1. rockits

    EVO Mag - E55k

    Just got my EVO through and see a nice little piece mentioning the E55k again as a great 2nd bargain motor. Glenn is in it from Turnbull & Oliver so good little bit of advertising there. Good work Glenn/Olly
  2. O

    W211 mag engine oil, how many litres?

    Thinking to get the oil ready for the next oil change, can someone tell me how many litres I need? Cheers
  3. bas358

    Autocar mag a45 amg roadtest & gla pictures

    Four pages devoted to the GLA and a full roadtest on the A45. Won't comment so I don't spoil the report for those who have to still read Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  4. Palfrem

    Free AMG mag You need to be registered on the AMG Private Lounge first. Hurry up though
  5. D

    w124 300ce featured in practicalclassic mag

    Pc arrived today. Good to see the 300ce getting a mention at last!
  6. A

    This week's evo mag

    Hi, I noticed Evo have added a c63 coupe to their test fleet this month. Can anyone confirm the colour, I think it's tenorite Grey but not 100% sure as I'm pretty bad at these things.
  7. grober

    Mercedes Owners ONLINE mag

    latest edition on line now. Mercedes Owner Online Magazine
  8. coupe deville

    Member recommended in EVO mag

    Just reading EVO mag 150 page 62 quote "The legendary Tony at Wheels in Motion set the cars geometry up and it's even more precise and predictable now" EVO's grand challenge mx-5 track car
  9. C43AMG

    Scorcher's E55 In Mag.

    In April's Mercedes Enthusiast, great photo's and write up.
  10. vijilants

    Why is the MB Enthusiast Mag soo boring ???

    Dunno if i'm the only one who thinks this way but this mag is getting really boring. The articles contain very little substance and nearly all articles appear to be padded out with glossy pics so that they don't have to write much. Are their any folks on this forum that are involved in this mag...
  11. R

    Mercedes Poster in Top Gear Mag

    Evening all, I've just opened my subscription copy of Top Gear magazine (a Christmas gift) and along with the usual loan and credit card bumpf that always fall out of such publications, there was also a Merc poster. This is a fairly sizable affair (A2) and has a semi cartoon look at the last...
  12. BarryS

    Tyre test in Evo mag

    The latest Evo, issue 110, just arrived through my door and the tyre test makes interesting reading. Tested 225/45 R17's on VW Golf GTi. Here's the results: 1st: Godyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 2nd: Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 3rd: Continental Contisport Contact 3 4th: Bridgestone Potenza...
  13. BlackC55

    E MAG Fuel conditioning unit TEST

    GRAV888 gave me one of his fuel conditioning units on saturday to try. I have just fitted it to the Smart and will test the results this week. I normally get 236 to a tank with super unleaded with a mixture of town driving and motorways. Has anyone else tried it yet?
  14. N

    M-B Classic Mag - The W201 25th Anniversary.

    Mercedes-Benz Classic magazine is published 4 times a year by DaimlerChrysler AG, Communications. The latest edition is largely devoted to celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the W201 Series. Just from looking at the cover you know this isn't the usual rehashed stuff with pretty pictures...
  15. W

    Benefits cheat caught showing off in car mag LOL - how stupid can you get? :confused: Will
  16. classicsl

    my red 300SL featured in this months classic cars mag

    in the main feature, few pics of it look really good and described as immaculate!! will use that when come to sell it, shame i look such a porker in the picture of me!!
  17. BaldGuy

    The famous "MAFF" in Benz Ethusiast Mag

    Just read your article matey and love the mugshot of your good self..... 25 :eek: you've been around a bit mate :rolleyes: Seriously its a great write up of a stunning mota.... I'm not jealous at all.....
  18. SilverSaloon

    Mercedes Enthusiast Mag Back Issues

    *** NOW SOLD *** Hi These are from 2004 and 2005.... some are in MINT condition, others in READ condition..... a couple in fair condition.,.. 05/04 06/04 07/04 08/04 09/04 10/04 01/05 02/05 03/05 £3 each + £2 postage. If you want more than 1, then postage can be...
  19. S


    Does Mercedes have a dedicated magazine like bmw has? snow :)
  20. M

    CRX Mag feature

    Now the mag has been replaced on the shelves I can post this My CRX at Redlines recent FWD shootout - the toy did well against the fastest FWD cars in the country :D Times were slower than optimum - as it was a freezing day in february ( 1 degree) and the tyres didnt heat up well - it...
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