1. tpwuk

    Nice modified C36 AMG

    1997 MERCEDES C36 AMG AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 10-Oct-10 14:46:52 BST) Front bumper looks like it's hanging off though!
  2. npuk

    Modified car insurance?

    Insurance is due for renewal soon. What to find out which insurance companies members on here are using for modified car insurance that offers like for like replacement on on standard parts and also are okay with engine remaps. Thanks.
  3. C

    For Sale: Mercedes 190e 1.8 - Modified

    Mercedes 190e Colour - Pearl Grey (two tone) Year - 1993 (K Reg) Engine - 1.8 Transition - Manual Price - £1,500 Location - Portsmouth Contact - Chris 07772583453 Email - Modifications Colour coded wing mirrors, door handles Custom Grille + Custom Insert colour...
  4. M

    Modified W209 CLK

    I love the W209, it has such classic lines. I purchased a 2003 270 CDi with 2 owners, 27k and FMBSH. It was in great condition, but I wasn't happy with the overall look; it didn't really fit in with my age group (mid 20's). Here's the car when I had finished: Facelift AMG front...
  5. gina2201

    "modified" c230k

    hmmm, not so sure about that, mind you, change the grill and it'd look nice I think!......:)...
  6. B

    Modified SL600

    I rather liked this The link to the full feature is here Nick Froome
  7. ckember

    insurance for modified mercs

    I was planning to have a brabus d6 (III) tuning box installed on my E320 CDI. Yesterday I called the insurance company and they would not quote for the mod. they checked 30 insurers with the same answer. gave me quotes which ranged from 1200-2500. this is 2-4 times the quote for...
  8. z4hid

    My Modified C32

    heres a few pics, will update these with some better ones once ive had the car detailed.
  9. NW_Merc

    Could this be modified to fit a W202?
  10. talbir

    modified the Stratton AMG

    Ok, this w107 SL is an original Stratton car with the ful package : AMG Heads+cams, wheels, bodykit, suspension and exhuast. But it was VERY red....all red, everything on the body red ! So decided to do something AMG did many years ago.....came out STUNNING ! talbir
  11. television

    My Brabus modified SLK55 AMG (Dans)

    Hi Dan,, I see in the bottom picture that its CLASS11, 240volt as well:) its a very nice looking car and the real thing
  12. D

    My Brabus modified SLK55 AMG

    Was digging around my loft today and found a few pic's I'd taken of the SLK in desperate need of a clean at my old house after i brought her back from the shop with about 75% of her current mod's complete. Sorry for the low quality it was a new camera and i was still exploring, planning on...
  13. whizzkid11

    Modified S63 AMG

    Well here's an article from the boys forum... Plenty of power, I like the exhausts/back view, but not so sure about the black wheels...
  14. M

    Highly modified C32 AMG

    OK, the asthetic changes too the car are love or hate....I have to say I'm the latter category. But the chap has listed the engine modifications (and they're pretty impressive, especially if the power improvements are accurate!)...
  15. TonyE300D

    Tastefully modified 300CE, anyone? (!)

    It's a matter of personal taste, I think. Definitely a one-off: LINK TO EBAY ITEM
  16. gurpz

    Modified Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor

    Im shure i have seene this exact same Modified Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor with alot of mods before on ebay also. Not shure i like all the mods but something different and personally i think it could benefit from a complete new interior...
  17. gurpz

    Modified Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor

    Its ovbious the guy his a huge fan of ALPINE products I wonder why he has International USA front indicator lenses with the built in orange...
  18. R

    Mildly Modified 190E

    Hi, a few pics of my '91 190E 1.8 manual. Colour coded impact strips, mirrors and door handles; Staggered AMG Styling IIs, Khumo Ecstas; Custom (quiet!) Stainless Full system. Still to come: AMG Ducktail rear spoiler and Sportline/Eibach suspension (new front top-mounts soon too...!)...
  19. Mambo

    Tastefully modified W203

    Found these while surfing :crazy:
  20. nick mercedes

    SLK modified for a Rover V8...

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