1. Gbrowncls55

    NTG1 command question

    I have a 2006 cls (c219) with full command (NTG 1) and Harmon Cardon. This seems to be the same system I had in my 2004 w211 E500. However for all the audio functions (radio/cd/dvd) I only have the ability to balance the sound left to right. there is no facility for a fader front to rear...
  2. JustIgnore

    NTG1 APS Reset to W211_ECE

    Hi. A mate of mine played around on my E55 and wanted to switch it to the AMG logo during boot up, which he succeeded but selected the AMG211_USA option instead of AMG211_ECE... :doh: Anyways, now I lack the DVD and TA feature but have the WB softkey, plus I just can't get into the config menu...
  3. T

    Ntg1 comand fimrware

    Just been on Daimler AG - Service & Parts net to try and find firmware upgrade after reading other posts on here but can't find anything on there, maybe me being stupid lol, no idea if it's been updated in past or not as only had car a couple of months, any help with what firmware to get and...
  4. T

    what version maps are compatable ntg1

    I have a 56 plate E320 with ntg1 comand system, the car came without the map dvd, can I get latest discs or will the comand system need updating to run latest ones? I have no idea on firmware version it has and when I tried maps it didn't work so wondering if I need older version to get it...
  5. T

    Ntg1 2017 maps, anyone in swindon with?

    Don't suppose any one is in Swindon area who has latest map disc for ntg1, that would be willing to meet ul and lend me disc for a few mins? Thanks
  6. T

    What should screen show when updating maps ntg1

    I've tried updating to latest maps on a s211 ntg1, I put disc in boot and screen displayed a twirling thing in middle and said please wait, nothing else happened, should it be saying that its updating, not sure if I should wait longer or if disc is no good, waited about 10 to 15mins
  7. 8

    comand ntg1 sl r230 2007.mick

    does anyone have a comand ntg 1 to fit an sl r230 yom 2007 for sale
  8. M

    NTG1 new maps compatibility?

    Just got for my wife e320 07 plate. It has the NTG1 and 07 maps. I would like to buy the new v17 and my question is. Would I have to update the NTG1 first for the new maps to work or will they work fine? Thanks
  9. merc85

    e55k (52) upgrade ntg1 Sat nav?

    Hi i have a 2002 w211 it has the small screen sat nav with cassette built in, and the 6 disc cd changer in the compartment below. How hard and what would be required to fit a Large screen Sat Nav eg Ntg 1? and also would my 6 disc cd changer still work? or would i require any coding? etc to...
  10. P

    Comand APS NTG1 from a CLS320 CDI - DVD Issues

    I have recently taken ownership of a mistreated 2006 CLS 320 CDI. Beautiful car, but unfortunately I've uncovered quite a lot of issues (inc. Turbo... - it's been an expensive learning curve!). I also have some issues inside the motor, and on this topic I wanted to ask for some advice...
  11. A

    R230 ntg1 last map update

    Hi! I have a 2005 sl with ntg1 and v12 DVD map. I know there is now the v16 but reading around they say is not compatible with r230 due to a software change. This is very strange because ntg1 is the same of all other models so I really think is a mistake but before buy and try the DVD I would...
  12. flying banana

    Comand NTG1 (S211 fitment) CAD files?

    I am nursing a crazy idea to potentially completely re-engineer the multimedia/entertainment environment in E320, with a tablet main interface and a couple of backend Raspberry Pi's handling things like Bluetooth connectivity and media server duties. One element will include mounting an...
  13. GordonTarling

    NTG1 Navigation DVD drive

    The DVD drive/nav unit in the rear of my 211 has been playing up for a while now, despite me having stripped it down to clean the lens etc. A new one is out of the question on cost, but I have found a used one at a breakers for a reasonable sum. The only slight problem is that the one on offer...
  14. D

    Wanted : NTG1 Green 2014/15 Map disk

    Looking to buy a 2014:15 green banding NTG1 map disk , thanks
  15. D

    W219 NTG1 Video In Motion

    :devil: OK guys before you want to tie me to a stake , set fire to me , throw me in jail or chemical castration . . . . . . Im trying to enable Video in Motion for my little person. The cartoons aren't the same when you can listen but only view when stopped at traffic lights, so for an easy life...
  16. AMGeed

    NTG1 V15 question

    I wonder if anyone can answer a question I have regarding my Comand map disc. I currently have a 2004 V3 original DVD in the boot navigation dvd player. Do I need any software/firmware updates uploading before I obtain a V15 disc or can I just eject the current disc and update everything with...
  17. azaman

    NTG1 2008 V8.0 Europe DVD

    In full working order although there are a few marks on the disk. I can include a free Brucey bonus with this - pm me for details. Asking £15 including postage.
  18. A

    Audio 50 To NTG1 Upgrade - whats needed?

    Hello, I currently have Audio 50 but my changer has stopped working and accepting CD's Whats needed to upgrade to NTG1 With the bigger screen and Video playback? Regards Adam
  19. A

    NTG1 Comand - W211 Radio

    As above? anyone have one? my Audio 50 is not working :(
  20. R

    NTG1 Firmware update.

    Hello all ok here's my second post so bear with me on this:wallbash: I am now the proud owner 2004 cdi320 w211 and I looked to see what Nav was in the DVD drive and its the original disc 2004. After a lot of research I ended up at this site:- Daimler AG - Service & Parts net Followed the...
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