1. M

    GARMIN MAP PILOT 2014 Europe - unable to update since the card is too small

    Hi all, So got this and I need to update. It's 2014 MAP PILOT EUROPE and the car is C200. Pretty sure this thing has not been updated ever since my car was manufactured or when it went in the car (09-2015). I put it in my laptop, and it shows me that the map update itself is something like...
  2. Pieater

    Map update

    Just paid £100 to have my maps updated on my 2011 E250 Coupe with Audio 50 APS. Got home and noticed they have used 2013 update, anyone know or know where I can find out if these are the most up to date maps available for my system. :thumb::confused::confused:
  3. R

    NTG2.5 Europe 2016/2017 V14 map now released

    Hi All, Mercedes have released the new NTG2.5 map. They have put the price up to £181+VAT = £217.20 .. We have it here (at a slightly more sensible price, and of course you can get forum discount if you ask for the forum discount code code in advance and qualify)...
  4. B

    Traffic Options for Garmin Map Pilot

    My first post and it's a "help" please. I have a new SLC delivered today. I have bought the Garmin SD card which works fine BUT I cannot fathom how to get traffic info. When I search it says traffic needs a subscription and it displays a TomTom logo, but it's a Garmin! Can anyone please help to...
  5. R

    Dealer refusing to update COMAND map.

    Bought a two year old E63s last week. Prior to collection I asked the dealer to update the map and software on the car. Predictably they didn't. The car is in my local dealer (MB of Bolton) tomorrow for a LSD oil change paid for by the dealer I bought the car off. I asked MB Bolton for the...
  6. Alfie

    NTG 2.5 V13 map update disk set

    I have a set of NTg 2.5 comand update disks. V13 (current). Happy to sell them here to a forum member for £75 posted. Obviously they are the genuine article :)
  7. W

    which map pilot

    Hi, I'm looking at after-market intergrated sat nav (map pilot) and it appears to be a choice between Garmin map pilot on SD card or the Becker map pilot unit. The car I'm buying doesn't have Comand but has Audio 20. Anybody have any opinions or advice on either or both please? Thanks in...
  8. andybond

    Dyno'd car , but considering a map.

    Hello all , First post here , so please be gentle ! I have a c63 , with Performance Pack Plus , a Quaife diff and the later engine. Also its got a secondary cat delete. I have run it on a trusted persons dyno - a dyno dynamics set of rollers , and it returned 511.1hp and 457ibft of...
  9. N

    C63 eurocharged map

    I'm thinking about getting the c64 mapped. I've been speaking to eurocharged about their v5 map. They mentioned that it changes the cold start noise. How much difference is there? I don't want to fall out with the neighbours
  10. A

    R230 ntg1 last map update

    Hi! I have a 2005 sl with ntg1 and v12 DVD map. I know there is now the v16 but reading around they say is not compatible with r230 due to a software change. This is very strange because ntg1 is the same of all other models so I really think is a mistake but before buy and try the DVD I would...
  11. Strange8

    Becker map pilot module

    As above for my 2012 e-class. Anyone got anything? Cheers, Andy.
  12. M

    Satnav Map Options?

    I have just bought a SL350 MY2009 facelift model. The satnav is working but the Post Code coverage seems very poor so I wondered whether upgrading the maps would help at all or perhaps there is some other way of improving the post code coverage. I attach the Engineering Screen so that those...
  13. brucemillar

    Pop & Bang map C55?

    Is there such a map and at what cost please? Car has had secondary cat & resonator delete. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  14. Y

    2005 CLS Sat Nav - lose map but voice continues

    I have a 2005 CLS 350 fitted with Comand NTG1 satnav (dvd). Some strangeness is happening with the satnav. During a journey, the map display will go blank and I give me a message that it can’t read the DVD. The voice directions continue and after a while the map display will return, only to...
  15. G

    Garmin Map Pilot

    Does anyone know how to delete previous destinations that are no longer requiredI can only find option for deleting all,which obviously means re- inputting favourite addresses every time! Thanks
  16. G

    Farming Map Pilot

    Does anyone know how to delete previous destinations that are no longer requiredI can only find option for deleting all,which obviously means re- inputting favourite addresses every time! Thanks
  17. AMGeed

    C63 Map and exhaust work at MSL

    Just happened to see this video this evening that may be of interest, even though its a year old and Acid still had his C63. It just shows the great reputation that MSL have built, along with Torqueflow that the owner drove from London to have this work done. Got to admit it sounds great when...
  18. Piff

    Becker Map Pilot

    2013 8gb becker map pilot for sale recent update with becker to change e-mail address & password ready for new install. maps still 2013. £175 incl postage
  19. P

    For sale: Becker Map pilot unit

    Bought December 2012 Looking for £125 Ono Any questions let me know
  20. nickpb

    Anyone else think the Becker Map Pilot is rubbish?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Becker Map Pilot is rubbish? Mine was a new unit when I got the car 2 years ago (thankfully, I didn't pay extra for it), and from day 1 I have been unimpressed. In the past I have had Tom Tom sat navs, and I got used to being told when to...
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