1. AngryDog

    1/4 mile kings? / 0-100mph

    Has anyone here ran their E55 down the 1/4 mile? What was your time and terminal? Anyone have any true 0-100 mph figures for their E55's? What about other Merc's?
  2. A

    2000 E320 T Cdi rpm at 62 mph

    I've got an w210 E320 T CDI, and it uses a bit more fuel than previous cars of the same model I've had. I think the transmission may not be locking up as it should. The engine speed in fifth gear when cruising at 100 km/h or 62 mph is 2.000 rpm, can anyone who has a car like this tell me whether...
  3. S

    W205 steering wheel vibrates between 65 and 70 mph

    Hi, as per the title just bought a 10 month old 65 plate c class w205 amg sports premium plus and steering wheel vibrates between 65 and 70. It's been into MB Sheffield twice and they say 'it's within spec'. I said this is boll.. and they want me to go out with a technician but they nothing us...
  4. A

    changing W204 KPH to MPH

    hey guys, my first post here.I joined because i just brought a c180k 2008 model with 30 000 miles on it for 6000 pounds loving it however have no idea how to change the mph to kph. ive been looking online and i see its quite easy to do on the 12 button model however mine is the 4 button...
  5. D

    11.01@129mph @ Santa Pod

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I've posted anything, but went to santa pod on Sunday and had a good day out with the lads so thought I'd report back. Car ran best 11.01@129mph on Sunday but there's definitely a lot more in there, as the 100-200KMH time was around 0.7 on my best during the final...
  6. SpoonJar

    CLK 55 AMG 0-100 MPH 7 Seconds

  7. Simon Lukas

    S123 Rear Fog Light, MPH overlay and Ribbed floor mats

    Morning all. After 10 years being separated from my 280TE, it has arrived from Australia and has joined me in London!! I've searched the net and don't have much joy in locating a rear under bumper fog light (mine has two clear white reverse lights but I need to have one rear fog fitted instead...
  8. dan-mb

    Driving points/ban 100+mph on motorway

    Has any one any experience of getting caught speeding over 100mph on the motorway? Likely penalty/ban for driving in access of 100mph on the motorway? I got pulled over by an unmarked X5 on the M6 speeding. Issued with a traffic offense report. :confused::doh:
  9. D

    GoPro Footage Of My 11.03@128mph At Santa Pod Saturday
  10. T

    Change killometres to mph

    Just bought 07 350sl and wondered if I can change digital readout from kilometres to mph,I've tried on computer but doesn't seem to change? Cheers ,Thomas.
  11. T


    Just bought 07 350sl,is it possible to change the digital read out from kilometres per hour to miles per hour? Cheers,Thomas.
  12. S

    best mph for mpg motorway driving

    Hey people what motorway speeds do you find your car at its best MPG (state what mercedes too) I cant drive at 60mph its just too slow :D C Class Coupe 220 CDI 7G at 72 mph i get around 54 mpg
  13. B

    Car vibrates above 70 mph

    Hi, Car 2009 E350 CDi Coupe is fine up to 70mph but above that speed (only do that on French motorways) the whole car vibrates and feels unsteady. Nothing out of normal felt through steering wheel, performance fine, fuel consumption fine, gearbox changes fine, tyres/wheels fine. Any...
  14. Trickythemerc

    Odd noise at 30 MPH

    I am getting a strange sort of rumble type noise at 30 MPH almost feels like its in too high a gear and the engine is labouring. Above and below 30 it is fine and if I knock it down a gear it stops. I am going to have a gearbox service done anyway as its on 74k with nothing in the history about...
  15. flango

    MB Mechanic clocked at 192.6 mph

  16. ACID

    MSL GLA 45 200 + MPH V Max

    So today has been interesting!! We have just cracked a certain ecu first of what we know of in the UK, to actual prove that its done, so we thought we shall do a top speed run of 200 + MPH on the dyno!!! yBbCui5vlHs More to come .................................................
  17. M

    A45 AMG - 0-124MPH in 12.6 Seconds

    Hi All, Been a little while since we posted so we thought we would show everyone how the little AMG is doing. Stage 1 Tune, 4 Inch Intake and 4 inch Downpipe gave us (VBOX): 0-62 MPH in 3.6s 62-100 MPH in 4.7s 100-124 MPH in 4.3S Makes it an impressive 12.6s 0-124 MPH (list below of other...
  18. E

    0 - 207 mph In 4.7 Seconds

  19. B

    110 miles at an average 115 mph.

    That got you! Although quite true, albeit in a vehicle with only 100 horses. Flew from Blackbushe to Portsmouth, on to Salisbury for a nice cuppa and then back to Blackbushe. Great views over the Solent and New Forest, but unfortunately slightly hazy...
  20. tonyc280

    Rpm @ 50 mph w 202

    Just a general question for forum members. What speed Is your W202 auto doing when engine is @ 2000 rpm. Cheers, tony.
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