1. K

    C203 EML and lumpy idle/revving

    Hi All, New MB owner and first time poster so please bear with me whilst I get used to a new car and another forum. I am not new to car forums so before cluttering up the board and not being lazy I have already searched but cannot find the answer......wondering if someone can point me in the...
  2. Sheffield Col

    Lumpy when cold.

    Car starts fine, but tickover is very lumpy when cold, but as it warms up it evens out again. Can anyone tell me whats going on ? Car is 09 plate C Class 220 Diesel. any help would be appreciated.. thanks in advance.....Colin..Ps. changed fuel and air filter (genuine MB parts) but still same..
  3. Sheffield Col

    Lumpy tick over

    Hi, 2009 C class C 220 diesel, starts fine from cold but as temp creeps up and gets to around 45/50 tick-over goes lumpy, but when temp gets past 50 ish its fine again. Is this anything to worry about ?
  4. C

    Engine lumpy

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2005 CLK 200, the car is immaculate except for this fault... When starting from cold the engine seems ok, when its warmed up, if i rev it, the engine is lumpy and wont rev over 4000 rpm Is it the MAF? Thanks
  5. A

    CLK230 Kompressor - Lumpy on Startup

    Hi, I am hoping someone can shed some light on this..... I have a 2000 CLK230 Kompressor, On startup it is extremely 'lumpy'. Revving between 500 and 1000rpm continuously up and down. I can leave it standing until it warms up but doesn't change until it has been driven. When driving...
  6. P

    Lumpy tick over petrol smell

    I have a C180 4 door Kompressor 2004. Since my last MOT the engine tick over is a bit lumpy and smells of petrol. This happened after they revved car for emissions test, prior to this it was ok. Another ( may be related) i have engine management light on, can anyone recommend a tester i can...
  7. STUR32

    Vito 122 lumpy tick over

    I've just bought a 122 CDI Vito and have noticed on some, not all start ups, regardless of wether the engin is warm or cold that tick over can be quite lumpy this goes away after a couple of blips of the the throttle. It's a 14 plate with 8k on the clock so it's still under warranty. I just...
  8. STUR32

    Vito 122 lumpy Rickover

    Vito 122 lumpy tick over I've just bought a 122 CDI Vito and have noticed on some, not all start ups, regardless of wether the engin is warm or cold that tick over can be quite lumpy this goes away after a couple of blips of the the throttle. It's a 14 plate with 8k on the clock so it's still...
  9. A

    Lumpy running on tickover

    I have a 04 CLK 320 and it has started running really lumpy once warm on tick over drives fine, any ideas anyone
  10. DSM10000

    Slightly lumpy idle, reduced throttle response and occasional hesitation....

    Having recently replaced the alternator, water pump and a/c condenser plus an MOT pass without any problems last week I was looking forward to a few months trouble free driving in the C320. However, over the last couple of days the idle has become a little low and unstable (no stalling)...
  11. A

    1986 300SL running lumpy

    1986 300SL running lumpy changed plug leads distributor cap and rota arm still lumpy ; help needed please, or does anyone know a good old Merc mechanic in the Hainault Essex area
  12. U

    Lumpy tck over A170 CDi

    Why I let the wife drive FIDEL, my 2001 A170 CDi I will never know, this time she gave it back with a horrible lumpy lick over, seems to start and run OK and up to speed, just the normal crap hesitant pulling away from stand still sometimes, needing a double tap on the gas pedal, and noisy belt...
  13. B

    G55 W463 Kompressor rough idle / lumpy

    Had a G55 for 3 months now, engine pulls nicely on WOT, but on idle its a little bit rough, almost as though its missing every now and then. It also bogs down a little on part throttle and the gearbox doesn't seem to know what to do on part throttle. Fuel consumption is also terrible (getting...
  14. M

    ml270 2002 missing, lumpy and smoky

    Hi everyone had my 2002 ml270 for a month now and it's needed quite a lot of work so far which I expected for the price I paid for the car. Work I've done so far is new fuel lines, brake servo, and removed the swirl flaps from inlet manifold (what a job!!!) Engine oil and filter, gearbox oil and...
  15. D

    w210 e230 Flat acceleration and lumpy idle when starting from cold

    Hi Guys, I've got an issue with my Merc 1996 w210 e230 petrol. When it starts up from cold the idle is lumpy until it warms up after a few minutes, then runs fine. Acceleration is flat and slow, it has only been driven in town, but on Friday I gave it a good run on the motorway and now...
  16. N

    sprinter 311cdi lumpy engine white smoke on idle very strong fuel smell help please ?

    first off would like to just say hello as this is my first post and hoping someone here can help with my problem as i am throwing money down the drain now as my title says i am having lots of problems with my van over the past few months, it is a mercedes sprinter 311cdi on a 57 plate...
  17. 94mattda

    190 lumpy idle

    Hello, I have a 1.8 auto 190 93 plate. It's done 104k but has a slight lumpiness on idle and slightly low with fluctuation on start up. Can anyone suggest where to start please, I thought plugs, leads, distributor etc
  18. V

    lumpy starting after long run

    Hi All, I have a 2010 C200 CDI with 75,000 miles. It runs as sweet as a bird 99% of the time however if I do a 150+ mile trip then the following morning it is difficult to start, runs rough for about 1 minute and then clears and ok from then on until the next 150+ mile run. I've had it...
  19. U

    lumpy at low rpm

    Wondered if anyone could advise me. 1999 C200 Sport auto, seems to run fine, but from idle when you accelerate, it almost feels for a few seconds like it could stall. Have recently changed plugs and mass flow sensor as was very lumpy while driving till warm from cold which is now solved but I...
  20. M

    2.0d running lumpy when warm

    Hi, I have a 2004 2L classic, The car seems to idle fine and ok, but when ive been driving for about 10 mins or so, especially when im in top gear it seems to lack power and is unresponsive for a few secs, it feels like it is missing. I have replaced the fuel filter but it seems to have gotten...
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