W164 wing mirrors touch doors??

    Hi guys. 1st post on here so be nice lol. I've come from a background of Bmw mostly and still have my e46 m3. Our family car a 2005 x5 has finally gone to car heaven and we decided to replace it with a 2009 facelift w164 ml350 4matic blue efficiency. We just had a baby so seemed like a...
  2. G

    W169 A class Wing mirrors

    Can anyone advise me whether it is possible to replace the non-folding wing mirrors on a 2009 W169 A class with electric folding versions without a lot of problems. In other words, do the electric one fit into the existing fittings on the doors and do you know if the wiring loom already has the...
  3. Palmer

    W124 Equal Mirrors.

    How can i make my mirrors equal? Are there any other models such as the SL, 190 etc of that era that will fit? Annoys the hell out of me being different sizes....
  4. R

    C63 has odd glass in wing mirrors

    I've just noticed my C63 has odd mirrors... Driver's side has auto-dimming glass, and passenger side doesn't. Still have the triangle blind-spot light in both, and both have that sectioned off curved bit at the end. Is this normal or has one been replaced with the wrong mirror at some point...
  5. tron

    W210 mirrors revisited.

    Last year I had a lot of difficulty attempting to fit a pair of folding W210 mirrors to my W202, eventually repairing the 202 units and leaving the 210 ones in pieces. The current 202 has very poor frames to its non folding mirrors so I am tempted to try again. I fitted the seat wiring into...
  6. Gioconda

    Wing Mirrors

    Hey all - is there anyway to set my wing mirrors to automatically close in when I turn the engine off? (And out again when I start obviously..) CLK W209, 53 plate. Cheers.
  7. E

    ML320 CDI Auto-dim mirrors

    Hi all, I've just recently acquired a 2006 55 plate ML320. It does not have auto-dim interior/wing mirrors. Does anybody know how I'd check if it's pre-wired for auto dim mirrors without actually taking the mirrors off, please? Although the feature wasn't a priority when I was looking to buy...
  8. B

    Prefacelift power folding mirrors

    Were power folding mirrors ever an option on pre-facelift UK cars?
  9. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Electric Wing Mirrors

    .. How does the heated element work? Is it by a separate switch or do the only come on when the rear demister is applied? I have a set arrived and wondered how the heated element works as there doesn't appear to be a switch on the switch panel, only a movement control..
  10. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito Electric Wing Mirrors

    Besides the obvious: Electric Mirrors Window Switches What else do I need to make the conversion from Manual to Electric ? :dk:
  11. T

    Electric Folding Mirrors

    I've just got a 2015 ML250 and heard that I can set the Electric folding mirrors to close when I lock and vice versa when I unlock. Anyone able to help with this?
  12. D

    Automatic Folding Door Mirrors On Close

    I have a 2009 CLC. The door mirrors do not fold in automatically when the car is locked. Does this mean my car does not have this feature or it needs enabling? I looked in the manual and it couldn't be done using the On-board computer. I'm guessing because of this mine is not able to? Thanks.
  13. developer

    Is This GTechniq All Smoke And Mirrors?

    I filmed this a few days ago. The car was treated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum 25 months ago. I've never polished, waxed or even dried the car since (though I do use a DI vessel during washing/rinsing). I'd say, taking into account the labour cost and material cost of the more...
  14. S


    Hi all I'm new to this I wounded if anyone can help me I want to know if the side mirrors on the c class I have a 58 reg but I would like to put the later ones on is it possible many thanks
  15. D

    Fitting electric folding mirrors

    Hi All, Looking into fitting electric folding mirrors to our 2011 W204. The current ones are the arrow type but do not fold. I have noticed some mirrors have a small light underneath them and others do not. Does it matter if they have the light underneath? I think it looks cool :cool: Cheers
  16. A

    2008 ML (W164) Electric Folding Mirrors

    I have an issue with my folding mirrors on my ML. When I fold them by pressing the button, both sides fold but the drivers side stops by hitting the door, which has damaged the paint. The passengers side stops with a small gap between the door and mirror as expected. Does anyone know if the...
  17. S

    Is All C Class Wing Mirrors Same???

    Hello Some one Stole my C class 2012 c220 CDI AMG (coupe c204) passenger side Wing Mirror. Call the dealer and they quoted £580.00 for the mirror. So now looking Ebay and scrap yards for second hand part. My question is i can see lot of w204 for sale. Will that fit in my C204?
  18. N

    Folding Mirrors - modification to stop them causing issues?

    Hi, When I bought my CLK one of my favourite convenience features was the power folding mirrors. Both my driveway and work car park are very tight and the auto folding mirrors made life a lot easier. I read on here that they can cause issues with the indicators/heater so turned the...
  19. G

    Electric Mirrors

    Hi, i posted the pictures of my 56 plate c180 kompressor evolution a few days ago but forgot to add there is a problem with it..When you press the button for the electric mirrors they fold in no problem but won't fold out again, you need to push them back by hand..also if you choose the fold out...
  20. Eee21

    Folding Mirrors ML W166

    Hi all i am new on here so sorry if this is repeat post or in the section. My ML250 that i have coming soon does not have folding mirrors which sucks. Is there anyway of adapting them to the central locking or is it too big of a job ? Thanks.
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