spare luggage net as per the tittle. It came with my E-Class 220d but never used it. See photos. Mercedes Benz Luggage net Boot floor Black Part Number: A 212 868 00 74 Black New £35 plus postage. Alternatively you are more then welcome to collect, I'm based in...
  6. Steve320

    Luggage Rack...

    Certainly is a one-off. Think it might start a trend though...
  7. Ben320cdi

    E350 Covertible Luggage?

    Can anyone on here point me in the right direction for a company that can provide a tailored luggage set for an E350 Cab. I believe CKS sold something for a little while but they are now sold out.
  8. F

    Roof box or Luggage Bag for roof - MB C350E

    Hello ALl, I have a MB C350e and I am looking to buy 2nd hand (if any of you peeps have one to sell) or new (recommendations welcome) box or bag for the roof. I am not so bothered if it is a roof box, but I seen what looked like a canvas bag on a roof of a car - somehow supported at the...
  9. Gollom

    W163 Luggage cover (Black)

    Just got my first ML and the luggage cover is missing. Anybody got one gathering dust in the garage?
  10. Norte23

    Boot / luggage compartment kit

    Had my car now nearly two weeks & looked in the boot under the floor & noticed there are some empty spaces in the mouldings. The manual shows some sort of luggage securing device. Does anyone use them & can anyone show me some pics of them please. Mark
  11. Dizzy

    W204 Estate - Luggage bars

    Hi, would anyone know if those floor mounted, adjustable luggage bars (found in w204 c class estates) can simply be bought and fitted, or were factory mods necessary? Thanks guys.
  12. C

    C class (W204) Luggage capacity

    Hello all, it's time to change my E class, I'm looking to move to a C63. One of the many great things about the E class was the size of the boot! I'd like to hear from anyone that has had a saloon or estate or even both as to how much luggage(big suitcases) you can get into each? Looking at...
  13. finthedin

    S211 Luggage cover guide rail left side

    Hi, Following my last post I'm looking for a luggage cover guide rail for the left side as I think slamming the boot has knackered the sensor and it doesn't recognise when it's lowered the cover and continues trying to lower it with a horrific crunching noise. Looking for one in cream as...
  14. A

    SLK Luggage

    Hi Guys, i have for sale i complete set of Luggage for the SLK. Only used for one weekend. The two large bags are shaped to fit under the roof blind so you can have the luggage in and still drop the roof £150
  15. R

    W204 Side Luggage Netting

    One day into owning a 5 year old C220CDi Sport Estate I have broken something! In the boot on the nearside there is the little storage area with some netting...I have snapped the elasticated top string of the netting. This part may have a proper name but I don't know what it's called...anyone...
  16. MikeInWimbledon

    R230 DIY Fitted luggage ideas? SL500 SL350

    Anyone got any good ideas of bags which could neatly fit behind the seats of an R230, and inside the boot? Understood that there's a rather nifty £400 Mercedes leather bag that was sold "back in the day" to go BEHIND the seats, but I'm looking for something cheaper and perhaps not as wide and...
  17. L

    Luggage cover for 2006 ML320 cdi Sport

    Any advice on where to look for spare parts? I need a roll out luggage cover and a pair of boot side panels to cover the fuze box and the storage area on the opposite side of the boot. I think someone raided the boot for spare bits before I bought this car for my wife. I got it cheaper as a...
  18. JoeyM88

    W205 saloon luggage net

    As title ... Genuine unused luggage net for boot Open to offers Thanks
  19. Charles Morgan

    W124 estate - grey luggage cover

    Anybody got a grey luggage cover for a W124 estate they could spare?
  20. Giantvanman

    Tailored luggage for an R230

    I have looked at the few threads on here relating to model specific luggage but they are either too old or inconclusive in relation to "Roadsterbags." Mercedes - Roadsterbag Convertible Cases With the imminent arrival of our SL, my thoughts are turning to trips away. As some have pointed...
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