1. A

    Uno Mas Newbie

    Hello all. just a quick introduction. i don't know what happened to me, but after a visit to MBWorld in Weybridge i think i must have contracted MBitis and have still not recovered. i assume that there is no cure, especially as one gets older, it seems. Unsatisfied with a fantastic 300CE...
  2. M

    R129 MAS Module - car not starting / diagnostics not working

    Evening all, i have a 1991 R129 300 SL-24 and have been incurring intermittent faults which cause the car to die and leaving me stranded. When trying to re-start the car it fires briefly on first attempt and then dies again. It can be a couple of days before the car starts again without any...
  3. grober

    MAS Relay [ fuel pump] circuit

    While answering a thread elsewhere ;) I came across these diagrams/pin assignments for the large MAS relay found on some early w124 and w129 models. These don't appear often so I decided to post em up here MAS relay diagram - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum
  4. ricky300ce

    Ovp relay 300ce snd mas

    can any body help and tell me the difference in these parts and numbers on the front as whenever I order one they send ones with some numbers different will this effect the running properly of my car thanks Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. B

    W202 New MAS, now running hotter

    I'm running a '96 C180 Auto estate with a mere 208,000 miles on the clock. It started pinking and was noticeably sluggish so having searched the forum, I took it to the local garage for a diagnostics check and they confirmed it needed a new mass air sensor. I fitted a Bosch unit and the engine...
  6. M

    MAS broken

    Can the car b driven with MAS not working at all??is there any way to do so...i tried to take off the connector and turn on the ignition to get the car in default i doin it right???wat shud i do to go abt 30-40 miles to the workshop??
  7. M

    diff b/w MAF,MAS and MAP

    Diff b/w MAF,MAS n MAP...can anyone tell me how to the same in my merc w124 e220??and wat if these go faulty...pls elaborate
  8. sandyhen

    4 Fouled Plugs on 96 230 SLK - Advice Plz

    Hiya, Sooo fed up with the Merc these days, any advice on the problem below would be great thanks. The car has been running rough recently, with my Mrs saying that its loosing power. In the past I have replaced the mass airflow sensor twice over a couple of years, seemed ok to me, but I drive...
  9. WLeg

    Mas w202|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318
  10. Howard

    MAS ( Genuine ) for 2.3L 202's , 170's , 210's or 208's
  11. PeterE320Cdi

    Car still slow after MAS change

    My E class has been getting slower and slower so having read the various MAS/MAF posted I decided to get a new one from the Mercedes dealer. Fitted it last weekend and the car was better but still not as it should be. If I floor the accelarator it kicks down but will then change up at about...
  12. C

    V6 MAS Removal ?

    Can any of you MB Tech guys advise me on how I remove the MAS so that I can inspect / clean it. Looking at it, I do not know where to start. :confused:
  13. C

    C240 Mas

    Can you Tech or Indie guys confirm if this is the MAS on a 203 C240 V6 ? Have marked each pic with a red arrow, where I think it is. I have searched the history threads for info, but all seem to be on the C240 Sport, which appears to be a different engine set up entirely. If so, What items...
  14. milker1mbc

    My new MAS failed - interesting findings

    I had a new MAS fitted at a recent B service and the car ran like new with lots of oomph, then after a couple of days I suddenly had the old problem of having to drive like a granny and any attempted hard acceleration resulted in severe sulking from the front end (no power and no change up). I...
  15. D

    MAS part numbers and the How To.... Diesel and Petrol the same?

    I substituted the Bosch part in my C240 with the Pierburg part from my straight six S320 cdi to diagnose poor running problems! Referring to the "How to" here I am a little confused as to using the Pierburg MAS as a replacement for the...
  16. R

    Possible MAS issue?

    Morning all, I've noticed over the past month or so the following occasional unusual behaviour by my car. Very harsh gearchange to first - usually following a high speed or high rev run. For example, pulling off a motorway onto a slip road and stopping at a roundabout, the gearchange into...
  17. Kam

    MAS from ebay

    I own a clk320, and its that time where i need to change the MAS, as at times it loses power and the car starts juddering. Now i know this part is easy to change so will do it myself. What i need help with is the fact that german & swedish/ euro car parts are charging £140+VAT And mercedes...
  18. BIG Sean

    MAF / MAS Part number

    how do I check if this is the right part number for my 1998 C280 V6 is there something online??? Bosch 0 280 217 500
  19. J

    Why does my W202 need a MAS

    I have had a problem with my W202 for a few weeks where in the morning, especially when it is cold it mis-fires a lot and there seems to be a complete lack of power until the car warms up. Having read some threads on MAS problems I disconnected the MAS unit (un-clipped it) and like magic the car...
  20. L

    Quick MAS Question

    My car has started to show the faults that seem to be common in mercs ie the MAS is on the way out. After reading the haynes manual and having a quick look under the bonnet i cant see it. I was wondering if anybody could point it out for me. I have attached a picture of a merc with the same...
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